3 Best Action Cameras for a Jet Ski

Riding a jet ski is a thrilling experience. If you’re interested in capturing this exhilarating thrill with a camera, I’m going to review some of the best action camera for jet skis. I’ll be covering 360 camera, mounted camera, and even drone camera for jet skis.

Best action camera for jet ski

The best action camera for a jet ski is the Insta360 X3. Two other good options are the GoPro Hero 11 and the Holy Stone HS720.

Insta360 X3: Best overall action camera for jet skiing

360 camera for jet ski

In my opinion, the Insta360 X3 is the best all around option. It was one of the very first 360 cameras on the market, and every new model has continued to offer great new features.

The 360 camera automatically removes the selfie stick from the shot. This gives the illusion that the camera is floating above you, almost like a drone. Since the 360 view captures everything, you don’t have to focus as much as trying to get the camera directly on you. This can allow you to spend more of your attention actually enjoying the jet ski ride.

The camera also has good stabilization and is waterproof, so there is no reason to worry about using the camera on the water. It is waterproof up to 33 feet without a case, but you can also purchase a case if you anticipate needing to go to further depths.

Another place where this camera stands out is with the editing. The camera has a great feature called me mode, which automatically keeps you at the center of the shot. This can safe you a ton of time when you are editing your video. The free editing app also has cool AI themes that can give your video an extra flare.

Perhaps the most significant feature of this model is the new single lens mode. This allows you to mount your camera on the jet ski and get a standard view in one direction. The resolution is very similar to what you get with a GoPro.

Currently, the Insta360 ONE X2 costs $450. However, it frequently goes on sale for up to 30% off. Also, if you are truly focused on quality, this is certainly worth the price.

You can purchase the Insta360 X3 here

GoPro hero 13 – Best mounted action camera for jet skis

go pro jet ski

If you’ve done any research already on action cameras, you’ve certainly come across GoPro. They have been in the market forever, and are known for their high quality, waterproof camera. The GoPro 13 definitely lives up to the brand’s standard and produces video with great quality and color.

It also has great built in stabilization, which is important for capturing your time on the jet ski. You have a couple options for mounting the GoPro 13. Many people elect to mount their GoPro on the front of their jet ski in the middle of the handlebars. You can also attach the GoPro to a vest or even a jet ski helmet. You can learn more in my guide on the best GoPro jet ski mounts.

GoPro camera are also know for their durability, so this camera should definitely last you at least a couple years.

Another perk of the GoPro is their top of the line editing app. It has plenty of easy to use filters and transitions, and it is easy to use for a beginner.

The only downside with the GoPro is that it is pretty tough to get a landscape or aerial shot. You can certainly use a selfie stick, but since it’s not a 360 camera, the selfie stick will be in the shot, which can be pretty distracting. There are some editing apps that might be able to remove the stick from the video, but the quality won’t be as good compared to a 360 camera.

The other potential downside with the GoPro is the price point. It currently costs $450, which might burn a hole in your pocket. You can buy the GoPro hero 13 here

Holy Stone HS720- Best drone action camera for jet ski

drone camera for jet ski

If you are interested in getting an aerial, cinematic shot of your jet ski, the Holy Stone is likely your best option. The Holy Stone HS720 is a drone with a 4k camera attached. This allows you to get awesome shots of not only you and the jet ski, but also the surrounding area. In fact, it has a maximum height of 3,000 feet, which is more than enough to get some awesome video shots of you and your jet ski.

Even though the resolution isn’t as nice as the Insta 360 or the GoPro, it is still pretty sharp and produces good color. While there are other drone cameras on the market, the Holy Stone HS720 has a couple remarkable features that helps it stand out.

You have the option to go into orbit mode, which directs the camera to do a full circle above you, which can produce super cool aerial shots. The most convenient feature is the GPS tracking, which allows the drone to follow you while you ride the jet ski.

There is also no need to worry about losing the jet ski. It has a return home feature which allows you to press a button and the drone will come back to you. It also has an out of range and low battery mode which will also cause the drone to come back to the remote.

Another great aspect of this camera is the price. You can currently buy it for $250, which makes it the most affordable jet ski action camera on the list. You can buy it here.

You can also watch this review of the Holy Stone here:

In terms of downsides, I can really only think of two. The first is that, while the drone is generally easy to operate, there might be a slight learning curve when first learning how to operate it. I suggest you practice a couple times on land before bringing it out on the water. While the drone is water resistant, it is not waterproof, so you don’t want it to get submerged in the water.

As I mentioned above, the quality is very respectable on the camera, but if you are looking for a professional touch, this might not be the best option. However, for better quality, you are going to have to pay more. If money is not barrier for you, the best quality drone camera is the DJI Mavic Air 2. It currently costs $970. You can check out some more options in my article on the best drones for a jet ski.

If you are interested in more accessories, you can check out my guide on the best jet ski accessories
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