11 Best Jet Ski Tubes

Get the perfect tube for your jet ski with our guide. We recommend the best models for a variety of models and situations.

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Tubing is not usually the main reason to purchase a PWC. However, jet skis are perfectly adept at pulling towable tubes.

There are hundreds of different jet ski towable water tubes in every shape and size, but some are much better than others. Even the best inner tubes for jet skis have their flaws, so it’s good to know exactly what it is you’re buying beforehand.

In this guide, we recommend the very best tubes to pull behind a jet ski. We also recommend the best jet skis for towing tubes. To make things easier, I’ve broken this guide down into categories based on seating capacity. 

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Best Jet Ski Towable Tubes and Inner Tubes

The best jet ski towable tubes are the Airhead Blast, Airhead Rebel, SPORTSSTUFF Crossover, O’Brien Super Screamer, Airhead Slice, and the Airhead Mach. 

Best 1 Person Towable Water Tubes

Airhead Blast Tow Tube

Airhead tubes are known for being some of the best towable tubes for a jet ski. The Airhead Blast is a classic doughnut-shaped tube designed for one person. Its bright red and yellow design makes it very noticeable in the water, and it sits higher than a lot of other doughnut tow tubes.

Holding on is very east on the Airhead blast. Four nylon-wrapped handles with neoprene knuckle guards are spread out along the front. The doughnut shape allows riders to either sit inside, or lay on top of the tube. This style makes for one of the best towable tubes for kids who don’t have a lot of experience.


  • Easy to spot in the water
  • Sits higher than other tow tubes
  • 4 handles with knuckle guards


  • Basic design can be boring for some people

Airhead Rebel Tow Tube

For anyone looking for hassle-free towable water tubes, the Airhead Rebel is a great choice. It’s very similar to the model mentioned above, but it comes with an air pump and tow rope as well. This is basically their all in one package model for beginners.

This simple doughnut tube comes with 4 handles to help steer when being pulled. A triple-reinforced tow harness, drain vents, and boarding straps all come on the tube. The boarding steps make this one of the best towable water tubes for kids because it’s so easy to get on and off.

If your tow rope happens to get stuck in your jet ski, you should read my guide on how to remove rope from jet ski intake.


  • Comes with air pump and 16 strand tow rope
  • Easy to get on and off


  • More expensive than some other Airhead tubes in its class

Sportsstuff Super Crossover

Some towable tubes are good for learning on, and others are better for getting a thrill. Well, the Sportsstuff Crossover towable is a pretty good blend of the two. This jet ski inner tube has a cockpit design so kids feel safe when they’re getting pulled. As they get more comfortable, it’s easy to use the handles to help steer the tube.

This is a perfect compromise for families with younger and older kids because they’ll both have a good time. As an added bonus it comes with a cool cowboy graphic on it.


  • Easy to learn on
  • Older kids and teens will enjoy it
  • Triangular design


  • It can only be ridden in one or two positions

Best 2 Person Towable Tubes

O’Brien Super Screamer Towable Tube

Up to 2 riders can fit on the Super Screamer, but it works just as well with only 1 person. What makes this one of the best towable water tubes are the patches of neoprene on the top. Riders can take turns all day without their arms getting rubbed raw thanks to the soft padding.

The Super Screamer has a Boston valve that makes it very easy to inflate. It has a quick connect tow hook to get it set up on the water within minutes. Six handles are spread out across the front so riders have multiple places to hold on to.


  • Thick material
  • Neoprene padding


  • Slightly bulkier than some other options

Airhead Slice 2 Person Towable Tube

good tube for a jet ski
This low-profile 2-person towable tube one of the fastest Airhead tubes out there. It features a raised front that is tapered down to just 6 inches in the back. The inclined design allows users to be in a much more natural position when riding. This model is 58 inches in diameter, so there is plenty of room for both child and adult riders.

Although this is by far one of the most fun 2 person towable tubes available, it may be challenging for younger kids to ride. The slanted design requires a little more upper body strength in order to hold on. Experienced riders would definitely appreciate this model more than a beginner would.


  • Aerodynamic design
  • Plenty of room


  • Isn’t one of the best towable water tubes to learn on

Airhead Mach 2 Towable

The Mach 2 is definitely one of the best towable tubes for kids on this list. Its cockpit-style seating makes it a fun time for any aged rider. Riders are able to sit comfortably rather than lay on their stomachs like many other tubes. Both seats have a small headrest and handles with knuckle guards.

For someone who’s unsure about which tow tube to go with, this is a safe choice. It’s easily one of the best towable tubes for kids to learn on, but teens and adults can enjoy it as well. The only drawback of this model is it can only be ridden while sitting down.


  • Cockpit style seating
  • Headrests and handles
  • Great for learning on


  • Can only ride while sitting down

Best 3 Person Towable Tubes

Airhead Hot Dog Towable

It’s safe to say this tow tube wins the “wow factor” award. To be honest I think this tow tube is worth it for the novelty alone. Kids will love it, adults with think its funny, and you’ll for sure have a lot of people staring at you on the lake.

The Hot Dog towable comes in a 3 seater version and a 5 seater version. It has a sturdy design and works just as well with 1 person as it does with 3. Unfortunately, the shipping time on this model is 2 weeks, but other than that it’s a great choice.


  • It’s a hotdog!
  • It’s actually really durable even though it’s a hotdog
  • Adults, Kids, and bystanders will love it
  • Comes in 3 seater or 5 seater version


  • The shipping time can be long

SPORTSSTUFF Poparazzi Towable

In second place for the “wow factor” award is the Poparazzi towable. It’s designed to have two riders lay down while the third rider stands in the back. This is one of the best towable tubes for all ages. Kids feel comfortable with it because of its size, and adults will definitely enjoy being able to stand up while being towed.

Handles are placed all over so riders can sit or stand in just about every position imaginable. There’s plenty of foam padding on the float so riding all day isn’t a problem. This is the toy that kids (and even some adults) will want to play on until the sun goes down.


  • Unique design
  • Multiple riding positions
  • Great for all ages
  • Good for learning on


  • Only 2 riders can lay down, so 1 person always has to stand

SPORTSSTUFF Super Mable Towable

I think the Super Mable might be one of the best tow tubes on this list. To me, it kind of resembles an amusement park ride, and most people would agree that it feels like one. This bright orange couch is a great way to cram 3 of your best friends together on a single inflatable. It can be pulled facing forwards or backwards, depending on how brave its passengers are.

This is one of the best towable tubes for kids to learn on. They’re able to sit comfortable and adjust to the feeling of being pulled behind a watercraft. In addition to the 3 seat model, there is also a 2 seat model available.


  • Can be pulled forwards or backwards
  • Great for kids to learn on
  • Wide design


  • Can only be ridden 2 ways

Best 4 Person Towable Tubes

Airhead Great Big Mable Towable

The Great Big Mable is one massive tow tube! With four seats, it’s designed to be seriously strong. However, you’ll need a PWC that has a fair bit of grunt to get the most out of it.

It has two tow points to offer a bit more variety in the riding experience. Despite its size, it’s also really quickly inflated and deflated thanks to a speed safety valve.


  • Speed valve
  • Heavy duty nylon cover
  • Dual tow points


  • It’s big and heavy!

Airhead G-Force 4-Person Towable Tube

Airhead tubes are known for having unique layouts, but the G-Force keeps things simple but importantly fun!

The flat bodyboard style has four riders on their bellies experiencing the speed in the most thrilling position possible! In our opinion, this is the best way to ride and it means the tube can stay as small as possible too.

  • 1-4 rider tube for boating & watersports
  • Kwik-Connect – Airhead’s patented Kwik-Connect for quick and easy rope connection
  • Fully Covered – Heavy-duty full nylon cover
  • Bolster Fins – Keeps riders secure while tubing
  • Padded Handles – Non-slip cushioned handles providing comfort and stability


  • Airhead Kwik-Connect patented rope connection
  • Strong nylon cover
  • Padded, non-slip, cushioned handles for stability and comfort


  • Not for the faint of heart!

Things to consider when buying towable tubes

There are a few different factors that people should consider when buying towable tubes. These are just a few helpful tips to keep in mind before making a purchase.

  • Always buy high-quality tubes. Cheaper tubes are cheaper for a reason. Some cheaper tubes barely last one day on the water, let alone an entire season. A high-quality tube will last for years.
  • Investing in a booster ball can allow you to tow people much faster. Basically, it just keeps the rope out of the water when a tube is being towed. It’s not essential, but it can be helpful.
  • Multiple passenger tubes are more fun, but they’re also more dangerous. It’s easy for people to get tossed into each other when the tube is being slung around. Keep this in mind when towing people.
  • Most new tubes come with knuckle guards, but it’s always good to double-check. Towable tubes without knuckle guards make it hard to hold on for more than a couple of minutes.
  • Towable tubes with padding are going to be much more comfortable than those without. Although this isn’t a make or break feature, it should definitely be considered.

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Jet Ski Tube Accessories

Before buying a tube and rushing off to the water, there are a couple of accessories you’ll need.

1. Air Pump

Seriously, buy an air pump. Trying to blow up even the smallest tow tubes by yourself will probably make you pass out. If you try using a hand pump, you’ll probably wish you were passed out. Save yourself the trouble and get a reliable electric air pump.

2. Tow Rope

A good tow rope is pretty easy to find, so there’s no excuse for not having some. Always keep some backup tow rope in case the one you’re using breaks. Airhead makes some of the best tow rope out there, so I recommend going with them.

3. Booster Ball

Getting a booster ball isn’t always necessary, but it can come in handy. It will keep the tow rope out of the water so accelerating is easier. Unless you own a speedboat, it’s worth considering.

Things to Consider Before Buying

It’s not quite as simple as rolling up to the water with a jet ski and tube in tow. There are a few important things to consider before you get to that stage. Here’s a quick jet ski tube checklist:

1. This one is the most obvious one but are tubes even allowed where you plan to go? Doublecheck with the local authority just in case. Local wildlife and swimmers are just a couple of reasons why you might be denied.

2. Double-check the local laws. A 3-seater jet ski is required to tow a tube by most states. You’ll need a driver, a spotter, and a spare seat for anyone that falls. You also might need mirrors on your PWC. If you have mirrors then you can have 2 on the jet ski, as one acts as the spotter.

It’s important to note that these regulations vary by state. The only way you can know for sure is to check the US Coast Guards website for your area or speak with them yourself.

In Indiana, for example, the PWC must be at least 9 feet in length. In Minnesota, the rearview mirrors must be factory authorized. Some states require an observer and mirrors just won’t do. 

A Few Tips for Jet Ski Towables

If you’re new to the world of jet ski pulling tubes then we have a few tips to get you started.

1. A booster ball reduces drag by keeping the tow rope out of the water. This reduces the water splash for those sitting on the tube. It also helps the jet ski maintain higher speeds and helps with fuel efficiency. It also acts as a shock absorber for the passengers on the tube. You can see one on Amazon here.

2. Try and keep the speed as steady as possible. Sudden acceleration or deceleration is just going to jolt the passengers and could cause an injury.

3. Take it easy in the beginning or you’re going to be stopping to collect those that have fallen off more frequently than you’d like!

4. The main problem when jet ski tube towing is the tow rope being sucked up by the intake. This will definitely happen at some point so it’s worth investing in an impeller protector to reduce the chances. Also, try and not reverse when pulling a tow rope as this is the main cause of it being swallowed in the intake.

You can buy a really good impeller protector on Amazon (see it here). It’s the same one we recommend in our favorite jet ski accessories guide.

Here’s a short video of how to ride safely:

Here’s a great video of some Seadoo tubing in action:


Finding the best towable tubes

It’s good to have a couple of different towable tubes because no model is perfect for everyone. Some towable tubes are great for kids to get comfortable on, but can become boring after a while. Other towable tubes may be really fun for adults, but kids are too scared to ride them. It’s all about finding a medium.

Most decent tow tubes will last years and provide hours of fun for families. Buying a high-quality tube is a great investment for just about anyone with a watercraft. These are the best towable tubes I could find, but there are plenty of other great choices out there. In the end, it’s all about choosing whatever you think will provide the most fun!

Having you ever been tubing before? What style tube do you prefer?

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  1. That hotdog towable is hilarious! Lol

  2. What tube do you think would be best for kids 8 and 10? We’re only looking to buy one for the time being. We may purchase a second one in the future if the kids like it but we want to see how they like it first.

    • Hello Brayden,

      For younger kids that haven’t been tubing before, I’d recommend getting a tube large enough for both of them to ride at the same time. Sharing the experience will make them feel more safe, and they’ll have a better time that way.

      Depending on how brave they are, there are a couple different options you can pick. The Airhead Mach 2 is probably your best bet though since passengers can sit down. Doughnut style tubes require upper body strength to hold on, so they might prefer a tube they can sit in. If you think they can handle a more adventurous tube, the Airhead Slice or the O’Brien Super Screamer can be great choices as well.

      I hope that helps! Let us know if you have an additional questions.


  3. I used to love the doughnut style tubes when I was a kid. We’re going to get a few for our kids to try out this summer at the lake.

    • Hey Jackson,

      I remember the old doughnut style tubes as well! Tubes have really become more comfortable since then.

      Be sure to let us know how your kids first tubing experience goes.

      Thanks for checking out our post!

  4. Those are some cool tubes

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  6. seems to be pretty hard to find durable tubes. Hopefully one of these can hold up this summer
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