The Best Jet Ski for the Money: Cheapest Reliable Jet Skis

From cruising, tubing, to fishing, there are tons of ways to enjoy a jet ski on the water. While jet skis can offer a plethora of fun, they can be pretty expensive. Finding a jet ski that offers decent performance while not breaking the bank can be a difficult task. In today’s article, I will share with you the 3 best jet skis for the money.

Best jet ski for the money

When it comes to value, the 3 best jet skis are the Yamaha VX-C, the Sea-Doo GTI, and the Yamaha EX sport.

Below I will review the specs for each of these jet skis, the price, as well as other important details.

Yamaha VX-C

affordable jet ski

This wave runner will certainly get the job done, and at only $10,200, it won’t break the bank. It offers the perfect combination of both performance and reliability. It features a TR-1 High Output engine which helps the jet ski reach a top speed of over 50 mph.

It also includes Yamaha’s innovative RiDE technology which helps assist in steering and control. This makes it a great option for people that don’t have as much experience riding a jet ski. Additionally, Yamaha is known for creating long lasting, reliable jet skis, and this model is no exception.  

This jet ski is great for large groups, as it can comfortably seat up to 3 people at a time. It also has a horsepower of up to 135, which is more than enough power to tow tubes, skis, and a bunch of other tow sports.

If you are interested in purchasing the Yamaha VX-C, you can learn more here

Sea-Doo GTI:

good affordable jet ski

Another high quality jet ski that doesn’t break the bank is the Sea-Doo GTI. It features a Rotax 900 ACE engine which is not only extremely powerful, but also has good fuel efficiency. The design of the hull makes it extremely stable, and it can fit up to three people at a time.

One of the best features of this model is the renowned iBR system which makes it very easy to maneuver tight spaces. The system allows you to stop very quickly and is also very easy to put in reverse.

Another cool feature on this model is the ability to switch into sport and eco mode. Sport can be used for towing people, while eco allows you to be more fuel efficient.

Perhaps my favorite component of this jet ski is the large platform on the back. Not only does this allow for greater stability, but it allows extra space for you to store coolers or fishing rods. You can also use it to jump off the jet ski if you or your passengers want to go for a swim.

At the time of this article, a new Sea-Doo GTI costs $11,499. Given all of the innovative features on this jet ski, it makes it one of the best affordable jet skis.  

If you want to purchase a Sea-Doo GTI, you should check it out on the Sea-Doo website here

Yamaha EX Sport:

good jet ski that's cheap

If you are looking for a cheap jet ski that performs well in tow sports, this might be your best option. The 3 cylinder engine has a horsepower of around 100, which is definitely enough to tow someone behind. It also has a very convenient reboarding step that will make it easier for people to climb onto the jet ski from the water.

This jet ski has a dry weight of only 584 pounds, which allows for great fuel efficiency and maneuverability. Despite the light weight, it is still very stable and easy to control. This jet ski can also fit up to three people, which makes it a great option for big groups.

To learn more about the Yamaha EX Sport and where you can buy it, check out the Yamaha website here

What to keep in mind when getting a jet ski

As jet skis can easily run up to $20,000, it can be tempting to go for the cheapest option. While there are some decent jet skis from both Yamaha and Sea-doo that retail for as low as $6,000, I don’t think those are the best jet skis for the money. These jet skis usually don’t have much power and tend to not be as durable.

For only $3,000-$4,000 more, you can afford one of the jet skis on the list above that are much higher quality. They will give you way more thrust and acceleration, which will be a huge asset if you plan on cruising at high speeds or using your jet ski for water sports.

If you want to do competitive water skiing, you should check out my guide on the best jet skis for water skiing

What about used jet skis?

If you are looking for a jet ski that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, you might also be attracted to used jet skis. While there are certainly some quality used jet skis out there that are worth the money, it is best to stay away. There are simply just too many risks that come with buying a used jet ski.

For reference, most jet skis only last for 300 hours. It is common for sellers of used jet skis to underestimate the number of hours a jet ski has. A used jet ski might have a good point job and look as good as new, but if it’s already been driven for 200 hours, you are probably not going to get much use out of it.
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