Jet Ski Trailer Luggage Racks

Luggage racks for jet ski trailers are a great way to store additional items that you want to bring along. Whether its suitcases or jet ski accessories, there are plenty of reasons why you would want to have more storage space. In today’s article, I will review the different types of jet ski trailer luggage racks, and also let you know which is the best. Lets get right to the point. 

Best jet ski trailer luggage rack

If you live in Australia, the best luggage rack is the Trailer Pack Rack. If you don’t live in Australia, I suggest you check out the Ark Motoring rack. 

Another good way to add storage options for your jet ski trailer is the Poly Triangle Trailer Box.

Trailer Pack Rack

luggage rack for jet ski trailer

This trailer rack from Trailer Repair Centre is incredible. But before I go any further, you must know that this is only available for purchase in Australia. 

Now back to the racks. This rack is great because it provide ample amount of storage and is not in the way. Each of the beams are attached at the corners of the trailer, and come together to hold the rack above the jet ski. The material is galvanized steel, so it is very strong and can hold up to 330 pounds.

The rack is able to be attached to just about all jet ski trailers. I suggest using strong bungee cords to wrap over the top of the rack, since the rails only go up around 9 inches. 

The rack is pretty affordable, costing $900 at the time of this writing. It’s one of the few trailer manufacturers that ship to you, which is nice that you don’t have to go into the store to  pick it up. They do charge an additional shipping cost, and it ranges based on how far you live. They ship to all 6 states. 

Now if you don’t live in Australia, you might be wondering what your options are. Below I have included two great storage solutions. They are not trailer luggage racks, but they get the job done. 

Ark Motoring Roof Rack

This cargo carrier rack is a great alternative to a trailer luggage rack. It easily attaches to the top of your vehicle, and provides up to 13 square feet of storage. 

If you are really tool savvy, you might be able to find a way to attach this rack to your jet ski trailer. It is made of tubular steel, and can hold up to 150 pounds of cargo. 

It also comes with tie down straps, and a net that you can put over all your items. Best of all, you can purchase this rack on amazon for a very reasonable price

Now if you don’t want to put the rack on top of your car, or are unable to attach it to your trailer, then I suggest you check out trailer storage boxes. 

Trailer storage boxes

trailer storage for jet ski

These storage box can easily be attach to most trailers, and can provide a large amount of space. Some of them even get up to 49 inches wide, which probably provides more storage than a true trailer storage rack. If your interested in a storage box, you should check out the Steel Trailer Tongue Storage Box 

Black Steel Trailer Storage Box

This storage box comes in a wide range of box lengths, including 49, 36, 34, and 26 inches. This is a tongue storage box, which means you should be able to attach it to the front of your trailer. 

The box is made from strong steel, and also comes with a built in lock and key. This means you can keep your luggage very secure, instead of just strapping it to the top of your trailer. 

The box is made from strong, non-rusting steel. This is very convenient, especially if you plan on using your trailer at the beach. If you don’t want the steel box, you can also order diamond aluminum and poly boxes. While these boxes are cheaper, they won’t last as long as the steel box. 

My favorite thing about this box is that it is eligible for amazon prime, which means you could be able to get delivered in as little as two days. This is great if you have a trip coming up soon. 


I hope this article helped give you some good ideas on how you can add more storage space to your jet ski trailer. While there’s no perfect option, I hope you will find the one that suits you the best.
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