Jet Ski Clothes That Every Rider Needs

jet ski clothes

Whether or not people realize it, wearing proper jet ski clothes is more than just a fashion statement. Most jet ski clothing actually has real functionality that makes riding either easier or safer.

The right riding gear can keep people warm, protected, and can make days on the water even better than they already are.

What are the most important jet ski clothes?

There is plenty of jet ski riding gear out there, but not all of it is useful. Some of the more important jet ski clothes include:

Of course there are plenty of other items that are nice to have, but these are the most useful pieces of gear. Other than the life jacket, there aren’t really any jet ski clothes that are essential. However, a few of these items can improve just about anyone’s riding experience.

Jet Ski Shoes

Proper footwear is perhaps one of the most overlooked items when it comes to jet ski clothes. Although a lot of people enjoy riding barefoot, a pair of jet ski shoes is always good to have. They protect feet from sunburn, cuts, and most importantly, jammed toes.

Surprisingly, there is actually a decent selection of options to choose from. The pwc industry doesn’t always have a lot of choices when it comes to gear, but that isn’t the case with shoes.

Deciding on what the best jet ski shoes are really depends on the time of year they’re being used. These are some recommendations for both winter and summer.

Aleader Quick Drying Water Shoes

jet ski shoes for summerDuring the warmer months, the Aleader water shoes are great for riding a pwc. They’re very breathable, and provide plenty of grip and protection. There are options for both men and women, and they come in multiple colors.

These shoes are a one of the best options for anyone who wants their feet to feel open and mobile, while still being covered and protected.

SEAC Dive Boots

jet ski shoes for winterFor the winter months, one of the best jet ski shoe options are SEAC dive boots. These boots are 6mm thick, so they have no problem keeping an adequate amount of heat in. They have solid grip, and will definitely keep feet safe.

Since these are technically heavy duty diving boots, they’re much more durable than the average jet ski shoe. Most people will find they can handle the wear and tear that comes with riding a jet ski just fine.


Jet Ski Life Jacket

Most people are well aware of how important personal flotation devices are. For obvious reasons, they’re much more useful than any of the other jet ski clothes that people usually wear.

Even if jet ski life jackets weren’t required by law, they would still be useful to have. Anyone who rides a pwc long enough is bound to fall off eventually. Life jackets make it much easier to swim back to the jet ski, and in case of an accident, they’ll keep the person wearing it afloat.

For a long time life jackets had a bad wrap of being bulky and uncomfortable. That’s began to change recently as life jackets become more slim and stylish than they ever were before.

O’Neil Superlite USCG Life Jacket

O'Neill Wake Men's Superlite USCG Jet Ski Life JacketSlim style personal floatation devices are becoming pretty common, but one of the more popular options is the O’Neil Superlite life jacket.

As the name suggests, this jacket is USCG approved. This is a favorite among many water sport enthusiasts who enjoy wakeboarding, water skiing, or even tubing. It allows for perfect mobility, especially in the arms. There are several different color options are available, and it comes in both men’s and women’s styles.

There really isn’t anything too special about this life jacket. It has all the basics like front buckles and a “D” ring to attach an emergency shut off to.

The real appeal of this vest is simply how thin it is, and the mobility it provides. It is one of the essentials for what to wear jet skiing

Jet Ski Wetsuit & Drysuit

Anyone who lives in an area that gets even moderate winters knows the appeal of a jet ski wetsuit or a jet ski drysuit. It doesn’t take many trips out into 50 degree water to start considering some more cold weather orientated jet ski clothes.

Choosing between a jet ski wetsuit and a jet ski drysuit is a process in and of itself, but it’s a process worth going through. Finding the proper cold weather jet ski clothes can mean extending riding seasons by several months. For some people, a good wetsuit or drysuit allows them to ride year round.

The one drawback of both options is that they are relatively expensive. Even some of the budget friendly options can run a few hundred dollars. That being said, they are long term investments. Wetsuits and drysuits last for years, so for a lot of people they can be well worth the money.


cold weather jet ski clothesA great jet ski wetsuit option in terms of price and quality is the O’Neil Reactor. It’s actually a surfing wetsuit, but can work really well for pwc riders. Surfing wetsuits tend to be more mobile in the arms and legs than other kinds of wetsuits, which is typically what jet ski riders are looking for.

The O’Neil Reactor is a full body wetsuit, which means it covers the length of the arms and legs. Often times full body suits are needed, but sometimes they’re a bit excessive.

People based in warmer climates may prefer a shorty wetsuit instead. Shorty suits only go down to the elbows and knees, allowing for a little more mobility than full body suits. They’re also less expensive, and a little easier to wear for people who aren’t used to wetsuits.


best cold weather jet ski clothesGenerally drysuits cost a little more than wetsuits, but they offer a ton of benefits.

For starters, drysuits allow for much more mobility than wetsuits. This is a huge factor for a lot of people who simply can’t get over the constricting feeling of a wetsuit.

Other than how they fit, drysuits are often times favored because they’re rated for lower temperatures. Of course this isn’t always the case, but it tends to be true compared to surfing wetsuits.

The last major benefit of drysuits is how they retain body heat. Rather than trapping in water like a wetsuit, drysuits simply keep people dry. This is possibly the biggest reason why people choose drysuits over wetsuits. If you don’t want to cover up your full body, you should check out neoprene shorts for jet ski

Jet Ski Gloves

When it comes to jet ski clothes, riding gloves are often times completely forgotten about. By no means are they the most useful items in terms of jet ski apparel, but they still have their place. It’s pretty easy to see that gloves aren’t an essential, but they’re still useful nonetheless.

Jet ski gloves are great for providing extra grip, keeping hands warm, preventing hands from getting sunburned, and protecting hands from getting cut or scratched when anchoring or fishing.

The best jet ski gloves are going to vary depending on the time of year. During warm weather, the best gloves are going to be breathable fast drying. In cold weather, the best gloves are going to be thick while still allowing mobility.

Neosport 3/4 Finger Gloves

jet ski apparelDuring the warmer months, the Neosport 3/4 finger gloves are an excellent jet ski apparel item to have. They’re breathable, fast drying, and leave fingertips open to make gripping easier.

The palms have minimal padding, but they do provide added grip. There is also enough covering to prevent getting sunburn on the tops of hands. These are best used in the summer, but they can still work well during the spring and fall as well.

When it comes to sizing, these gloves fit somewhat small, so it may be necessary to go up a size.

Neosport 5mm Gloves

winter jet ski clothesIn colder weather, the Neosport 5mm gloves can be great for keeping hands and fingers warm. Although they can be worn a lone, they worth best in combination with other jet ski clothes.

These gloves come in 3mm and 5mm styles. Usually it’s better to go with the 5mm style, simply because they’re going to be thicker and warmer than the 3mm.

Even though they are somewhat thick, this gloves are still very flexible. They provide more grip and protection just like other gloves, but keep hands warm as well.

Other Jet Ski Clothes & Apparel

These items aren’t exactly jet ski clothes, but they’re accessories that go hand in hand with clothes. They might not be as useful as some of the other items listed, but they can still be worth trying out.

Surf Jacket

Surf jackets are basically thick waterproof jackets designed to retain body heat in cold temperatures. They work great as jet ski jackets, and are a good alternative to wetsuits or drysuits.

A surf jacket can be worn by itself, or with other cold weather jet ski clothes.

Neoprene Socks

Aside from just a good pair of shoes, having a pair of jet ski socks is perfect for ensuring feet are always warm. Neoprene socks are typically very stretchy, and relatively comfortable to wear. They work similarly to the way wetsuits work, and they can help keep feet warm even when submerged in the water.

Dry Bag

A dry bag is without a doubt one of the best ways to store items while out on the water. They’re great for storing phones, keys, wallets, and other important items that need to be kept dry.

The way dry bags work is pretty simple. Items are placed inside, and the top is then closed and folded over several times, then buckled. A lot of dry bags even come with a strap attached so they can be worn while riding.