How to Get Jet Ski Off Floating Dock?

While it is usually easier than docking, it can be difficult trying to launch a jet ski off a floating dock. There are many reasons for this, including a heavy jet ski, old sliding wheels, and dryness. Whatever the reason might be, this article will tell you everything you need to know about how to get a jet ski off a floating dock.

How to get jet ski off floating dock

There are three main ways to get a jet ski off a floating dock. You can either push the front side, pull the handlebar, or lift the front of the jet ski.

Once you get momentum and the jet ski starts to slide, simply hop on the back as it slides into the water.

Before you start moving the jet ski, make sure you unhook the jet ski from the wench, or anywhere else it is tied to the dock.

Push the front side

how to push jet ski off dock

The most common way to get a jet ski off a floating dock is to put one hand on the front hull of the jet ski, and the other on the handlebar grip

You want to put most of the weight on the front hull as you push. However, pushing the steering wheel can also give you leverage. As long as there is nothing underneath obstructing the jet ski’s path, it should start to slide off and into the water.

If this doesn’t work, or you don’t have enough room to stand, you can try one of the other techniques below.

Pull the jet ski

pull jet ski off floating dock

If pushing the jet ski doesn’t work, you may find better leverage by pulling the jet ski. Put one hand on the back seat or side of the jet ski, and with your other hand grab the handlebar. Slowly pull the jet ski towards you and the water until it starts to slide down.

If this still doesn’t work, you should head to the front of the jet ski.

Lift the front

lifting jet ski off floating dock

If your jet ski still won’t budge, you might need to try lifting up the front. Make sure you bend and lift mostly with your legs so that you don’t hurt your back.

Once you are able to lift up the jet ski a couple inches, try pushing it down the dock. Once you get some momentum, hop on the back, and guide it into the water.

I will say that the higher quality docks usually have more wheels which make it less likely for your jet ski to get stuck on the floating dock. To learn more, check out my guide on the best jet ski floating docks.

If you need help getting your jet ski on a floating dock, you can check out my video below:

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Other tips to help get a jet ski off a floating dock

If your jet ski is still being stubborn and not budging, there are a couple other tricks you can try to get it off the dock.

Splash water

If your jet ski has been on the dock for a while, it might be stuck. To help loosen it up, try splashing some water under the jet ski where it makes contact with the dock. This should help loosen it up and reduce the friction between the jet ski and the dock.

Wiggle side to side

Another way to loosen up your jet ski is to hop on it. Gently rock the jet ski from side to side. Don’t rock too hard, as this might cause damage to your jet ski.

As you are rocking it side to side, you can try to stand up and gently tug back on the handlebars to create some momentum backwards.

Inspect the dock

If your jet ski still won’t budge, there is a chance that something is wrong with the dock. Most of the time, this is because the wheels are stuck or broken.

You can try to loosen up the wheels by splashing water on them. If it doesn’t work, you should spray WD-40.

In some cases, there might be a wheel that is broken off or completely stuck. In this case, you will have to push the jet ski around until it makes contact with a working wheel. After you get the jet ski off, you should inspect the wheels. You might have to replace a wheel if it doesn’t spin.

Get towed out

I only suggest this method if you have no other option. If you have another jet ski in the water, simply tie a rope from the jet ski in the water to the harness on the back of the jet ski on the dock. Once attached, slowly accelerate the jet ski until the one on the dock starts to slide.

If you continue to have issues with your floating dock, you should look into jet ski roller ramps instead.


I hope this article gave you some good insight on how to get your jet ski off a floating dock. It is important to remember that you properly dock the jet ski when you are bringing it in. Make sure it is lined up straight so that it fits on the wheels.

You might also have to keep your jet ski covered with a tarp or jet ski cover while it sits on the dock. This will help prevent debris from getting stuck under the jet ski and obstructing the surface and wheels below it. I definitely recommend this if you are bringing your jet ski in for the last time of the season. You can learn some more tips in my guide on how to winterize a jet ski.
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