Best Electric Trailer Dolly 2023

In today’s guide, we recommend the best electric trailer dolly in 2023. Our shortlist covers the most reliable models on the market and a range of budget options.

Motorized boat trailer with boat

If you love getting out and about in your camper or on your boat, you will know the hassle that comes with moving your equipment into place.

That is where a motorized trailer dolly comes in!

In today’s guide, we’ve reviewed three of the top models so that you can purchase with confidence, knowing that your trips will be more fun from here on in!

We have also put together a handy buyer’s guide so that you know what to look for when you decide to make your purchase and we will help you to understand all the different facets of these fantastic machines!

Our Top Pick – Trailer Valet 5X Tongue Jack


We love the Trailer Valet 5x Tongue Jack (V211) so much that we have made it our top pick for anyone looking to purchase a motorized boat trailer dolly!

There are so many great features that will leave you convinced that this is an excellent choice for all your moving needs!

This model boasts a patented drive system that has both high gears and low gears for driving in all conditions. It is simple to deploy, and it only takes a few seconds to put it up when you need it and fold it down when the job is done.

The dolly is not only easy to use, but it can move a whopping 5000lbs of weight with ease.

If you want peace of mind, then the one-year warranty should help, mainly because it is a manufacturer warranty, meaning no intermediary to go through should you encounter any issues.

The dolly is also very safe to use as it comes with an automatic safety brake, weighs a mere 51lbs and has a chain drive crank that makes easy work of moving your trailer around.

It will even resist corrosion for 300 hours per use so you can be sure that it will stay in great condition.

While this trailer mover was designed for watercraft, it has become an immensely popular choice with both campers who are planning a trip and equestrian fans that need to move their horse boxes to shows and events.

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You will be impressed with the traction you can achieve so that this can be used in all locations and conditions with ease.

If you store your boat on an incline, you will be pleased to know that this power dolly can hold and maintain its grip so that you don’t need to worry about it slipping away when you aren’t looking.

It is sensible also to put tire blocks in place in case the brake is tampered with, meaning double the safety for your boat or trailer. It has a wheel size of nine inches and the jack range is 16 inches.

The reason this is our top pick is that it oozes quality, is incredibly safe and is simple to use. When you buy this dolly, you will not want to ever swap to a newer model!

Happybuy Trailer Mover

This electric trailer dolly by Happybuy is a brilliant choice for anyone who wants to move their camper, boat or horse trailer as it is good value and made by experts.

The maximum weight it can move hits around 5000lbs, and it comes with a control box that is easy to use and stops the motor from overheating and getting damaged.

There is a free, one-year warranty that comes as standard so that you can get any issues ironed out and any repairs completed as you need them.

This not only gives you peace of mind but means that you are fully covered should anything go wrong when you are out and about with the mover.

The control handle is simple to use and comes in the form of a turning handle that can be moved to the left or right, depending on which direction you want your powered trailer dolly to go in.

Because the control is so easy to use, you can enjoy a precise movement with very little work, making it a cinch to get your trailer or camper into the right place each time.

In addition to the ease of controls, you can also make use of the height adjustment feature on the trailer jack so that it is attached to your trailer easily and without hassle.

There is no battery included, and so you will need to get hold of a 12V Lead Acid battery that will last around 16 hours before it needs to be recharged.

When you are up and running, you can expect this model to move around 7 meters per minute when you are up to speed and confident with the controls.

The DC motor is powerful, there is a gear ratio of 326:1, and you can expect the jockey wheel to take a max load of 600lbs at any one time making this dolly a great choice for all your needs.

When it comes to safety, Happybuy does not mess around! The electric dolly comes with a locking pin with the cover so that no one can steal it when it is not in use.

The control box protects the motor from overheating, and there is an automatic brake so that nothing can run away without you being in full control.

There is even a rubber mat that has been designed to be non-slip to help you get enough traction to move your trailer or camper safely and securely every time!

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Trailer Tug Mover


The Trailer Tug Mover was initially designed for jet skis, but it is more than capable of carrying trailers, camper and boats and will withstand even the most challenging terrain.

It is a reasonably priced piece of kit and comes with a lifetime manufacturers warranty that covers problems that arise from typical usage.

This power trailer dolly can take up to 3500lbs of weight and is maneuvered through the use of a push handle that has rubber grips that will help you keep control when you are moving your trailer around.

The handle is removable, and the unit can be dismantled easily to fit in the trunk of your car when not in use.

The frame is made from thick steel that has been cold rolled and MIG welded. It is powder coated and withstands any weather condition without corroding! It is equipped with a 5/8-inch hitch pin and a rubber push bumper. If you want more cargo space, you should look into getting a jet ski trailer luggage rack.

The wheels are also robust and are the same style casters that are used on pallet jacks.

It is important to note that there is no ball mount included and you will need to make a separate purchase and install it onto the dolly yourself. The good news is that you can use any sized ball as long as it has a 1” shank on it.

If you are looking for a motorized boat dolly, then this model is not for you as there is no powered version on the market.

However, this dolly is capable of handling a range of trailers and boats if you are happy to put the work into maneuvering it yourself.

If your trailer or boats weighs towards the upper weight limit, then you may need to get some help to move things around.

If you are planning on getting this to hold your trailer, camper or boat on an incline, then we highly recommend that you also employ tire blocks to add a layer of safety.

Without tire blocks, you run the risk of the dolly giving way and the unit posing a hazard by rolling away.

This is a good option for smaller trailers or campers and is perfect to take with you as it is so compact. However, we would suggest that you check the weight of your unit before you spend your money on buying one.


In summary, it is crucial to have some idea of what you want before you invest money into a piece of kit that may not fit the bill. Work out whether you need an electric trailer mover or if you can work with a manual one.

Check the weight of your boat, trailer or camper to ensure you get a machine that can hold the full weight without any issues.

It is also vital that you consider the safety aspects of the models you are looking at so that you and your loved ones are safe at all times with no accidental mishaps.

It’s worth remembering that no matter how great your chosen item is, it’s always wise also to get tire blocks as a backup and investing in a dolly that has a pin lock will help you avoid instances where your dolly is tampered with.

We firmly stand behind the Trailer Valet as our top pick as we know that it works in all conditions has multiple gear options and can bear a heavy load with ease.

Whether you are heading off on holiday or taking your horses to a show, this trailer dolly will help you squeeze into any tight spot!

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Buyer’s Guide

Electric Trailer Dolly 1

If you still don’t know what you are looking for then take a moment to read through our buyer’s guide to get the full low down on what to look for when you see a model you like.


Any decent manufacturer will offer their customers a warranty that covers parts and labor for the first year or longer.

These warranties are important because they cover you for any faults that may have happened during their manufacturing and any problems you have when you start to use the motorized trailer dolly.

If yours does not come with a warranty, then you should take this as a serious warning that the item may not be up to the quality you require.

If there is no manufacturer warranty, you may find that the seller will offer one instead, so if you have your heart set on a model then take the time to shop around until you find a seller that will cover you for at least the first 12 months.

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When it comes to controls, it is sensible to look for an electric trailer dolly that has easy to use and comfortable controls. The controls can be as simple as a turning handle or as sophisticated as a remote.

Whichever you choose, you will want to find a control that can be operated by one person and is simple to follow.

This is particularly important when you have to maneuver a trailer or camper in a tight spot and need the controls to be as responsive as possible!

Ease of Use

There are so many powered trailer dolly options on the market that you can really have the pick of the bunch!

This means that you can pick the one that is the best and easiest to use as it will make your life simpler and far less stressful when it comes to moving your kit around.

In addition to finding one that is simple to use, it is also worth checking out how easy it is to erect and dismantle as well as looking for one that fits in the space you have available.

Ones that can be stowed away in your trunk or the back of your camper will mean that you can transport them easily, ready for use when you need them.

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Electric Trailer Dolly 3

Safety Features

When it comes to moving your trailer or camper, then safety will be at the forefront of your mind. This concern should also extend to your motorized trailer dolly, and it is wise to be aware of the areas you should look for.

Automatic breaks are an obvious choice and will help you to avoid situations where your camper or trailer rolls away from you.

It is also a good idea to pick a dolly that can be locked to avoid anyone tampering with it when you are not around. If you are going for an electric trailer mover, then you will need to find one that has an auto shut off feature to stop overheating.

There are many safety features on the best models, from brakes to anti-slip mats and more.

Weight Limit

Each dolly will come with its own maximum weight limit, and this should never be ignored as it can cause damage to the dolly and damage to your trailer, camper or boat.

Make sure you know the maximum weight of your unit when it is full and pick a motorized trailer dolly that can handle that load.

If you buy one that cannot handle the load you will not be able to move it into place when you arrive at your destination, leaving you frustrated and spoiling your trip.

Each dolly will give a clear indication of its max weight, so do your research and get the one that meets your needs!

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Gear Ratio

The gear ratio relates to the number of rotations of a drive gear to the number of rotations of a gear that is driven. For example, 326:1 is the gear ratio of the Happybuy Trailer Mover that we discussed earlier.

The lower the first number, the faster the trailer mover will go and the easier it will be for you to use.

Each manufacturer will share their gear ratios in their item listing, and it is worth looking these up and comparing them across your shortlisted movers so that you can eliminate any that are not up to scratch.

Motor Power

When it comes to motor power, there is a range of options to go for, and you can get ones that can even hit 160A on a max load!

However, if you choose to go for a powerful motor, you will also need to get one that has an auto-shutoff feature so that it cuts out if it is overworked.

Whichever you go for, pick one that suits your usage and the weight of your unit. There is little point in getting a motor that is too strong for the job or getting one that struggles every time you switch it on!

jet ski on trailer on the beach


When it comes to choosing the best battery for the job, we would suggest that you look for something that has a minimum of 110Ah.

While these batteries can be expensive and bulky, they are worth the outlay. However, make sure you check the dimensions to be confident that they can fit into the battery compartment; otherwise, you will have wasted your money!

It is also worth remembering that making a customized battery holder is illegal if it is in the living area of your trailer or camper.

The requirements are that it must be contained in a separate area that has proper ventilation and is away from the living area.


When it comes to speed, you want to find a mover that will shift your unit quickly enough without being too dangerous. There are some on the market that promise speeds of around 30cm per second and some as slow as 12cm a second.

Whichever you choose, it is wise to get one that has more than a one-speed option so that you can develop your skill and use the speed that suits the environment you are in.