Best Anti Corrosion Spray for Jet Ski

Upkeep is one of the most important responsibilities when it comes to owning a jet ski. Since jet skis spend a lot of time in water, it is important that you do everything you can to stop corrosion. One of the best ways to slow down and prevent corrosion in your jet ski is to use an anti corrosion spray. 

Anti corrosion sprays are essential if you ride your jet ski in salt water. This is because salt water can corrode metal extremely fast, which can have a devastating effect on your engine’s functionality. While you don’t need to use it as frequently, I also reccomend that use spray your engine with anti corrosion spray even if your jet ski is in freshwater. 

The Best Anti Corrosion Spray for Jet Ski

The best anti corrosion sprays for a jet ski are the Sea-Doo XPS Multi-Purpose Lube, BOESHIELD Rust & Corrosion Protection, and the Yamaha Silicone Protectant.

Sea-Doo XPS Multi-Purpose Lube

anti corrosive spray to use on jet ski

The sea-doo multi-purpose lube is a great way to prevent corrosion in your jet ski. It comes with two 12 oz spray cans and costs around $35. This will certainly last a year or two. 

This lubricant is great for high humidity environments. It breaks down corrosive agents that attach to your engine, and also gets rid of excess water in your engine. Aside from prevention, it also helps protect against rust that might have already formed on the engine. 

Along with the engine and wires, you can also spray this lubricant on your jet ski’s impeller and jet pump. 

BOESHIELD T-9 Rust & Corrosion Protection/Inhibitor

best anticorrosion spray for jet ski
The Boeshield Rust & Corrosion Protection Spray is another great anti corrosion spray for a jet ski. You can buy this 12 oz can for around $19. It is great at dislodging dirt and mildew build up from your jet ski. It also helps flush out any excess water or moisture in your engine. 

After this spray dries, it creates a solid, waxy film layer over your engine that helps protect it for months. Best of all, the waxy layer does not leave a sticky surface so you don’t need to worry about dirt clinging to it after you apply it. This spray is completely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it washing away. 

The main ingredient, T-9, does not corrode paint, plastic, or rubber, so you don’t have to worry about it ruining the aesthetics of your jet ski. Along with the jet ski engine, you can also use it on the battery and any wires or bolts on your jet ski. 

Yamalube Silicone Spray Protectant & Lubricant

anti corrosion spray jet ski
Yamalube is another great protectant spray that you can use to prevent corrosion in your jet ski. While this bottle is a little bit smaller (10.5 oz), it only costs $17. 

This silicone lubricant is also water proof, and the protectant layer that it forms will cause water to quickly bead off wherever you apply it. 

How often should you spray your jet ski with lubricant?

If your jet ski is in saltwater or brackish water, you should spray it with a lubricant every couple of days. You don’t need to do it as frequently for freshwater jet skis (maybe once every couple of weeks), but its not going to harm your engine if you do it more frequently.

It is important that the engine is dry before you spray the lubricant on. I suggest that you spray your jet ski with lubricant at the beginning of the season. This is because your jet ski will be completely dry and clean from deposits. 

It is important to remember that all lubricant sprays are very flammable, so make sure the engine is completely turned off when you apply it.  

Other ways to prevent corrosion in you jet ski

Aside from anti corrosion spray, there are also some other steps you can take to prevent corrosion and buildup in your engine. For starters, you shouldn’t let your jet ski sit in the water for more than a couple days. This is especially true for saltwater jet skis. In certain conditions, saltwater can start to corrode your engine in the matter of a couple days.

Secondly, I recommend that you put a jet ski fuel stabilizer in your engine. This helps break up substance build up in your engine, and also helps clear any excess water that is sitting in your engine. 

Last but not least, it is very important that you winterize your jet ski properly at the end of the season. If you want some tips, check out how to winterize a jet ski.

At the start of the season, you should apply jet ski polish.

Can you use WD-40 on your jet ski?

Yes, you can use WD-40 on your jet ski to prevent rust and corrosion. However, I suggest that you use on of the lubricants listed above because they are designed for jet ski engines and last longer than WD-40.

Both WD-40 and anti corrosion spray can be used to fix a flooded jet ski


I hope this article helped shed some light on the importance of jet ski maintenance. These lubricants can help extend your jet skis engine life by multiple years. Let me know down in the comments if you end up using any of the jet ski anti corrosion sprays that I mentioned in this article.