Sea Doo Wakeboard Racks: Ultimate Guide [Features & Installation]

Can you wakeboard with your Sea Doo? Which rack do you need? Will it fit on PWC from other manufacturers? We answer all these questions and more.

Sea Doo Wakeboard Rack

If you’re a wakeboarder, a Sea Doo wakeboard rack is a must have for your PWC. Although it’s very possible to go wakeboarding without one, it’s a much bigger hassle. Unfortunately there just aren’t a lot of good jet ski wakeboard racks on the market. However, if you happen to own a Sea Doo, then you’re in luck.

Sea Doo currently makes two fantastic wakeboard racks. This is great for Sea Doo owners, but disappointing for wakeboarders who own a Yamaha or Kawasaki.

This guide covers everything you need to know about Sea Doo’s racks for wakeboarding including all the features, how to install them, and whether or not it will fit on your Sea Doo model.

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Sea Doo Wakeboard Racks

There are two models to chose from. There’s a rack that fits most 3-seater Sea Doos and then a model that fits the Sea Doo Spark specifically (only the 3Up and on though)

If you’re in a hurry, this video goes over the basics of the main rack.

It covers the key features. Here they are if you don’t feel like watching:

  • Holds (1) wakeboard or (1) wake skateboards per rack
  • Made from glass fiber polypropylene
  • Padded grips on inside of the rack
  • Elastic straps secure board in rack
  • Comes with quick release button

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Which Sea Doo wakeboard rack do I need?

Sea Doo designed their main wakeboard rack to fit on the majority of their watercraft. That being said, not all of their watercraft can legally tow a wakeboarder.

Sea Doo Spark Wakeboard Rack 3-UP Tow Pro System

Depending on your location, it’s often illegal for any 2 seater PWC to tow someone behind it. The wakeboard mount will most likely still fit, but it may not be legal for you to actually tow a wakeboarder. Of course, you should always check your local laws first, because it does vary based on location.

Assuming it’s legal to tow a wakeboarder where you live, now it’s time to see if the rack will fit on your PWC. If you own any Sea Doo model that’s a 3-seater, the rack should work just fine. The only 3 seater model that it will not work on is the Sea Doo Spark.

The Sea Doo Spark wakeboard rack has a different design and is made specifically for that model. Keep in mind that the Spark wakeboard rack is only made for 3up Sparks. It will not fit on 2up Sparks.

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How to install a Sea Doo wakeboard rack

Before you pull out your measuring tape and power drill, consider getting the wakeboard rack installed by professionals. If you own a newer model Sea Doo, installing it yourself may void the warranty. Taking it to the dealership to be installed might cost you more, but it will prevent you from breaking the warranty.

If you’re installing the special Sea Doo Spark wakeboard rack mentioned above, then it’s highly recommended that you get it done professionally. The Spark rack is much more difficult to install than the normal Sea Doo rack.

If you want to save some money, you can install the rack yourself. The installation process is surprisingly easy, despite the need to drill holes. Of course, it comes with directions, but we’ll go over the general outline here anyway.

Again, it’s very easy to install, and can be done in just a few minutes.

Simply drill in the top mount above the trim on whichever side you want the rack to be placed. Then, drill the bottom mount directly below it, and you’re good to go. The entire process can be done in a matter of minutes, so don’t let the use of power tools scare you away.

Be sure to “measure twice and cut once” before installing the rack. There’s nothing worse than drilling holes in the side of your jet ski, only to find out the rack doesn’t fit properly. The way the Sea Doo wakeboard rack is designed gives it a pretty universal fit, but it’s still good to be 100% sure.

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Is it worth buying?

For the price you pay, the Sea Doo wakeboard rack is a pretty solid accessory. It’s easy to install, easy to use, and easy to remove.

Sea Doo Wakeboard Rack

After the initial installation process, the rack can be attached or detached in just a few seconds using a built-in quick-release button. This is great if you ever want to go for a ride without having the rack sticking out to the side. The only trace of it that will remain are the small mounts, but they don’t get in the way at all.

The rack itself is pretty simple to use. It holds a single wakeboard using two elastic straps that wrap around the board and clamp to the other side. If you feel you may need to carry more than one wakeboard, a separate rack will need to be installed on the other side of the watercraft.

Most wakeboards fit pretty snug, and the inside of the rack has pads to protect them while they’re mounted. Since boards are secured using an elastic strap, the rack can hold a wide variety of board sizes.

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The one downside to this rack is its limited compatibility. The fact that it can’t be mounted to all jet skis, or even all Sea Doo PWC is a big drawback. Of course, it can fit the majority of 3up Sea Doo models, but it would be nice to see one that can accommodate their entire lineup.

If you have a 3 seater Sea Doo, then a wakeboard rack can definitely be worth buying. Anyone who uses a PWC to wakeboard knows the hassle of holding the board while getting to their destination, and it’s just not something people want to deal with. If you’re one of those people, then by all means the rack is worth it.

An honest opinion

If you’re an avid wakeboarder and you enjoy using your PWC as a towing device, the Sea Doo wakeboard rack can really come in handy. No one enjoys trying to rig a wakeboard into an awkward position to keep it from falling into the water while commuting on a PWC. Things can already be cramped when riding with 2-3 people, and a bulky wakeboard thrown into the mix doesn’t really help.

If you like Sea Doos, and if you like wakeboarding, then this is a great accessory to have.

  1. Really thinking about getting a wakeboard rack this summer. Such a hassle carrying it while riding last year.

  2. Larry Gardner May 28, 2019 at 11:36 pm

    has anyone installed this rack on a 2019 Yamaha Waverunner VX

    • I’d like to know this as well.. the only other option I found is Jet Tech which runs $550!
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