3 Best PWC Beach Carts

In today’s guide, we recommend our favorite PWC beach carts. We also highlight the key features you should be looking at before you buy.


If you are looking forward to spending some serious time on your PWC this summer, then it’s a good idea to get hold of a jet ski cart that will help you move your craft with ease. A good PWC beach cart will certainly make your time on the beach far more relaxing and enjoyable.

As with any product range, there are variations in each model, and the right one for you will depend on what you need. We have taken the three best carts and reviewed them for you below.

Take a moment to read through and pick the one that suits you best; then start making your plans for the summer!

Now you have an idea of what it is that you should be looking for, we have found the three best jet ski beach carts that money can buy! Check them out below, where we are confident that at least one will tick all your boxes!

Our Best Recommended PWC Beach Carts

The best PWC beach carts are the Octo-Cart, Florida Sailcraft Bigfoot, and the WheelEEZ Dolly 24.



The Octo-Cart is made by AquaCart and is a fantastic example of a top-quality big wheel dolly. It is made from an aluminum frame and can winch a load of up to 1300lbs, making it the perfect choice for the heavier PWC out there.

The frame is made from boxed aircraft tubing so that you can be confident in the strength it will offer you time after time.

This model has a long handle, making it easy to maneuver, and a short wheelbase.

When it comes to putting the PWC onto the beach carry cart, all you need to do is lift the handle to winch it on, then take it over any surface to get to the water and launch it.

It boasts stainless steel axles and hardware and has an adjustable bunk space so that it can fit any type of PWC, meaning that you don’t need to buy a new buggy every time to change your jet ski!

It also has a bow stop so that the nose of your PWC is safe and secure as it is being transported.

When it comes to tires, this model can’t be beaten! The eight tires are 21 x 12; they will easily take the heaviest loads and can distribute the weight evenly between them so that the beach carry cart maneuvers easily across soft surfaces like sand.

You will also be impressed with the heavy-duty rims and bushings that just ooze quality and ease of use.

It is 295cm long and 173cm wide (from the outside of the tires), and this does not include the coupler! It is adjustable so that a shorter length can be used if your craft is smaller.

Because the width is nearly 6 feet in total, you can be sure that it is as stable as possible so that your jet ski is safe during the transfer from the vehicle and when moving it along the beach.

WheelEEZ Dolly 24

WheelEEZ Dolly 24

If the Octo-Cart does not meet your needs, then the WheelEZE is well worth your consideration. It is a well-constructed jet ski cart that will comfortably transport two-seater PWCs and can take a load of up to 770lbs with ease.

You can choose to get hold of the optional hitch kit so that you can tow your PWC with your ATV, making it easier than ever to get onto the water.

The WheelEEZ Dolly 24 can load from land and water, making it super easy for you to get your jet ski off and on so that you don’t waste time that could be spent having fun.

This beach carrier is 125.5cm in length and 114cm wide so that it will fit a wide range of jet skis with ease. It’s made from anodized aluminum that is marine-grade, meaning that you can trust it to do the job without buckling or getting damaged.

The brilliant material choice means that you can expect your cart to last a long time so that you can enjoy plenty of seasons before having to replace it.

It is simple to install and comes with full and comprehensive instructions so that you can get set up straight away! It also comes with a limited warranty that will cover any faults within 90 days of purchasing.

Parts are easy to purchase and can be installed to keep your cart in the best condition at all times.

Florida Sailcraft Bigfoot

Florida Sailcraft Bigfoot

The Florida Sailcraft Bigfoot is a 4-wheel beach dolly that is a heavy-duty piece of kit ready to move any type of PWC.

It has a maximum weight capability of 1000lbs and will quickly transport the majority of jet skis directly to the water, ready for you to set off on your adventures.

The beach carry cart is 2.7m long and 1.7m wide. It weighs a small 120lbs in total and is easy to transport when you are out and about.

There are 52.5cm, balloon tires that will efficiently manage soft sand as well as rocky beaches so that you are not restricted to specific locations when it comes to enjoying your outdoor adventures.

You simply take your PWC to the water’s edge and winch your jet ski on or off, leaving your beach carrier on dry land.

This carrier is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and has been coated with ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene to give added protection and keep everything in perfect working order at all times.

The support rails are 150cm long, and the framework has larger dimensions than the majority of the competition, giving you the strongest dolly that you could imagine.

The really good thing about this big beach dolly is that it comes with a range of upgrade options so that you can add in heavy-duty wheel bushings if you need them or even go for a roller rail upgrade.

When you order yours, you will be offered the options to choose from and can then sit back and wait for your fully customized cart to arrive.

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Jet Ski Beach Cart Guide

Now that you know the best PWC beach carts, we have detailed the features you will need to look out for when buying a beach carry cart.

It is important to note that the features can vary significantly from model to model, and it is essential to know what you need for your PWC so that you buy the right one for you.

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When it comes to wheels, it is important to go for ones that will last as once you start using a beach carrier, you won’t ever go without one again. Getting wheels that need regular replacement tires will be time consuming and expensive.

It may sound obvious, but you will also need to look for wheels that have been designed with beaches in mind as these will be able to manage sand and pebbles with ease.

Getting a cart that is made for a jetty may not be the best choice for a beach, so shop around and do some research before purchasing.

Weight Limit

Another aspect that you need to consider is the max weight load your beach carry cart can take. Jet skis vary in weight with some weighing in at 400lbs and others hitting 1200lbs!

Make sure that you find out the max weight so that you aren’t left with a cart that can’t get you to the water.

Weight of Cart

In addition to the weight of your PWC, it is also essential to consider the weight of the cart you’re buying.

You will need to take it with you, and the total weight will impact the load you are carrying, so it is sensible to look for one that will not be too heavy for your vehicle.

There is a vast range of weights to choose from, and you can even get an aluminum beach cart that is light and easy to transport and will fit into the smallest cars.


When it comes to finding the perfect cart, you may want to think about the material it is made from before you spend any money. The most common materials are plastics or lightweight metals.

The reason for this is to make a cart that can skim across the sand with ease rather than sinking in and being difficult to pull. It makes sense to look for durable materials so that your beach carry cart lasts as long as your jet ski.

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Build Quality

Many people make the mistake of buying cheap BWC beach carts rather than looking for one that is made to last.

This may make sense in the short run, but you will find yourself in the position of needing to replace your cart year on year. It is more cost-effective to get one that has a higher build quality so that it lasts for many seasons to come.

Higher build quality also means a better cart with enhanced features. In reality, this then means it will be easier to move your jet ski, leaving you going back to the beach day after day!

A great alternative to a PWC beach cart is a Jet Ski Hitch Hauler.



It’s clear that the process of choosing a PWC beach cart is not as simple as you may have first believed. However, this does not mean it is a complicated process either.

You firstly need to know the dimensions of the PWC that you want to use it with, including the weight. You can then narrow your search down to ones that will fit your craft and go from there.

Next, it is good to decide the material you want your beach dolly to made from, as this will help you narrow your selection. From there, you can look for a model that has hardwearing tires and is built to last.

When you have narrowed down your choice to just a few, you can then compare them before you make your final choice.

If there is no real difference, you can let price help you make a decision. Selecting a model in this way will save you disappointment and expense in the future.

Remember that if you are struggling to know where to start, our top three recommendations are all excellent choices that will do the job you need with minimal fuss or hassle!