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Welcome to the website. We hope it’s been a valuable (or at least interesting) resource for you.

Here at Jet Ski Tips, we aren’t salesmen at a dealership. We aren’t experts at a repair shop. We’re just a group of jet ski enthusiasts here to share valuable information with the rest of the PWC community.

Jet Ski Tips was created to house all of the answers to questions beginners (and sometimes veterans) have. The goal is to provide tips, tricks, and reviews of the products that will make your next day on the water the best one ever!

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know!

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The JST Crew

Meet the Team

We're the driving forces behind Jet Ski Tips. When we're not working on the website you can bet we'll be out on the water!

Mike Spielberg


Mike Spielberg

Practical, passionate, and straight to the point, Mike once worked as a jet ski instructor.

Never far from the beach, he'll either be surfing or exploring coastal islands on his Sea-Doo GTI.

Mike started in November 2015 and has seen his baby grow into something he's extremely proud of 6 years later.

Robert Smith


Robert Smith

Being able to enjoy jet skiing and write about it while you work full time as an investment banker is far from easy, but Rob manages to do it, which is a testament to how passionate he is about jet skiing. His articles take a methodological and scientific approach (according to him) which he apparently learned from his day job.

Jennifer Johnson


Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer is a mom, a passionate environmentalist, and a surfer (in that order!). Her love for surfing and jet skiing is intertwined with her love for the ocean and her desire to protect the ocean environment.

We're constantly looking to improve the website in any way we can and we'd love to hear your feedback about the site. Be it good or bad! We promise we can handle it!

Shoot us a message over on the contact page or at our e-mail address (details above).
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