Best Drones for a Jet Ski

If you want to get the best video shot of a jet ski on the water, drones are probably your best option. With new tracking technology, you can now get drone shots without having someone actively controlling the drone. In today’s article, I am going to review the best drones for jet skiing.

Best drone for jet ski

The best drones for jet skiing are the Holy Stone HS720 and the Ruko F11GIM2. Both of these drones can get great shots of you on the water.

Now let’s get into the specifics of each model. 

Holy Stone HS720

drone for a jet ski

The Holy Stone is the best all around drone for a jet ski. For starters, it is pretty affordable, currently with a price tag of $250. Below are some of the top features that landed it on the top of my list:

Video quality: If you want a drone for your jet ski, you want something that will get a sharp image and capture all of the color around you. This drone shoots video in 4K, which results in great quality, even form high altitudes. The camera also has built in image stabilization, which helps you get sharp shots without having to worry about the turbulence of the drone. 

GPS tracking: Another great feature with this drone is the built in GPS which allows for a ton of cool flight features. The most important one for a jet ski is the follow me feature. It allows the drone to automatically follow and film you without you having to fly the drone. This means you can just focus on riding the jet ski instead of worrying about using the remote to fly the drone. There is also a really cool feature that allows you to set a flight path for the drone to follow, which can be really helpful if you already know where you’ll be riding your jet ski. The drone also has a orbiting feature that you can activate with the push of a button. It causes the drone to do a full circle around you, which can lead to some pretty sweet cinematic shots on a jet ski.

Return home: This drone also has a very convenient return home feature. This allows you to press one button, and the drone will automatically fly back to the remote. It will also automatically fly back if it is low on battery or is losing signal/connection to the remote. This means you don’t need to worry about losing your drone.

90°adjustable lens: Unlike some other cheap drones, this models has a cool 90°adjustable lens that allows your camera to get shots directly below the drone, and also forward out into the horizon. 


For the very affordable price, this drone really has everything that you need. That being said, there are probably two places where I think this drone could be improved. The first is the battery life. The drone comes with 2 batteries, and each battery lasts for 26 minutes. This means you can get 52 minutes of flight time if you bring both batteries charged up. However, you would need to swap the batteries 26 minutes in. If you plan on being out on the water for a couple hours, you might want to purchase some additional batteries. 

The second worth mentioning is the max altitude, which is 3,000 feet. However, you can really get just about any shot you want on a jet ski within that range. I’m only mentioning it here because there are some other drones that have higher altitudes if that is what you are interested in. 

If you want to learn more  about this drone, you can check out this tutorial here:

If you are interested in other accessories for you jet ski, you should check out my guide on the 32 best jet ski accessories.

Ruko F11GIM2

drone for jet skis

The Ruko is another great option for a drone to use when you jet ski. It is a little more expensive ~$500, but it does come with a whole bunch of awesome features. It has the same GPS tracking and return home features as the Holy Stone, but it also has some additional features including:

Wind resistance: Due to its strong build and powerful wings, this drone is level 6 wind resistant. This means it’s a good option if you plan on flying the drone in a windy area, especially at the beach. It will also help stabilize the footage to make it more clear.

High altitude: If you want to get some high altitude shots of you on your jet ski, this drone is a great choice. It has a maximum altitude of 6,500 feet. 

Zoom: The camera has a 5x zoom built in, which makes it great for shots at a distance.

Long battery life: The Ruko comes with 3 batteries that can each power the drone for 32 minutes. This means you can get 96 total minutes of flight time with this drone.

Great for beginners: If you don’t have much experience with drones, this is a great option. The controller is really easy to follow, and you can always use the return home feature if the drone goes out of sight. Another really cool feature is that you can set high and distance limitations before a flight. This is a good option if you are letting a kid fly the drone, but don’t want them to fly it too far away.

If you aren’t quite ready to commit to a drone, you should check out my other guide on the best action cameras for a jet ski. There are plenty of mounted cameras that can also get great shots of you on the water.

The only real downside of this drone is that depending on where you live, you might have to register the drone. There are different laws in different countries, so just make sure to do your research if you get this drone. The good news is that it only costs around $5 to register the drone in most areas.
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