The Best Floating Docks for Jet Skis

Looking for a docking solution for your Jet Ski or other personal watercraft (PWC), but don’t know where to start? Choosing the option that best fits your needs can be overwhelming – there’s a lot to consider, both before you start your search and during it. Do you really need a dock for only your Jet Ski? What types of docks are there to choose from? Which one should you pick?

Don’t worry! This guide is here to help.

3 Top Floating Jet Ski Dock Manufacturers & Models

The 3 best floating jet ski docks are EZ Dock, Hydroport, and Wave Armor. These three brands get some of the best customer reviews.

EZ Dock

ez port jet ski dock

In the years since their founding in 1991, EZ Dock has become a leader in the floating dock industry. They offer a wide range of docking systems, and their line of PWC lifts is considered one of the best.

Models to consider:


hyrdro port jet ski dock

As a subsidiary of HydroHoist Boat lifts, HydroPort draws from industry know-how to offer a well-made line of floating Jet Ski ports. Some notable features of their designs include roller wheels for easy loading and unloading and bow bumper stops.

Models to consider:

Wave Armor

wave armor jet ski dock

Even though they’re a relatively new addition to the market, quality products and attractive pricing put this company on the map. Wave Armor offers three lines of floating Jet Ski docks: Pro, Apex, and SLX

With so much to think about, finding the right floating Jet Ski dock can feel overwhelming. But now that you understand what to consider before choosing your dock and know all about the different types and models available, you’re already well on your way to bringing yours home. 

Sometimes, your jet ski might get stuck on a floating dock. You can learn more in my guide on how to get a jet ski off a floating dock.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you should check out jet ski roller ramps.

Along with the floating docks listed above, there are other types of floating docks that don’t require you to drive the jet ski onto them. Below are a couple alternative docks that you might like better. They are also a little cheaper. 

Inflatable dock for jet ski (only $990)

inflatable floating dock for jet ski

This is a great option if you need a floating dock for two jet skis. You can connect this inflatable dock to a wooden dock or even a boat. It’s made of durable material and it is easy for you to walk on. You can learn more about it here

U-Shaped Inflatable Jet Ski Dock 

jet ski floating dock

If you are on a budget, this floating dock is probably your best bet. It can be inflated in minutes, and only costs $600, which makes it the cheapest on the list. This dock can easily be attached to a dock or a boat. It also includes a small lounging area where you can relax and lay out on.  You can purchase it here

Are Traditional Boat Docks Good Options for Jet Skis?

traditional dock for jet ski

At surface level, tying your Jet Ski up to a boat dock seems like a logical decision. It’s a watercraft after all, and aren’t traditional docks designed to serve all seafaring vessels? When it comes to Jet Skis, the answer is no.

The number one rule of PWC maintenance is: Don’t keep them in the water long term. If you do, the consequences can be serious. Jet Skis stored too long in salt water are prone to rust damage, while freshwater presents its own risks. Scum and algae buildup can negatively impact your Jet Ski’s cooling system. This means you will have to clean your jet ski more often.

Additionally, no matter where you keep your Jet Ski, keeping it in the water increases the chances of damage and theft.

Benefits of Floating Docks for Jet Skis

floating dock for jet ski

Thankfully, there are docks designed specifically for Jet Skis and other PWCs. These floating docks offer dry storage and the ability to drive right up and out of the water. Plus, when compared to dock-mounted lifts that take time to lower and unload, floating docks let you hop on your Jet Ski and go. Floating docks are also a great investment. Not only do they protect your ride, but they’re also environmentally friendly, and built to withstand years of use.

If you need want to learn how to use a floating deck, you can check out my video below.

What to Consider Before Choosing Your Floating Dock

The prospect of installing your new dock is exciting — there’s nothing like hopping on your Jet Ski and zooming off without any extra steps. But there’s a lot to think about before getting to that point: What type of dock is the best fit for your needs? Where will it go? What does the landscape look like there? These are only a few of the questions you’ll need to answer before putting your dock in the water. 

Some additional considerations to explore include:

Type of Floating Dock

In terms of function, the vast majority of floating Jet Ski docks are drive-on. This means that all you need to do to park your Jet Ski is drive up and out of the water and onto the dock. When it comes to form, though, you have two main options:

Professionally Built

Typically, these types of docks are made up of individual PWC berths that connect to a stationary deck for support. The berths themselves are outfitted with features that reflect the latest in engineering and come ready to launch – the only work needed is installation, which you can either choose to do yourself or leave for the pros.


If you’re handy with a socket wrench and have a do-it-yourself attitude, this route may be for you. Typically, these take the form of custom, pre-packaged kits made up of plastic dock sections that you’ll connect yourself before launching.

The main benefit of this type of dock is the cost savings that come with it. A professionally built and installed Jet Ski dock is a big investment, so DIY could be worth looking into if you’re on a budget. 

The Body of Water

While stationary docks provide stability in more fast-moving water — along a river, for example — it’s a good rule of thumb to use floating docks only on calm water. Choosing a spot on a lake, pond, or harbor not only reduces the chance of damage to your dock as a result of strong currents, it’s safer for both you and your Jet Ski, too.

Docking Rules & Regulations

These differ by location, so it’s important to check with the local municipality and find out what the rules are before you start building your dock. Otherwise, you could find yourself the owner of a dock that’s not up to code, which could mean fines or even the mandatory removal of the dock.

The Lay of the Land (Or Shore)

When choosing a location for your floating Jet Ski dock, you’ll want to pay close attention to the terrain of the area you’re considering. You’ll need an anchor for your floating dock, does a stationary dock that can support your floating dock already exist at the site? If not, is there room for one, or will you need to explore other anchoring options? You’ll also want to avoid any possibility for damage to your dock; is there any debris scattered around or is there potential for debris?

If the location looks good, great! If there are too many concerns, it’s best to find somewhere else.  

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