The Best 2 Stroke Oil for Jet Skis

All early model jet skis featured a 2 stroke engine. However, starting in the mid 2000s, jet ski manufacturers like Yamaha switched to 4 stroke engines and discontinued their 2 stroke models.  That being said, there are still plenty of 2 stroke jet skis out on the water today. 

What type of oil do 2 stroke jet skis use?

2-stroke machines use a fuel and oil mix, and this causes problems when the mixture is moved around in the engine. It can become very messy and the oil ends up everywhere. The best way to combat this is to use an oil designed especially for use in 2-stroke engines.

The oil will be different to standard jet ski oils because it is formulated with additives that help to control the temperatures inside of the engine. These additives are vital because they help to lubricate all areas at one time, without clumping up. This means that the oil will flow through the engine at all times, making sure that it doesn’t overheat.

Best 2 Stroke Oil for Jet Skis

The best 2 stroke oils for jet skis are Yamalube, Quicksliver PWC oil, and Kawasaki OEM Performance oil. They can all be bought online for under $40.


Yamalube is designed specifically for personal water crafts. It has great reviews when used on older jet skis, which is almost always the case when dealing with 2 stroke engines. 

If you have a yamaha jet ski, I strongly recommend using this oil. You can buy a gallon of it on amazon for around $38. Out of 391 ratings on amazon, it has a score of 4.8 out of 5. 

Quicksliver PWC oil

Quicksilver PWC oil is another great option for 2 stroke jet skis. It is known for doing a great job of preventing deposits in the engine and help prevent corrosion. This is very beneficial and can help prolong your jet ski’s engine life. 

While 2 stroke engines do produce more pollution, this oil is biodegradable and doesn’t produce as much CO2 compared to other oils. 

You can buy one quart (1/4 of a gallon) of this oil on amazon for around $17. Out of 30 ratings, it has a score of 4.9 out of 5.   

Kawasaki OEM Performance oil

Kawasaki OEM Performance oil is also a good option for a 2 stroke jet ski. It is the cheapest 2 stoke oil on this list coming in at $34 for one gallon.

You can inject this oil directly into the engine or you can use premix it. It can be used on both Kawasaki and Yamaha jet skis. 

Out of 125 ratings, it has a score of 4.8 out of 5. 

If you want to learn more about jet ski oil changes, check out my article on how to change the oil on a jet ski.

Why do you need 2 stoke oil for jet skis?

If you have a 2 stroke jet ski, you must get oil that is specifically formulated for two-stroke engines. It is designed to lubricate, clean and protect your engine while at the same time reducing friction and the adhesion of dirt particles to engine parts during operation. It also helps preserve the life of your equipment by meeting or exceeding current industry standards for zinc, phosphorus and other additives.

Why did they stop making 2 stroke jet skis?

Most manufacturers stopped making 2 stroke jet skis because did not meet EPA and CARB emissions standards for small personal watercraft. Compared to 4 stroke jet ski engines, 2 stroke jet skis cause way more pollution.

2 stroke jet skis vs 4 stroke jet skis

A 2 stroke engine mixes the oil and gas together which causes increased emissions and increased wear on internal parts like piston rings and cylinder walls. 2 stroke jet skis are much less fuel efficient compared to 4 stroke jet skis. 

Why do 4 stroke jet skis cause less pollution?

In a four stroke engine, the intake of air has been separated from the intake of fuel. This essentially eliminates all combustion during non running conditions.

The exhaust port also been redesigned so instead of being open while the piston is moving up and down it is closed. This traps most of the hot exhaust gasses in the cylinder instead of spilling it out into the environment. 

Do they still make new 2 stroke jet skis?

Today, the only 2 stroke jet skis that are manufactured are stand up jet skis. They are labeled as “competition” jet skis, and you must have a IJSBA competition license in order to legally ride one.
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