Jet Ski Shuttle Craft Guide

Considering turning your jet ski into a shuttle craft? In today’s guide, we give you the full low down on everything you need to know.

Jet Ski Shuttle Craft Review 2

If you own a jet ski, then you may be interested in converting it into a shuttlecraft to give you more space to allow you to spend more time on the water than ever before.

Today, we take a close look at the Shuttle Craft conversion kit so that you know precisely how it works and can decide if it sounds like it will work for you!

The Shuttle Craft boat is made from fiberglass and is around 15 feet in length and fits your PWC. When it is installed, you can enjoy the increased space and take your friends and family out on the water with you for fun and adventures together!

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The design of this conversion shuttle craft allows you to fit your jet ski directly into the stern along with rails kits that can be custom modeled to your PWC to ensure a tight fit.

When it comes to connecting the jet ski, you simply drive it into the docking port and then secure it using a ratchet strap for extra safety, then you are good to go!

The great thing about choosing a shuttle craft rather than a boat is that you can disconnect it from the jet ski when you get to where to want to be and then enjoy having fun on the water.

To maximize the space, it even comes with padded boards that cover the back of the craft to turn it into a sunbathing deck that can be used with or without the jet ski in-situ.

In addition to the sundeck you can enjoy the following features:

  • Space for up to five people (3 on the craft and 2 on the PWC)
  • Side storage locker that holds the padded sun deck.
  • Three storage compartments that can hold skis, fishing equipment, and much more.
  • Cup holders to keep your drinks secure while driving.
  • Built-in marine radio that comes with a water-resistant cover.
  • Two side seats and one long bench seat that are fully upholstered.
  • Fully coastguard approved lights are attached and can be used to power the jet ski at night.

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If you take the jet ski shuttlecraft out fully loaded with 5 adults and their equipment, you can expect it to hit around 30mph easily.

This is more than enough for heading out for some fun on the water and feels excellent when you are sat on boars, enjoying the ride.

While it is not in the same league as a full jet boat setup, you can easily use it to pull a single jet skier.

If you wanted to use it for slalom skiing, then you would be better off disconnecting the craft and letting the audience watch from the sidelines rather than trying to keep it attached at all times.

However, this will depend on which PWC you are using and will mean that some machines will perform better with the shuttlecraft than others.

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You are in for a real treat with the handling of this craft because it offers all the good stuff with very minimal negatives!

You will enjoy quality steering control that is easy to use and precise; this means there is less chance that you will lose a passenger overboard during driving.

It also is safe in that there is very little chance of it spinning out, and it has a very stable base from which you can enjoy your fishing trip or sunbathing session.

It maneuvers well in rough eater and keeps your passengers dry when you power your way to your destination. When you consider the simplicity of the idea, it is a revelation when it comes to handling!

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Driving Experience

Driving this jet ski shuttle craft is a joy, but the experience differs depending on which PWC you attach to it. Many people mistakenly believe that the more powerful the PWC, the better the shuttle craft drives, but this is not the case.

The makers of Shuttle Craft advise that you use a three-passenger touring watercraft as they have the best low-end power capabilities that will help you to use the craft to it’s potential.

It is easy to drive and glides well over the water, but if you are new to jet skiing, it is worth getting to grips with your machine before you attach a shuttlecraft to it.

This will allow you to build your confidence before heading out with a group of people. When you are ready to take it out, you will be impressed with the simplicity of the setup and how easy it is to drive.

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The full spec of this jet ski shuttlecraft are as follows:

  • Length – 260cm
  • Width – 217.5cm
  • Height – 90cm
  • Weight – 610lbs
  • Capacity – 750lbs

In addition, the craft comes with a 17-foot trailer that will move your PWC and the shuttlecraft ready for your adventures.

At the time of writing the kit costs around $5,000. This is roughly half what it would cost to purchase a similarly sized boat.

Jet Ski Shuttle Craft Review 2


It is clear that the Shuttle Craft is an excellent go-between that makes it possible to have all the fun of a boat as well as a jet ski.

The design is excellent, with plenty of space for your passengers and all their kit. You can even purchase an optional Bimini cover so that you can spend more time on the water without getting burned!

It performs well and will make jet skiing a reality as well as slalom skiing spectating!

You can take up to five people out on the water and know that the combination of shuttlecraft and jet ski are safe with very little chance of anyone being thrown overboard or the boat spinning out of control.

Ultimately, if you are unsure whether to go for a boat or a jet ski, then this shuttle craft is the perfect combination of both and will allow you to spend lots of time on the water in comfort as well as having hours of fun on your PWC. If you are considering purchasing, then we say, go for it!

Find out more here: Shuttle Craft International, Inc., 2201 Speers Avenue, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, S7L5X6

Telephone: (800) 241-9958.
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