Best Yamaha Waverunner Oil & Oil Change Kit

Time to change the oil on your Yamaha Waverunner? Check out these awesome oil change kits and oils.

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Hitting the water in your Waverunner can be an enormous amount of fun, and in general, needs very little maintenance to keep going.

However, like anything which has an internal combustion engine, your personal watercraft will need oil changes to stay in good condition.

Although the process is easy, you can’t simply grab the nearest bottle of engine oil off the shelf. Older craft tend to use 2 stroke oil, while newer models like the Yamaha offer models for both 2 stroke and 4 stroke oil.

Picking up the right oil is essential if you don’t want to mess up your engine!

Even once you have the oil, you still have the dilemma of how to get the old oil oil and the new oil in. Thankfully, someone has thought about that too.

The Yamaha Waverunner 4-stroke oil change kit has everything you need to perform the task. Here’s a quick run-through of what you’ll get.

4-Stroke Oil Change Kit

Before you put the new oil in, you’ll need to get the old oil out and that’s where Yamaha oil change kits can help. Containing more than just the new Yamaha Waverunner oil, there’s everything you’ll need to complete the job.

So, what exactly is included in the Yamaha Waverunner Oil Change Kit? When you open it up, here’s what you’ll get in the pack:

  • 1 gallon Yamalube 4-stroke oil
  • SBT oil filter
  • SBT oil extractor pump

This kit has everything you need for an efficient oil change, but it will only fit engine sizes 1000cc, 1100cc and 1050cc.

For the larger 1.8cc beasts, you’ll need a different filtration set as this won’t fit. This filtration kit is designed specifically for the EX/VX TR-1 engine.

You’ll only need to buy this kit once so it’s a good investment for all your future oil changes. Next time, you’ll just need new oil and a filter as you can re-use the extractor pump as many times as you want.

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This is a manual kit so you’ll need to extract the oil by pumping it out yourself by hand. There are more expensive kits you can buy which hook up to a drill if you don’t want to do the pumping.

For most people this kit is sufficient, as once you hit a rhythm the oil comes out pretty quickly.

The transparent collection tub makes it easy to see how much oil you’ve pumped out. Once you’re done, it’s just a case of adding the new oil. Simple!

4-Stroke Oil

You might be tempted just to grab your auto 4-stroke oil when it’s time to carry out maintenance on your Waverunner, but the two oils are not the same.

Your PWC will put a far greater load on the oil and will need to operate at much colder temperatures too.

This means that you’ll need a specialist marine oil, like the 4-stroke Yamalube.

This is one of the best Yamaha 4-stroke oil picks as it’s specifically designed to meet the need of your Waverunner.

Jetski engines revs much higher than the typical auto, and operates constantly on this level. The Yamalube has been created with this in mind and won’t shear or split when you want your craft to perform.

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Yamalube also contains a special blend of detergents and dispersants to create a viscosity which is suitable for the marine environment. This prevents crystallization in your engine, a common cause of blockages when you use an inferior oil.

Your Waverunner can be used in either freshwater or in the ocean; it’s equally adept at handling both. The ocean might be more fun but the saltwater is extremely corrosive and can damage your engine if you’re not careful.

This is where the Yamalube can help as it contains special agents which counteract the damaging effects of saltwater.

While you’ll still need to flush through your craft when you’ve been using it in the sea, the Yamalube provides protection for the combustion chambers while you’re having fun.

Don’t be tempted to switch to a cheaper oil; it simply won’t offer the same protection. Yamalube is designed to protect your craft and is the best Waverunner oil around.

1.8-liter Engine Oil Change Kit

If you’re the proud owner of a Waverunner with a 1.8-liter engine you’ll need a separate kit to cope with the different fittings. The process of changing the Yamaha jet ski oil is the same, but if you don’t buy the right kit it won’t work on your craft.

If you’ve bought the 1.8-liter engine oil change kit, here’s what you’ll be getting:

  • 1 gallon Yamalube 4-stroke oil
  • SBT oil filter
  • SBT oil extractor pump

It may look identical to the kit for the 1000-1100cc model but they aren’t interchangeable. If you’ve got a 1800cc Waverunner, this is the kit you’ll need.

It fits all 1800cc engine, including both naturally aspirated and supercharged. It can be used on all Waverunners and jet boats made between 2000-2018 so if you’ve got more than one craft with the same cc engine, this is the only kit you’ll need.

The capacity of the extraction pump is 1.5 gallons so you’ll be able to pump out a lot of oil without spillage. If this is your first time changing the oil, be prepared for the hand pumping to feel like a lot of work at first!

There are pumps which can be hooked up to a drill, but the cost is much higher.

For future oil changes, you’ll just need the filter and the oil, as the extraction pump is reusable.

This makes this bit of kit essential for any Waverunner owner, giving you the chance to change your own oil without having to haul your craft to the garage.


You should be able to get around 350 hours out of your jet ski oil before it’s time to change it, especially if you take care of it properly. Don’t delay changing your oil as you could end up doing damage to your engine.

Don’t ever try to change the oil when the engine is cold or else you’ll find it very tough going, plus you’ll leave contaminants in the bottom of the tank.

Give your craft a quick blast on the water or flush it through to warm the oil and ensure the sediment is suspended.

Once you’ve filled the oil back up, make sure the seal is tight and you’re done! You’ll need to dispose of your old Yamaha jet ski oil properly; don’t dump it in the trash. Find a recycling center or gas station which accepts old oil for disposal.

The Yahama Waverunner Oil Change Kit makes it simple for any owner to change their own oil.

It’s simply a matter of hooking up the kit, pumping out the old and pouring in the new. When you’ve done it once, you’ll realize how easy it is.