12 Essential Jet Ski Trailer Accessories

Pimp your PWC and make your next journey to and from the beach much easier with our guide to the most helpful PWC trailer accessories around!

PWC trailer on the beach

Part of owning a jet ski is owning a trailer, and part of owning a trailer is investing in the proper jet ski trailer accessories. Most trailers are pretty basic, but there are a few items that can make using them even easier than before.

These are a few of the most essential jet ski trailer accessories that every PWC owner should have.

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Jet Ski Trailer Accessories Every Owner Needs

In no particular order, these are the PWC trailer accessories that you shouldn’t be without.

Back-Up Camera

jet ski trailer back up cameraJust about every PWC owner knows how much of a hassle it is to back up and park with a jet ski trailer. Although most people could probably get the job done the old fashioned way, a camera makes it much easier.

Back up cameras provide a better view of the surrounding area and allow drivers to see any hazards that might not be directly in view. Obstacles like rocks and potholes aren’t always visible, and there isn’t always a passenger that can get out and direct the driver on how close they are.

Usually, a good back-up camera only costs a couple of hundred dollars, and they can be installed in just a few minutes.

Jet Ski Cart

jet ski cart

A jet ski cart goes by many names. Some people call it a cart, and others call it a stand or a dolly. Most of the time people are all referring to the same thing. It’s simply a cart used to move a personal watercraft from point A to point B.

The major benefit of a cart is it allows PWC to be loaded onto a trailer without being in the water. If for some reason a jet ski needs to be worked on or brought into a smaller garage, a cart makes it possible to move around.

Without a cart, the entire trailer would need to be backed into a garage. Jet ski carts simply make it easy to move individual watercraft around.

There are a few different manufacturers that make them, but Aquacart is the most well known. They have a ton of great reviews, and they’re made in the US.

This specific cart has a universal design, so it can fit just about any PWC. It can be used with almost every current Sea Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, or Polaris.

The weight limit is rated up to 1,300 pounds, which is good considering the heaviest jet ski is just under 1,100 pounds. It has 4 wheels, 2 of which have locking mechanisms built-in.

If you have a stand up jet ski, you should check out jet ski hitch haulers.

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Tongue Jack

jet ski trailer tongue jack

Tongue jacks are really handy jet ski trailer accessories and a lot of trailers even come with one prebuilt.

A tongue jack is simply an attachment that allows the front of a trailer to be adjusted up or down. Most of the time they also have a small wheel on the bottom that allows the trailer to be more easily moved around by hand.

There is a little bit of an installation process required to mount a tongue jack to a trailer, but once it’s on it’s not going anywhere.

Jet Ski Trailer Winch

jet ski trailer accessories winch

Without a doubt, one of the most useful jet ski trailer accessories is a winch. A jet ski can definitely be loaded and unloaded without one, but that’s a process most people don’t want to deal with.

The jet ski trailer winch by Reese Towpower is a pretty well-rounded option in terms of price and quality. It has all the standard features of a trailer winch including permanently lubricated bearings, a built-in strap, and a heavy-duty hook. The base plate also has several mounting holes to accommodate different types of trailers.

Although a winch isn’t one of the most essential jet ski trailer accessories, it’s still great to have one.

Ratchet Straps

pwc trailer accessories ratchet strapsRatchet straps are heavy-duty straps that are adjustable via a built-in ratchet. They’re great for securing any type of cargo and preventing swaying during transport.

Almost all ratchet straps are the same. The only major difference between brands is that some are made from a cheaper material. Vault Cargo makes a premium ratchet strap that works well when securing PWC on a trailer. They come in a pack of 4, with each strap measuring 15 feet in total length.

Most people already have a few ratchet straps sitting in their garage, but it can still be worth it to pick up some new ones. All straps wear out eventually, so it’s important to invest in new ones as that happens. You can also use these straps for your jet ski trailer luggage rack.

Marine Wax

meguirs marine wax

It’s common practice to wash a jet ski after every use, but oftentimes the jet ski trailer gets forgotten about. Just like everything else, jet ski trailers require some TLC every now and then. This means washing them down and using some marine wax to keep them looking nice and keeping that damaging saltwater away.

Maguiar’s marine wax is one of the more common brands used for PWC trailers. Not only is it great for trailers, but it can be used on PWC as well.

Towing Receiver Lock

Towing hitch locks are one of the jet ski trailer accessories that every single PWC owner should have.

jet ski trailer accessories lock

People regularly leave their vehicles on a trailer that is still hitched to a vehicle. In a perfect world, that isn’t a problem at all. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

If a trailer is unattended for too long, someone can easily come by and detach it from the owner’s vehicle and attach it to their own. Within a few minutes, someone could drive off with a new trailer and a couple of new jet skis. It may seem like an unlikely scenario, but all it takes is a trailer being left in a parking lot or driveway for a little too long.

This may be a pretty simple accessory, but it can save someone thousands of dollars. No one wants to wake up to find out their jet skis walked off in the middle of the night, and a towing hitch lock can prevent that from happening.

All it takes is a $10 lock to prevent a set of jet skis from being stolen. Most people would agree that it’s worth it.

Jet Ski Trailer Lock

Master Lock Trailer Lock, Trailer Coupler Lock, 377KA

For the same reason that it’s good to have a receiver lock, it’s also good to have a jet ski trailer lock. If a jet ski trailer isn’t connected to a vehicle, it’s a good idea to toss a lock on it to ensure the entire trailer doesn’t go missing.

A trailer lock prevents the trailer from being mounted to another vehicle by blocking the ball joint. It only takes a few seconds to put on, and with the designated key, it only takes a few seconds to take off.

Jet Ski Trailer Trolley

jet ski trailer accessories

Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time trying to precisely back a trailer into a driveway knows how tedious the process is. A jet ski trailer trolley solves that problem.

The way a trailer trolley works is simple. In its most basic use, it acts as a hand truck for trailers. They allow people to easily maneuver just about any trailer.

Wheel Chocks

wheel chocks

Sometimes there’s no other option but to leave a trailer on uneven ground. When that situation occurs, it’s good to have a set of wheel chocks on standby.

It doesn’t really matter what shape or size the wheel chocks are, as long as they’re rubber and durable. Try to avoid any cheap plastic wheel chocks. Not only will they slide around, but they’re more likely to break as well. It’s worth the extra money to get rubber chocks.

The good thing about wheel chocks is they work with anything that has wheels. Not only are they great jet ski trailer accessories, but they work well with cars, trucks, and power sports vehicles as well.

Jet Ski Lift

jet ski lift

As the name suggests, a jet ski lift is used to lift a jet ski either for maintenance or simply to move it from one place to another. Usually, they require an engine crane or something similar in order to support the weight of the jet ski.

Jet skis can be extremely heavy, so it’s important to have a lift that can support a lot of weight. Aside from damaging the jet ski, people can get injured if a lift is poorly made. Only invest in high-quality hoists. Cheaper lifts can rip or break and cause more harm than good.

Jet ski lifts aren’t essential, but they can be extremely helpful when putting a jet ski on a trailer.

Jet Ski Cover

jet ski cover

Even though a jet ski cover is more for the watercraft than the trailer, they kind of go hand in hand. After all, when was the last time a jet ski had a cover on it and wasn’t on a trailer?

Jet ski covers are the perfect way to protect a personal watercraft from the elements. They’re relatively inexpensive, and they can help a watercraft retain its resale value.

The Bottom Line

As nice as it is to have tons of jet ski trailer accessories, most of them aren’t really “must-haves”. These are simply some of the more useful items to have.

Trailering a jet ski can be a frustrating process, especially during hot summer months. Fortunately, with the help of a few of these items, it can be much easier and efficient than ever before.

What your “go-to” trailer accessories? Let us know down in the comments section!
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