Best Jet Ski Fenders

Whether you’re spending your time on the water tubing, surfing, or skimming across, it’s always nice to have some extra protection for your jet ski. Fenders help prevent scratches and dents when your jet ski makes contact with another object. In today’s article, I will review the two best jet ski fenders on the market.

The Best Jet Ski Fenders

The two best jet ski fenders are the Affordura and the Kemimoto. Both do a great job of absorbing contact and help keep your jet ski unscathed.

Affordura PWC Fender Bumper

This fender bumper comes with 2 cushion fenders and an elastic cord which is used to attach the fender to the jet ski. You can adjust the cord to make it as tight as you want it.

I personally prefer the elastic cords vs the standard ropes/straps because the elastic cords are easier to adjust and stay in place better. 

The cushions are 18.5 inches long and should be able to fit on just about any jet ski. The fenders should also be able to fit inside the front storage compartment, so you can put them in there when you are riding. They are 3 inches thick.

The curved design also allows the fender to fit the mold of the jet ski, which helps it stay in place.

These fenders are made of made of heavy-duty plastic, which is much softer than other fenders that have metal in them. The plastic is also less likely to cause any scratches or damage to the side of your jet ski.

The Affordura costs around $37, and if you buy it on Amazon, you get a 1 year warranty.

Kemimoto PWC Boat Fender

The Kemimoto is another great option for a jet ski fender. It costs around $40, and you can purchase it on Amazon.

These fenders are 18 inches long and 2 inches thick. It can be used on all jet skis, and even some smaller boats. You attach these fenders with a rope. I prefer the elastic cords used in the Affordura, but these ropes are strong and are abrasion resistant. They do a great job of resisting water, so you don’t have to worry about the fender getting water logged. 

The fenders are made of wear resisting PU leather and have thick, pearl wool inside of them. 

Similar to the Affordura, these fenders can also be folded up and put inside the personal storage of your jet ski.

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How many jet ski fenders do I need?

You should be fine if you have to jet ski fenders. I put one near the front side of the jet ski, and another further down near the back. 

When should I use jet ski fenders?

I put my jet ski fenders on whenever I am about to dock my jet ski. It gives me a nice peace of mind knowing that I am protected from dings and scratches if I make hard impact with the dock. Jet ski fenders can also be used when you transport your jet ski. 


Jet ski fenders are very useful to protect the sides of your jet ski from accidental impacts with docks and even other watercrafts. The best fenders will cushion any impact and not leave a mark on your jet ski. To learn more about accessories, you should check out my article on the best jet ski accessories

The best fenders will be made from high quality, long lasting materials that can take a beating. You want your jet ski to be protected, not left with unsightly scuff marks after every ride you take!

If you are interested in smaller fenders, you should check out the jet ski fenders made by Taylor Made.
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