Essential Jet Ski Fishing Accessories


Get the most out of your next jet ski fishing trip with our guide to the “must-have” accessories!

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One of the newest trends in marine communities is the use of jet skis as fishing vessels. Jet skis can navigate narrow waterways, allowing access to secluded fishing spots that are otherwise inaccessible. Most jet skis are very fuel efficient, and they’re much more hassle free than traditional boats.

Creating a jet ski fishing rig is fairly easy, and provides a completely different experience. All it takes to completely transform your PWC are a few simple jet ski fishing accessories.

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#1 Jet Ski Fishing Rod Holder

A good fishing rod holder is the most essential jet ski fishing accessory there is. Without a good rod holder, an entire jet ski fishing rig is useless. The rod holder is going to be the foundation of the entire fishing rig.

jet ski fishing rod holder

A lot of people try to save money by making their own rod holder out of PVC pipe, but you’re better off buying one already made. Building your own might save a little money, but it will definitely take more time and it won’t be as sturdy as a pre-built one.

Clamp on stainless steel rod holders are the bare minimum in terms of jet ski fishing accessories. They’re great for the less dedicated fisherman because they’re easier to take on and off than a full fishing rack. Most people like them because they can leave them permanently mounted since they take up little space. The same can’t be said for a jet ski rack.

Although clamp on rod holders are great additions to a rig, larger set ups are still recommended.

#2 Jet Ski Fishing Rack

jet ski fishing rack

A jet ski fishing rack is basically a fishing rod holder, but with a lot more options. Rather than holding just one rod, a jet ski fishing rack can hold multiple rods as well as a cooler.

Usually, a jet ski fishing rack is mounted onto the rear deck of a PWC. Some of them have different mounting systems than others, but normally they’re pretty easy to take on and off.

Some really good jet ski fishing racks can be found on Amazon for a decent price. This fishing rod holder even holds a cooler, which leads us into our next item on the list.

#3 Yeti Cooler

A solid cooler is needed to store food, bait, and most importantly, the fish you catch!

essential jet ski fishing accessories

To be honest, any cooler with the right dimensions would work, but Yeti coolers are top of the line.

Yeti products can be a little expensive, but they do an amazing job. All of their coolers are durable and can keep contents cold for up to days at a time, which is exactly why they’re so popular. The 45-quart Yeti fits perfectly in the jet ski fishing rack mentioned above.

Regardless of the cooler you go with, it’s important to make sure its dimensions match the dimensions of your fishing rig. If you decide to use a cooler that is much smaller than your rig, pool noodles can be used as extra padding that provides a better fit.

#4 GPS

best jet ski gps

A reliable GPS is an essential jet ski fishing accessory. Navigating waterways can be tricky even in ideal conditions, so it’s good to have a tool that makes things easier.

Since you’re going to be out in the water, it’s recommended that you invest in a waterproof GPS. The Garmin GPSMAP is one of the best waterproof GPS units available for an affordable price. Because it’s a GPS and a Chartplotter, it’s great for marking and saving good fishing spots. It makes it easy to find your way to and from locations by setting custom waypoints. Not only is this GPS waterproof, but it even floats!

The Garmin GPSMAP is arguably the best jet ski gps, but we’ll leave that for you to decide.

#5 Dry Bag

jet ski dry bag

Not everything you need on the water is going to be waterproof. To ensure that you don’t lose any valuables in the water, you should always keep a dry bag with you.

Dry bags are simply waterproof bags used to store items that are better off not getting wet. They’re great for carrying important items such as cell phones, wallets, and other documentation.

Dry bags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but Earth Pak makes a really cool satchel style design. It has just a single removable strap to allow for quick and easy access. Many dry bags don’t come with straps, which makes it difficult to carry for long distances. With a removable shoulder strap, the Earth Pak dry bag can be comfortably worn all day.

To top things off, the Earth Pak drybag comes with a universal waterproof cellphone case as well.

#6 Solar Charger

jet ski fishing accessories solar charger

Depending on how much time you spend fishing, a solar charger might be a necessity. Keeping your phone and gps charged can be tough if you spend full days on the water.

While solar chargers aren’t exactly essential fishing accessories, they can definitely come in handy. Anker makes a great solar charger for charging small devices such as phones, wireless speakers, or gps units.

Unlike traditional solar chargers, the Anker solar charger has 3 flexible joints. The flexibility makes it easy to lay out across the seat of a jet ski, or just about anything else, to absorb sunlight. After every use it can be simply be folded back up and stored.

#7 Telescoping Paddle

It’s pretty common knowledge that any loud noises scare away fish, and that includes a jet ski engine. A telescoping paddle is the perfect tool to ease your way into a fishing spot, rather than riding right up to it. Having a small paddle makes it easier to maneuver around without having to turn over the engine.

Aside from being one of the more useful fishing accessories, a telescoping paddle is just good to have in general. It takes up very little space on board, and will really come in handy in case of any break downs.

Final Tip

There is no specific formula for creating a jet ski fishing rig. Each person is different, and people prefer different things. Buy (or make) whatever jet ski fishing tools you feel will provide the best experience for you. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting out there and enjoying your time on the water.

For a more complete list of useful jet ski accessories, check out this post.

Feel like we missed something important? Let us know what your essential tools are down in the comments section! We’d love to know what you think.

  1. That rack is exactly what Ive been looking for. Nice list.

  2. It’s funny that you mention DIY racks not working that well. Mine just broke on me last weekend, which is exactly why I’m reading this, haha. I enjoy building things so naturally I wanted to make my own rack once I though of it, but it really is much easier to buy one. Hopefully the this one holds up longer than my last one.

    Thanks for the recommendations.

  3. Fishing on a jet ski is so hard without a cooler. I gave up on the bungee cord method years ago and haven’t looked back since. Getting a cooler holder is definitely the way to go.

  4. Thanks for the tips. Will definitely keep these in mind when holiday shopping!!

  5. Thank you so much for the recommendations! Just got my cooler/rod holder in last week and it’s made fishing way easier!

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