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  1. Yes, the new Kawasaki STX 15F models have a mechanical reverse. It’s not as fancy as Yamaha’s RiDE tech or Sea Doo’s iBR, but it gets the job done!

  2. Generally speaking, the rear deck on a Yamaha should be large enough to hold a rack with a cooler without blocking the water spout.

  3. Thank you so much for the info! There was miscommunication when creating this list, and it has since been updated accordingly.

  4. Thanks for commenting Greg!

    Deciding what qualifies as “low hours” is a bit subjective depending on the make, model, and engine type. Another major factor to consider is the maintenance done on it, and who did the maintenance.

    On a 10 year old jet ski, most people would agree that anything under 150 hours is “low”, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good buy.

    People who are really handy and know how to work on an engine have no problem buying a jet ski with 300+ hours, because they typically know what needs to be done to maintain it. However, for a first time buyer, it’s better to buy a jet ski with less than 100 hours. This provides a safe buffer zone before it’s going to start needing repairs or maintenance.

  5. Thanks for the comment Ricky!

    There are a lot of people who would agree with you. Plenty of SXR fans stick to the older models for that specific reason. Sadly, the hassle of maintaining a 2 stroke along with new regulations is the reason they’re become less popular. It seems like Kawi is just trying to stay ahead of the curve.

  6. If there’s a jet ski that runs, chances are there’s someone out there who will fish with it. The benefits of fishing from a jet ski are pretty universal regardless of year, make or model. That being said, some models are simply more tailored to the needs of fisherman than others. Things like fuel efficiency, storage capacity, and deck space are just some of the more important criteria. So although a supercharged engine might not be ideal, if it floats, it can still be a great option.

  7. Thanks for the comment!

    In the final portion written specifically about the SX-R, the larger size is mentioned. It does weigh significantly more than the Superjet, and it is larger as well. Surprisingly, that is actually what attracts some people to the SX-R instead of the Superjet. Taller people enjoy having more space, even at the cost of the additional weight. Keep in mind that it has a more powerful engine as well, so how much the extra weight really matters is debatable.

    Both of them are excellent watercraft, and this article wasn’t meant to be biased towards one or the other. Rather, the goal was to simply point out some of the more important details of each to better educate new buyers.

    Thanks again for the comment, have fun riding!

  8. Great question. There’s only one way to find out..

  9. Truth be told, almost and pwc can work as a fishing jet ski. However, Kawasaki models specifically tend to do really well. They generally have an abundance of storage, and their deep V hulls handle exceptionally, even in choppy water. That being said, try not to get too caught up in any specific make or model.

    The best advice for new buyers is to simply make a list of some things they would like their pwc to have, and then find the model(s) that match the description. If possible, try doing some test rides. Ask some friends about the pros AND cons of their watercraft, and use that to help your buying decision.

    At the end of the day, a jet ski is a jet ski, and it’s hard to not have fun while riding it. When it comes to fishing specifically, just keep in mind that the more deck space and storage, the better. All the other bells and whistles are nice, but those are the biggest factors for fishing from a jet ski.

    Good luck on your first buy! Be sure to let us know how it goes!

  10. Hey Tim, great question!

    The best options would be the folding anchor or the sand anchor. Most people in your situation would probably prefer the folding anchor, as it’s a bit more portable and can easily be stowed away. The sand anchor can also work, but it would have to be filled prior to being used which might make it take up too much storage space. Hope that helps!

  11. Hey KB,

    Thanks for reaching out! The Garmin Striker has a built in depth finder, and it’s compact enough to carry on most jet skis. Hope that helps!

  12. It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying it! For the price, it really is hard to beat the hull design on the 15F. A lot of people shy away from Kawi’s but there’s a reason they’ve been around so long.

  13. Glad we were able to help! You can’t go wrong with Yamaha’s marine engines.

    Have fun on your new waverunner!

    -JST Team

  14. Thanks for your feedback Michelle, it’s good to hear other peoples opinions. It’s unfortunate you paid more than you wanted to. Sparks really are great ski’s, but their affordability can go away very quickly. Maybe next time you’ll be able to find a ski that’s a better fit now that you’re more experienced.

    Best of luck,

    JST Team

  15. That’s good to hear, it sounds like you got a good deal! Have fun and enjoy them while the summer lasts!

  16. Yeah that’s definitely a good argument and a lot of people have been saying that. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if Yamaha steps their game up or not!

  17. Yeah, they definitely fought to keep going for a while. They’re still really cool jet ski’s though!

  18. Hello there Ben!

    We’d like to start off by saying that by no means is anyone at Jet Ski Tips an expert. We’re just some jet ski enthusiasts trying to share the information we have with others.

    As for your questions, a few of those would be better directed towards a dealership. We apologize for the delayed response, but please know that we receive a high volume of comments everyday and some of them slip through the cracks. Hopefully these answers help you out.

    1. The latest model released is the 2017.
    2. There are a couple a couple rumors floating around, but it’s hard to say for sure what’s true. Judging by their history there will most likely be some cool new color options, performance upgrades, ect.
    3. As far as we know there is no set date on it’s release yet.
    4. The Sea Doo Spark Trixx can be used on just about any waterway. The Superjet is confined to closed courses due to emissions standards.

    Sea Doo Sparks are extremely resilient watercrafts. Some people ride differently than others and that may be why certain people have had problems with the cable. Problems with the cable is news to us, but if it’s common than it’ll most likely be fixed in the coming year.

    Thanks for your comment Ben.


  19. Hey there Anton,

    We apologize for any confusion. When this article was written it was assumed that people would know it was the new models being discussed. Several people asked about the difference between the two from a buyers standpoint, so the goal was to compare the new models to help others make an educated decision.

    Sorry for any confusion!

    -JST Team

  20. Hello Bradley,

    Either one of these PWC could pull a tube, but a 3 up Spark may work a little better than a 2 up Spark Trixx due to its size. If you really want to do some serious towing, check out the Sea Doo Wake Pro 230.


  21. We’re glad you liked the post!

    Both options are good, but the ladder is a little easier to use. It’s a little wider so it gives you more of a platform. If the price doesn’t matter to you then I’d say go for it.


  22. Thanks for the comment Trevor! We couldn’t agree more!

    -JST Team

  23. That’s great to hear Brett! You must have some pretty cool parents haha.

    Have fun and be safe!

    -JST Team

  24. That’s a good question Johan, and a very common one too.

    If you wanted to, you could definitely go with the regular Spark and just add on the features you want. Essentially the Trixx is just an upgrade package with preselected features. The problem is if you request all those features, they may have to special order one just for you, and you’ll end up waiting regardless. Either way it’s worth a try.

    As a side note, you can always extend your riding season buy getting a good wetsuit. Our guide on wetsuits walks you through everything you need to know. They can really be worth it if you live in a cold climate.

    Let us know how things work out for you!


  25. Thanks for the comment Carlos.

    A lot of people feel the same way you do. Maybe try adding some aftermarket parts or getting some vinyls. It’s your jet ski, so you might as well personalize it!

  26. So true!

  27. Hey Bill,

    It really depends on their size, but two average sized adults should be able to ride an EX comfortably. Fitting a third adult on the jet ski may make things a bit cramped. Even if the third adult was on a tube, they would have to ride on the seat until the jet ski was out in open water. The towing capabilities on the EX can handle the weight, but the ride out there might be uncomfortable.

    The best advice I can give is to go to your local dealership and sit on one to get the feel. Even if you don’t buy from them, it’s a good way to get an understanding of the space available.

    Hopefully that helps.


  28. Hey Gene,

    You bring up a good point. It’s definitely odd seeing a lack of quality on GPS screens considering phone screens are so much better. Hopefully as technology advances more affordable GPS units will come with better screens.

    Thanks for the comment.


  29. Thanks for the comment Wayne.

    We couldn’t agree more!

  30. That’s good to hear. You’re already half way there!

  31. Hey there Gene, thanks for the comment.

    The reboarding ladder fits just about every model as long as it has a tow hook on the back. Hopefully your jet ski’s have one, because most models do. I hope that helps you make a decision.


    -JST Team

  32. Thanks for the feedback Glen!

    It can be somewhat difficult to say for sure which brand is the most reliable unless you tested the models head to head in the same conditions for an extended period of time. Sea Doo and Kawasaki definitely make exceptional watercraft, but in the end they seem to require more maintenance than Yamaha.

    This is just my personal experience and it should be taken with a grain of salt. All jet ski’s are fun jet ski’s, and each of the brands make great models.

    Keep riding whatever makes you happy!


  33. Hey Jackson,

    I remember the old doughnut style tubes as well! Tubes have really become more comfortable since then.

    Be sure to let us know how your kids first tubing experience goes.

    Thanks for checking out our post!

  34. No problem Shaw. Hopefully we helped you find a good GPS.

  35. Thanks for the comment Brian. Both images have been removed. We’re glad you found our site and brought it to our attention.

  36. Speakers are definitely a fun accessory to have!

  37. Hey there Rafael. Thanks for the comment!

    Both the Spark and the Spark Trixx are able to tow a wake boarder. The stock versions can tow just fine, but Sea Doo also makes a ski pylon for even better performance. The pylon simply keeps the rope out of the water, and gives the person being towed a better angle.

    The Trixx can be used in both salt and fresh water, so you don’t have anything to worry about. The best way to avoid breaking down is to just keep up with regular maintenance. Often times people neglect their jet ski’s because they’re seen more as a toy than a vehicle. Simply hosing it down after every use and keeping up with oil changes can go a long way.

    The Trixx is a great first jet ski, be sure to tell us if you decide you get one!


  38. Thanks for the comment!

    You’re definitely right about both of those points. We’ll have to go back and clarify that no warranty is provided. As for the registration issue, we don’t have a list of exact states that won’t allow it; so we chose to not bring it up. Many liberal states have emission standards that the Superjet unfortunately can’t meet. If we figure out a list of all the states that don’t allow the Superjet then we’ll be sure to update this post!

  39. Hey there Ted!

    It’s good to hear that you’re enjoying it! SXR’s definitely pack a punch!

    Keep riding and be safe!

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