Best Jet Ski For Surfing

As you already know, jet skis can be used for a wide range of water sports, including surfing. While most surfers use jet skis for tow-surfing, there are certainly places where it is best to use a jet ski for step off surfing. In today’s article, we will cover everything you need to know about the best jet skis for step off surfing.

What type of jet ski do you need for step off surfing and tow surfing?

When it comes to step off and tow surfing, you will need a jet ski that is strong enough to handle the power of the ocean. This means it will likely need to have a wide hull that is able to keep riders stable in choppy waters. It is also best to have a jet ski that has a relatively low center of gravity to avoid tipping over. This is extremely important if the jet ski gets close to a crashing wave.

When it comes to size, it obviously needs to be spacious enough to carry at least 2 people comfortably. If you are big wave surfing, you will want to have enough space for a rescue sled at the back of your jet ski. 

When it comes to engines, you want a durable and powerful one that is able to accelerate quickly and smoothly. You also want an engine that can hold a lot of gas so you can stay out for hours. Lastly, you will want an engine that is full efficient, since you will certainly be using a lot of gas while you are out on the waves. 

Now that you know the desired specs, we will dive into the best jet skis for step off surfing.

Best Jet Ski For Surfing

The best jet skis for step off and tow surfing are the sea doo GTX and the sea doo RXT-X. Both models are very powerful and perfect for maneuvering around waves. 

Sea doo GTX

With a combination of large size and engine power, the sea doo GTX is a great jet ski for step off and tow surfing. It has a wide hull that provides great stability for riders. The low center of gravity provided by the design also helps add to the stability of the jet ski. The low center of gravity also makes it easier for the surfer to hop on and off.

The GTX comes with three different Rotax engine options:  170 hp, 230 hp, and 300 hp. When it comes to step off surfing, the more powerful the engine the better. 

A really cool feature of the GTX is the Intelligent Debris Free Pump System. This button allows the driver to quickly clear a clogged intake with the push of a button. Since it is common for seaweed to get caught in intake valves, this is a very valuable feature.

The GTX also features a top of the line break and acceleration system that makes maneuvering the waves much easier. 

It also has a large cargo space that sits directly in front of the driver for easy access. The cargo space is 25.3 gallons. Additionally, the GTX has built in waterproof Bluetooth speakers.

Sea doo RXT-X

Another great jet ski for surfing is the Sea doo RXT-X. It features a revolutionary st3 hull that is perfect for handling choppy waters.

The engine in the RXT-X is a Rotax 1630 ACE. It is 300 hp, making it the most powerful Rotax engine on the market. It has world class acceleration and is very fuel efficient. 

The footwell wedges on the side of the jet ski help stabilize the riders when they need to accelerate quickly, something that is very common when you are using a jet ski for step off surfing. 

The RXT-X is very spacious, and can easily fit 3 people on board. It also has plenty of room to attach a rescue board to the back. It also has waterproof Bluetooth speakers which can provide great entertainment when you are out on the water. 

Similar to the GTX, the RXT-X has an ibr system which allows for quick breaking and reversing. This make it great for other watersports, such as water skiing

Accessories for surfing on a jet ski

If you are looking for jet ski accessories when surfing, I suggest checking out Jet Tech. They specialize in producing products for jet ski water sports. They have a wide range of products including seat straps and handles, rescue sleds, and water repellent hats. They also sell adjustable board racks that you can put on the side of your jet ski to hold surf boards. 

If you are looking for a sled, you should check out my article on the best jet ski sled.

Tow surfing vs Step off surfing

Tow surfing refers to a jet ski that pulls a surfer behind them on a boat. This is generally used for big wave surfing. Step off surfing refers to when a surfer sits on the back of the jet ski, and then jumps off directly on to the wave. The surfer lands on their stomach, but must quickly stand up to ride the wave. 

Jet skis for step off surfing need to be incredibly powerful and fast since they are essentially in the wave when the surfer jumps off. Step off surfing is a little more dangerous compared to tow surfing since it requires the jet ski to be so close to the breaking wave.


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