The Best Polish for Jet Skis

While jet skis are a great deal of fun, they do require some maintenance. It is important to upkeep you jet ski not only to ensure that it operates well, but also to keep it looking good. A great way to improve the aesthetic of your jet ski is to use a polish. Jet ski polish helps clean your jet ski’s paint, and also makes it shinier. This article will review the best polish for jet skis. 

Best Polish for Jet Skis

The best polish for jet skis is WavesRX aqua shield plus. Two other good jet ski polish are Star Brite Marine Polish and System X Coating.

As a reminder, it is important to clean your jet ski before you apply the polish.

WavesRX – Ceramic Aqua Shield PLUS


WavesRX features a wide variety of different boating and aquatic vehicle accessories. One of their best-selling items is their Ceramic Aqua Shield PLUS. We recommend this brand for its affordability, beginner-friendly application, and long-lasting protection.

What makes this fantastic for jet skis is the marine grade SiO2 sealant blend that protects against not only against UV damage but also salt and other contaminants. This makes it a great option if you have a jet ski that you ride in salt water. That being said, it is still great for freshwater.

The spray bottle application makes it easy to use and it is considered safe for all surfaces including gel coat, plastic, metals, paint, vinyl, glass, rubber, and texturized surfaces. It can be applied on or near water thanks to its eco-friendly non-toxic formula. Each application lasts 2 to 3 months and only takes minutes to apply. This means you will only have to apply it once or twice a summer. After the summer, it is important that you remember to winterize your jet ski.

Star Brite – Premium Marine Polish


Star Brite’s premium line of marine polish will give you the protection you need for a lasting finish to your favorite jet ski. This formula features a stunning high-gloss finish with a protective polymer barrier that prevents oxidation. This helps prevent the build up of dust and other materials. It can be used on a wide variety of different surfaces including fiberglass, plexiglass, paint, and metal.

This is a great option for restoring a faded jet ski.

The UV protection as well as the high-gloss shine lasts 4 to 5 times longer than competing brands. It will keep your jet ski looking great both on and off the water. Salt, water, and oils will be repelled instantly. If you want even better protection, a double application will provide you with rust, paint fading, and all levels of corrosion. We recommend this brand for its versatile protection and high-gloss finish.

Star Brite also has so good jet ski cleaning supplies that you can use before you polish your jet ski. 

System X – Renew Ceramic Spray Coating


System X’s Renew Ceramic gives you the best of both worlds which is why it is a great option. Each application will keep your jet ski protected for 9 months or longer and the easy-to-spray bottle makes the process a breeze. The high concentration of SiO2 gives you that lasting hyper gloss finish you would see on a freshly painted vehicle.

The ceramic nano coat technology means a little goes a long way. This formula is safe for all surfaces and will protect your jet ski from UV damage, acidic rain, surface-level scratches, water spots, salt, sap, and more. The 16.9 fl oz will provide you with 10 or more long-lasting applications for your jet ski.

While it is a little more expensive, it will last longer.


If you are looking to not only preserve the paint on your jet ski but keep it looking amazing both on land and at sea, you will want to invest in only the best polish. There are loads of options these days on the market which makes it hard to decide. You want to make sure it lasts, is high quality, and provides good UV protection to ensure the quality of your jet ski remains. I hope this article helped you learn about the best three polishes for jet skis!

Along with polishing your jet ski, there are other tasks you should do to improve the look and longevity of your jet ski. For example, you should regularly add jet ski fuel additives. I also suggest that you use a jet ski anti corrosion spray at least once a year.
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