The Best Jet Ski Trailers

We cover all things PWC trailer in today’s guide and explain what you should look for when buying a new trailer. We also recommend two of the very best small boat trailers on the market right now.

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If you’ve recently invested in a jet ski, we’re sure you can’t wait to get out there and rip through the water. However, before you can do that you need to invest in a high-quality PWC trailer to transport your new pride and joy to a suitable place where you can launch it. That’s a simple enough task, surely?

Well, the frustrating thing is that there are many different jet ski trailers on the market. While we’re not suggesting that you need to invest in a particularly expensive model, you do have to exercise some caution. How do you know which is a good trailer and what is a bad one? Well, hopefully this guide will put a few things straight for you!

In the following post we are going to discuss the key features you should look for when you buy a PWC trailer, as well as highlighting two of the best available.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the leading trailers for Sea-Doos, WaveRunners, and the rest that are for sale right now.

Best Jet Ski Trailers

The best jet ski trailers are the Ironton PWC trailer kit, and the C.E. Smith Galvanized Steel Jet Ski & Watercraft Trailer. Both are very sturdy and affordable. 

Ironton Personal Watercraft & Boat Trailer Kit

The first PWC trailer for sale that we want to discuss is the Ironton personal watercraft and boat trailer. Unlike some of the loftier priced trailers we’ve found for sale on the internet, the Ironton model is very affordable. It currently only costs $999 on Amazon. This beauty consists of a tough steel frame and has a load capacity of 610-pounds, which is impressive as it itself only weighs 800-pounds. However, there are a lot of jet skis that weigh more than 610 pounds, so make sure you know the weight of yours before you order this.

For additional durability, the steel frame has been given a finish of white powder paint. A relatively simple design, this is for anyone who is looking to downplay their arrival and departure from the river or body of water. Although it’s very subtle, it still has some nice and attractive features.

The onboard lights, the 1 7/8-inches coupler and the protective fenders give this a bit of class and with 12-inch tires it’s suitably equipped for all terrain.

We would really struggle to find any real negatives aspects of this trailer. Having said that, if you are not a massive fan of DIY projects or, worse still, flat-pack and furniture that needs to be assembled, this might not be the best choice of PWC trailer for you. As it does require some assembly. It will really come down to whether you want to put that effort in.

Especially when you consider the price. Another huge benefit that you get when you invest in this trailer is that it is not just suitable for jet skis but is actually marketed for small boats as well. So, if you are very much the wild man or woman of the open sea, then you may be able to get regular use out of this towing whatever type of vehicle you own.


  • Affordably and competitively priced
  • Generously sized
  • Durable powder-coated steel framework


  • Requires assembly – may not be to everyone’s taste

   Bottom Line: For our money, this is an extremely affordable model and while it may not be as showy as others, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

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C.E. Smith Galvanized Steel Jet Ski & Watercraft Trailer

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Next up, we have this great piece of towing equipment. The Multi-sport from C.E. Smith is not just a very sexy and sophisticated looking trailer. This is a very tough and durable trailer that can hold a maximum capacity of 800-pounds and has space to accommodate a personal watercraft as long as 12-foot, if necessary.

As we have already mentioned, it is incredibly durable, thanks in small way to the galvanized steel that has been used to construct the frame. In addition to its tough structure, it also has the benefit of featuring safety chains and a 2-inches long hitch coupler. One thing that sets this apart from the Ironton model though, is the addition of the winch.

With this bad boy, you won’t need to suffer the frustration and time-consuming job of trying to launch it into the sea without getting too much saltwater on your trailer. The winch makes the whole process a lot easier. You can easily lift your PWC or jet ski off the trailer and onto the water with little to no fuss.

A similarity it shares with the Ironton though, is the maximum capacity the Multi-Sport provides. Our favorite aspect of the C.E. Smith Multi-Sport trailer though is the fact that it can be adjusted to be transformed so that you can better balance and arrange your load. 

The biggest bonus of this product that means that this comes out on top is the fact it doesn’t require any assembly at all. We’re sure we just heard several of you reading this whoop whoop with delight. No three hours spent tightening screws or trying to fit two pieces of the puzzle together. You can just about take this out for its maiden transportation voyage, the moment it arrives.

It has smaller wheels in comparison to the other model, with them measuring at just 8-inches and cool and practical fenders too. We are not sure if the smaller wheels will be a deal breaker or not. A lot of what makes one trailer better than the other, as we’ve already stated, is completely down to personal choice and preference.

This PWC trailer has a lot of advantages over the previously mentioned Ironton model, however it is also much more expensive.

If you’re looking for a Sea Doo trailer then this could be a good fit. This trailer will accommodate bigger skis like the Sea Doo Fish Pro. If you’re looking for more storage space, you should look into getting a jet ski trailer luggage rack


  • Comes equipped with winch for easy loading and unloading
  • Requires no assembly
  • Trailer can be used lengthways or width ways


  • The wheels are a little smaller
  • More expensive

 Bottom Line: The C.E. Smith Multi-Sport offers additional benefits like not needing to be assembled and a winch for easy loading and unloading. However, you pay for this extra convenience.

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Buyer’s Guide

Before we look at the two jet ski trailers for sale that we believe are worth consideration, we’re going to go over the key features that you should look out for.

Available Budget

Where better to start than with the price. Whether you want to blow a lot of money or want to save a pretty cent or two, is completely up to you.

There are some general rules you should probably keep in mind when budgeting for your PWC trailer. With regards to price, you need to not just think about the initial price tag.

You need to think about the amount of maintenance and repairs you may need to invest in. For example, if you really cut back and buy the most budget item on the market, even lower priced than the models we feature, you may be setting yourself up for disaster.

This is when it’s a good time to research and consider customer reviews. If a very cheap model has a proven track record of always breaking down and costing a fortune in repairs, avoid like the plague.

However, if, despite its relatively low price, if a trailer is known to last a long time and put up with a lot of use and abuse, then it’s probably a safe bet.

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Should You Opt For Steel or Aluminum?

While you may come across some trailers for jet skis and PWC that are made from other materials, the two most common are aluminum and steel.

If that already sounds like a tough decision to make, you are right to an extent. Both steel and aluminum have their pros and their cons. Let’s discuss some to help you figure out which is best for you.

As the average PWC itself can often reach hefty prices of $15,000 or even more, the cost of the trailer is going to be a huge factor in the model you buy. Steel will always be less expensive than aluminum. If you are looking for the cheapest possible, painted steel will outprice any other forms.

Steel with a powder coating with its paintwork that’s been electrically applied and a thicker finish and is baked onto the surface to add a greater amount of durability to the metal. It’s worth remembering though, that as fancy and smart as those elements will look, they don’t actually stop the metal from rusting.

Saltwater and steel are not the best of friends after all. Therefore, if you are going to be using your trailer for your PWC on a regular basis and are still looking to save some money, you need to look elsewhere. Galvanized steel, which involves the process of coating the steel in zinc. This helps corrosion of the metal, so it remains free of rust.

Now to aluminum trailers. They are a lot pricier. However, they are pricier with good reasons. They offer very distinct advantages.

For one thing, they are a lot more lightweight compared to steel models. Another benefit of investing in an aluminum trailer is the fact aluminum does not rust. However, when it is exposed to lots of saltwater regularly, it can start to corrode.

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How Many Jet Skis Do You Have?

This is a very pertinent question as it can help you determine whether you need to invest in a single-design trailer or a double. While it may seem like a cost-effective decision to just buy a double, figuring that you might buy another at another point in time, this could spell disaster.

Some trailers are not designed to be towed along without the weight of two PWC to keep it on the ground. That means if you were to tow a double trailer with just one PWC, there could be an accident and at the very least you might total your jet ski.

So, the general rule is, if you have one jet ski, buy a single, but if you have or will be buying another, get a double. Be sure to check with the salesperson, though, that will be safe to tow.

Additional Considerations

Some additional things you need to look out for are some models come equipped with a special winch that can be used to load and unload the jet ski.

If you know the trailer itself will be submerged in any depth of water for any length of time, you need to be sure to buy a submersible model. As well as looking for that in the description, you need to make sure it has an anti-corrosive material.

Hook up the Trailer and Get out there!

We hope this has been a fascinating and informative post, especially if you have recently invested in a jet ski and are just dying to get out there on the water.

The wait will be more than worth it once you feel the wind in your ears and water splashing, knowing you didn’t try to take any shortcuts or make a rash decision about the trailer. The worst thing we can imagine is spending a lot on a personal watercraft and then paying out a small amount for the one device that needs to be high quality.

We’re sure by now you will have your own opinion about which is best for you. In our opinion, the C.E. Smith offers a bit more value than the Ironton.

Further to that, it’s our standout choice as best overall jet ski trailer. It has a winch, galvanized steel structure and you don’t need to fiddle with screwdrivers to take it out and about with you, as it comes ready to use.

We’d love to know which trailer you use down in the comments section.
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