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Jet Ski Tips was created to house all of the answers to questions beginners (and sometimes veterans) have.

The goal is to provide tips, tricks, and reviews of the products that will make your next day on the water the best one ever! - Read more

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Sally Collins

Sally is a passionate and knowledgeable jet ski and surfing instructor with five years of experience. She imbues every facet of her job with her boundless passion for the ocean and the beach. You’ll certainly benefit from her boundless knowledge on everything related to jet skiing.

Mike Spielberg

Practical, passionate, and straightforward, Mike is the perfect jet ski instructor. His years of practical experience and lived-experience on the beach uniquely positions him to write informative and actionable tips for beginners and advanced jet skiers alike.

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer is a mom, a passionate environmentalist, and a surfer. Her love for surfing and jet skiing is intertwined with her love for the ocean and her desire to protect the ocean environment. That’s why she produces high-quality articles not only about jet skiing but also about the ocean environment and nature.

Robert Smith

Being able to enjoy jet skiing and write about it while you work full time as an investment banker is far from easy, but Robert manages to do it, which is a testament to how passionate he is about jet skiing. His articles take a methodological and scientific approach which he learned from his day job. You’ll definitely learn a lot from them.

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If you love spending time outside during the summer months when the sun’s rays shine right at you, then we would like to tell you that there is a way to upgrade your fun by several notches by getting a jet ski and going to a nearby lake.  You can get a cheap model of

If you are looking for fun summer activities that will raise your heart rate while also allowing you to make unforgettable memories, then jet skiing is definitely for you. A jet ski might not be the least expensive investment if you are looking for just some fun, but not many things can compare with riding

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