The Best Jet Ski to Boat Converters

Thinking about expanding your jet ski? We cover the top jet ski conversion kits currently offering this service.

jet ski to boat conversions

Many of us long to own our own boat and jet ski, but the reality is that most of us will afford them both and so we are left trying to choose between the two.

However, now you can have both as the jet ski boat conversion has happened.

Owning a jet ski boat converter means that you can all get out on the water whenever the mood takes you and still get the option of zooming about on your jet ski too; just unhook the convertor in the water and enjoy the jet ski to its full potential when the rest of your group relax on the convertor.

The 3 Best Jet Ski Conversion Kits

With so many different jet ski boat attachment kits on the market, you’ll be forgiven for feeling bemused when it comes to choosing the right one for you.

Research is the key here, and spending plenty of time looking at all the options before jumping in will save you frustration later.

Lots of companies have some fantastic kits, and you can choose one that fits best with whatever you love to do. If fishing is your thing, then you’ll need to consider the storage space and rod holders you will need.

Yamaha waverunner dealerships

If you love watersports, then you will need one that can be used at speed to accommodate wakeboarding.

If you want something to impress family and friends, then you will need to consider a higher spec model that comes with tables and chairs. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits with your life.

In a bid to help you out, we have found the three best kits on the market and summarized them below. Take a look before you decide to purchase anything:

Sealver Wave Boats

Sealver has a lot to offer, and you will be blown away by the craftsmanship of each of their wave boats. Getting a boat powered by jet ski may sound like a crazy idea to some by Sealver understand your need to get out on the water and enjoy life to the max.

The conversion kits they offer are all of a high spec and will make it easy to convert your jet ski. They currently have five models on the market: the WB444, WB525, WB575, WB626, and the WB656.

jet ski to boat converters

Each model comes with your specific needs in mind, and the company has a patented technology that means your conversion will fit all brands of jet ski that are currently on the market.

Depending on the model you choose you can expect to sit between 4 and 10 people so that you can plan a big day out with your friends on a RIB or opt for something more intimate for a romantic day out. There are options that suit fishing, or you can get one that will support your need to enjoy all the watersports you want.

The models come with a Category C certification that means you can take it out on the sea and on lakes depending on what takes your fancy and where you live. It’s simple to unhook and will let you swap to your jet ski when the rest of your party relaxes on the water until you are ready to head back inland.

Sealver has an exceptional reputation, and the quality this brand brings also traverses into their concern for your safety. All their models are fully checked and safety assured so that you can enjoy the water without a care.

They are easy to maintain and hook up so that you can maximize your downtime every time you head out with it.

Visit the official site here.


DockitJet’s inflatable PWC boat attachment is a fantastic piece of craftsmanship ready to go with you on all of life’s adventures. The company has created this model to fit with any jet ski, and it can transport up to six people at any one time.

This model is perfect for anyone that wants to get out and enjoy some fishing or watersports but who don’t have the space to store a more permanent model when they come back to land.

This converter is simple to both attach and detach, taking only a couple of minutes to complete when you know what you are doing.

dockitjet jet ski converter

Versatility is the key with this model, and you can even choose to use it with an outboard should you not want to attach the jet ski every time. This option also means that your inflatable has its own independent power source.

When it comes to safety, DockitJet does not let you down. You can feel confident that no matter what happens, you will be ok as the inflatable acts as a safety bumper, keeping the jet ski safe from anything that could potentially crash into it. It is also nearly impossible to tip up the jet ski when it has the inflatable attached because of the amount of air that is stored in the sides.

If you love to get out and fish, then you will know that there is a considerable amount of kit that comes with this pastime. This is not a problem for the DockitJet jet ski convertor as they have ensured that there is a whole load of storage space so that you can look forward to a full day on the water without needing to go back and forth to get your supplies topped up.

Contact DockitJet here.

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SeaQuester has some jet ski shuttlecraft that will make your eyes water purely due to the exceptional workmanship and attention to detail.

With two main models, the 530F and 530S, you can pick between a 4-seater or 5-seater. Both models are made to last and weigh in at 350kg each when the jet ski is not attached.

If you want to use your conversion to help you with fishing trips, then the 530F is perfect for you as it comes with two tackle compartments and 4-rod holders, making it easy to kick back and see what you can catch.

Both models boast an impressive list of features that include fold-up seats, shortage compartments, cup holders and grab holders, meaning that you will be comfortable and safe no matter how choppy the water is around you.

SeaQuester jet ski to boat converter

Because SeaQuester understands the need to be versatile, they have made their models in a way that allows them to be used for a wide range of activities. You can fish from them, do watersports with it as your base, go on a romantic trip for two, or even just enjoy taking friends out to places that are hard to reach in a more traditional bot set up.

The company also understands the need for transporting your equipment easily and has ensured that you can put both items onto one boat trailer so that you can get to your destination easily every time.

It’s worth remembering that the SeaQuester models are only currently compatible with some Seadoo and Yamaha models but can advise you on which model would work best with your jet ski should you want to purchase one.

Visit the SeaQuester site now.

Pros and Cons of Jet Ski Convertors

With everything in life, there are positives and negatives, and it is the same for jet ski convertors too.

We’ve rounded up the main pros and cons so that you can decide if it is the solution you are looking for.


  • The best and most obvious pro is that you will suddenly have both a jet ski and a boat, something that is usually too expensive for most of us to achieve.
  • There are no service requirements for the boat portion of this converter, as it does not have an engine. You will, however, need to maintain it to get the best use from it.
  • The fun factor is a real pro when it comes to jet ski boats as you get to zip around on the jet ski with your favorite people, and nothing beats having fun with the ones you love the most.
  • Boat owners often share that they love the freedom and privacy that comes with owning a boat, and the same is true if you have a convertor. You just turn the engine on, get to where you want to be in the water, and lay back on the boat deck until your heart is content.
  • Getting on the water with a group of people is lots of fun, and with a converter, you can take up to eight people with you on your trips! Imagine taking some food, beers, and jetting out to a beautiful cove for the day – sounds perfect!
  • Wooing your partner with champagne and roses is virtually impossible on a jet ski as there is no storage space! With a converter, you can pack all the extras you want, ready to impress your partner on your next water date.
  • Different converters come with different levels of luxury, and there are some great choices when it comes to comfy seating; you can even get sun beds with some of them!
  • If you want to spend all day and evening on the boat, then you can get converters that have tables, coolers, and even Bimini tops to protect you if the sun gets too hot.
  • It’s important to consider safety, and the converters are typically incredibly safe to enjoy as there is no propeller to pose a risk to people in the water.
  • The converters are incredibly versatile and have been used by rescue teams and lifeguards when helping people who get into trouble on the water.
  • Jet skis can often reach places that boats can’t, making converters a [perfect way of taking your group to unexplored spots for an adventure.
  • Jet ski boat combo setups are not just for adventures with friends; you can easily use them to enjoy some fishing. The boat will hold all your gear, and you can take it wherever you think the fish with bite the best.
  • If you love being on the water and enjoy lots of variety when it comes to watersports, then the converters are an asset as they will fit all your equipment in, ready for you to use. You can even upgrade your converter to one with a wakeboard tower so that you are in full control of your watersport fun.
  • The converters are easy to transport to the water, and you will not typically need to get a bigger car to tow it as you would if it were a boat.
  • You can take your jet ski convertor up to speeds of 65 – 70 mph, which is a similar speed to a PWC powered boat yet with more space, making it sturdier on the water.

Large jet ski to boat conversion


  • When you consider how much space the jet ski takes from the area of the boat, you will soon realize that there is far less seating and much less storage than on a traditional boat.
  • The seating is not as comfy as a full boat but can still stay sat on the boat all day long without too many problems.
  • The boat is usually pretty basic, with no sundeck for you to bathe on and no windshield protection, so it is not a great choice for anyone imagining a luxury yacht experience.
  • The boat is not as easy to handle being as it is a large add on to a jet ski, and you will need to take it gently to stop everyone on board from feeling queasy.
  • Remember that the more additions you buy for your jet ski, the more space you will need to store them. This can end up costing you, and many people forget to factor this into their calculations.
  • If you choose to use your convertor for watersports, then you will need to be extra careful as they can have a habit of sucking up your tow rope. This is a nightmare to remove and will stop your fun for quite some time until it has been freed.
  • You won’t be able to go as far out on a convertor as you would if you had a sturdy boat, making your trips purely for days out rather than long journeys.

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Jet Ski Boat Attachment FAQ

Take a look through our most frequently asked questions below:

What Compatibility Issues Are There with Different PWC?

Compatibility is an issue purely because of the number of different PWC on the market. You need to do your homework before committing to spending any money and make sure you ask whether they are compatible with your jet ski.

However, it’s also important to note that the majority of manufacturers make converter kits for you to buy to make sure that they fit whatever you decide to buy.

What Storage Can I Expect with My Jet Ski Powered Boat?

One of the biggest drawbacks to owning a jet ski is the lack of decent storage that stops you from being able to spend all day on the water with supplies. Adding a converter is a great way of adding that much-needed storage, allowing you to keep the shoreline as far away as possible.

Depending on the model you buy depends on the storage you get, but the majority of conversions offer in-seat storage as well as cooler bins and other accessories to make your day go smoother than you could imagine.

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How Does the Additional Weight Affect Handling?

It’s normal to be concerned that your attachment will slow your jet ski down because it weighs more and makes the entire vessel bigger than ever before. This is one of the biggest reasons for people choosing not to convert, as they love the way their jet ski maneuvers.

However, you may be surprised to know that handling is hardly affected at all. The jet skis work really well with the converters, and you will find that the ride you usually enjoy is still the ride you get when it is converted, meaning that you can have the best of both worlds without worrying.

How Does the Attachment Affect Speed and Acceleration?

Many people considering conversion are incredibly worried that the performance of their jet ski will be badly hindered and result in a converted machine that does not move through the water easily or quickly.

You’ll be pleased to learn that this is really not the case! The highest speed you can expect to go is around 60-65mph when fully converted. The handling works beautifully, and you will notice very little change in your usual experience (bar the extra space and people that can now come with you)!

How Easy is it to Install?

Probably the best bit about a convertor kit apart from the fun you will have on the water is the ease of installation. When you get an installation kit, you will find that it comes with clear instructions for you to follow.

The idea behind a convertor kit is to make your life easier so that you can have a range of ways to hit the waves. It will change your life, and you will never want to be away from the water for long.

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Which boat conversion kit do you have? We’d love to know about your experiences down in the comments section.
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