3 Best Jet Ski Goggles 2023

If you’re looking for a new set of PWC goggles, then look no further. We have three great choices as well as a comprehensive buyers guide to help you out!

Jet ski goggles

When it comes to purchasing the best sunglasses for jet skiing, there are many factors to consider before parting with your money.

In addition to our buyer’s guide, we have also reviewed three carefully selected jet ski goggles and chosen our top pick, our budget choice, and an excellent alternative for you to consider when making a purchase.

After reading our reviews and our guide, we are sure that you will feel confident in knowing what you are looking for so that you can look the part this summer when you are on the water.

Best Jet Ski Goggles

The best jet ski goggles are the Jettribe pro, SeaSpecs Classic, and the Rheos Sapelos Floating Polarized Sunglasses.

Take a moment to read our reviews and find the best goggles for jet ski fans! We understand that not everyone has the same budget or style and so we have tried to find ones that will suit all the different tastes out there!

Our Top PickJettribe Pro Goggles Black Fade Frame

The Jettribe Pro Goggles are a fantastic choice for any serious PWC fans out there. They fit snugly with an elastic headband, but the best part is that they have the same arms as regular shades, so they feel great when you wear them.

The CE Certified lenses are shatter-resistant and made from polycarbonate with full UV protection to keep your eyes safe when you are out on the water. You will also notice that the lenses are wider than other brands, and this is a welcome addition as it allows you to have a wider field of vision when you are wearing them.

One of the worst parts of wearing goggles is that they often steam up when you are wearing them. With the Jettribe goggles, you don’t need to worry about this as multiple, built-in vents will increase the airflow and reduce the fogging so that you don’t need to stop to adjust them.

When they are not in use, you can store them away in the storage case that comes free with every purchase. When you want to take them out, you simply unzip and go – it really couldn’t be any easier.

Jettribe offers a six-month free warranty with every purchase that starts from the day of purchase and covers any problems with the workmanship and materials used. However, it does not cover accidental damage or any problems caused by the user.

The reason these jet ski glasses are our top pick is that they are built to last, look great, and offer details such as the built-in vents and 100% UV protection that mean your fun won’t be interrupted, and your eyes will be safe.

Budget ChoiceSeaSpecs Classic Floating Polarized Sunglasses

If you shop with a tight budget, then these SeaSpecs jet ski goggles may be the perfect choice for you! Not only do they look the part, but you will be impressed with the range of features that come as standard when you purchase them.

Water sports goggles are vital when you head out onto the water as they give you a clear view of the world around you and protect your eyesight from the sun’s harmful rays.

These goggles are no different and boast a full 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays, giving you peace of mind every time you head out on the water.

They come in a range of color choices and have a back strap to keep them securely attached at all times. The glasses are large and fit with the look of typical jet ski goggles. Polarized lenses block the horizontal light so that there is no glare to get in your way of riding safely around all day long.

They also offer welcome protection from the wind, stopping your eyes from either drying out or tearing up and causing you to head in before you are ready. The lenses are 65mm in width and are made out of plastic, which is what makes them so budget-friendly. While they may not offer premium features, they are a solid choice and will not let you down.

In fact, they are such good value that you can even get a pair in every color to match your outfit and still have money left over!

A Great AlternativeRheos Sapelos Floating Polarized Sunglasses

Rheos Sapelos Floating Polarized Sunglasses

These Rheos Sapelos Floating Sunglasses may not look like your typical PWC goggles, but we think they are a great alternative to the previous two options we have shared with you.

First, they look amazing on and look just like regular sunglasses. The design is classic and will stay in fashion so that you can wear them year on year without feeling out of place.

They also come in a range of color choices so that you can pick your favorite or get a few pairs to team with the outfits you choose.

If they fall off when you are in the water, then you don’t need to stress as they float so that you can get them back with ease.

No matter how choppy the water is, they will never sink, which will give you added peace of mind so that you can enjoy your time without worrying.

These glasses come with polarized lenses that will block out any glare and give you the best vision possible, which will make your time more enjoyable and far more safe!

The manufacturer even claims that they are clearer than glass as they are Nylon Optics rather than the traditional polarized frames.

The lenses are 2.25 inches wide and will cover your full line of vision to give you a clear view of everything around you.

Plus, you can expect to get UVA and UVB protection when you put these on, and we are confident that you will be blown away by the comfort levels that they offer.

They may not be the traditional glasses you’d expect to use on a PWC, but they are certainly worth a try!

Buyer’s Guide: Recommended Features

If you need some further advice on how to select the best sunglasses for jet skiing, then take a moment to read through each point below where we will share what you need to look for and why you need to consider it when looking for a new set of shades for jet skiing.

Polarized Lenses

Lots of people question whether polarized lenses are as important as they are made out to be. Polarized lenses are made to block the horizontal light and let in the vertical. The reason behind this is that by blocking it, the glare is reduced.

Reducing glare makes glasses more enjoyable to wear but also offers additional safety because you have a clear view of the world around you and aren’t left to squint to see what’s in front of you. Our verdict – polarized lenses are an essential feature.

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Rheos Sapelos Floating Polarized Sunglasses 2

Floating Frame

Floating frames are becoming more and more popular, and it is obvious why! No one wants to spend lots of money on a pair of water sports goggles only to lose them by dropping them into the water.

With floating frames, you will be able to locate your glasses and head back to get them with ease.

The best floating frames are easy to find even in the choppiest waters, so you never need to lose your frames again.

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Choosing a lightweight pair of jet ski glasses makes perfect sense to us as they will stay comfy all day long and not leave painful marks on your face.

When you combine the weight with floating ability, light glasses work better, so we would recommend that you opt for a lightweight pair wherever possible.

Jettribe Pro Goggles Black Fade Frame


It is essential to consider the durability of a product, especially with the environmental pressures we all face each day.

There is nothing worse than choosing your ideal glasses only to find that they get brittle and snap before the season is done or fade and look worn out before their time.

We recommend that you choose materials that are designed to be durable so that you can wear your chosen goggles for years to come. This not only saves you money but stops you from having to go through the process of finding new glasses each year.

Head Straps

Many people worry about keeping their glasses secure, and one option is to find a pair that have a head strap to keep them on your head. These can be elasticated or just fabric with a velcro tightening strap.

If you choose to opt for a pair with head straps, then take some time to decide whether you want the glasses to have the typical arms with a strap attached or whether you want a more traditional goggle style that doesn’t have arms but just a fully elasticated strap.

Either way, the choice is personal, and it’s worth trying on a range before you buy.

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UV Protection

Our last point of advice is arguably the most important! Making sure that the glasses you choose have UVA and UVB protection are essential.

It’s very easy to forget that your eyes need protection, but they are at risk from the sun’s harmful rays if you head out with sunglasses that offer zero protection.

Our advice? Always check that your selected glasses have UV protection! If they don’t, then move on to a pair that do.

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