The Best Jet Ski Cover for Any PWC

Need a reliable PWC cover to keep your precious ride safe through the harsh winter months? We’re here to help! In today’s guide, we recommend the perfect cover for your PWC.

recommended PWC cover

Most PWC owners know the struggle of buying a new jet ski cover every season.

The problem is no one wants to fork out a ton of $$$ for a cover, but the cheap ones simply don’t last.

I’m all for saving money, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Often times it can be hard to find a middle ground between poor quality covers and unaffordable covers.

I’m happy to say that after a little bit of trial and error, along with some asking around, I’ve finally found the best jet ski cover for the money.

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Stellex Deluxe PWC Cover

This personal watercraft cover is great for just about any jet ski. Many buyers worry that they need a cover designed specifically for their watercraft, but this is one of the most versatile covers I’ve seen.

Although dimensions vary depending on make and model, it’s large enough to accommodate almost any jet ski. It’s compatible with Sea Doo, Yamaha, and Kawasaki.

It’s made of strong material that can withstand wind, rain, and even snow. This makes it a great jet ski winter cover. 


Sizes are limited with just a medium and a large, but they can both be adjusted to make a better fit. A medium can fit a jet ski up to 133 inches long, and a large can fit up to 140 inches long.

Unless you own a really small jet ski, I think it’s better to go with the large one. Sometimes the mediums can be too small and it’s better to have more than less.

The elastic cord on the hem around the bottom provides a snug fit and tension panels ensure the cover remains tightly fitted when traveling at speed along highways.


An elastic band on the bottom along with a 3 piece strap system does a great job at holding it in place. It has an integrated trailering system with built-in side-release straps. It can cover your jet ski no matter where it is, whether it’s on a trailer or roller ramp.

The straps are easy to adjust and surprisingly long. One of the best features of this all-weather cover is the straps sewn on attachment points on the hull. Having the straps higher up on the hull prevents stretching the elastic bottom.

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Most people find this cover to be very durable. It’s made from a tough polyester Stellex fabric and fairs well against the elements and from potentially harmful UV rays. This isn’t exactly the most heavy-duty jet ski cover around but it can withstand most weather conditions.

There are mixed reviews on its ability to handle travel. For the most part, it seems fine but extended road trips might not be a good idea.

It actually comes with a pretty impressive 4-year warranty so it’s not going to give up on you. It’s a product that the manufacturer clearly believes in.

It features rear air vents to prevent moisture from building up inside and also to prevent gusts of wind from catching and causing wind lofting.

There are also zippered doors on each side so that you can easily access the PWC without removing the cover. This is a really helpful little addition that is often overlooked.

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Key Features of this PWC Cover

We’ve already given a brief overview of just what makes this cover tick so here’s a rundown of the key features.

Storage Bag

PWC Cover for Sea Doo, Yamaha, or KawasakiA storage bag is sewn onto the cover so it’s impossible to lose it.

While the cover is on, the storage bag simply rests on the seat. When it comes time to remove the cover it can be easily stuffed back into the bag. This feature comes in handy because it’s easy to forget where the bag is after a long winter.

Air Vents

Jet Ski Cover for Yamaha Sea Doo or Kawasaki

Air vents located on the rear of the cover to help reduce moisture build-up as well as wind lofting. The material provides a little bit of an overhang to ensure no rain gets in but allows plenty of airflow underneath.

Having proper airflow on a jet ski cover is needed in order to prevent mildew and mold. This is something many new owners don’t realize when they strap a tarp to their jet ski all winter long. A moldy jet ski is not a pretty one!

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Access Doors

PWC Cover for Kawasaki, SeaDoo, or Yamaha

Convenient access doors are located on both sides of the PWC cover. Although they are very useful, they can act as an entryway for rain if not sealed properly.

Keep this in mind when storing your jet ski outdoors. Some people like to spray the zipper with weather sealant to ensure no moisture gets through. Although it isn’t necessary, it surely doesn’t hurt.


One of the things that makes this cover so great is its 4-year warranty. For me, warranties show that a company has faith in its product. Having a 4-year warranty also tells me this cover will last me at least 4 seasons. The peace of mind that comes with a warranty is definitely a good bonus.

An Honest Opinion

Over time seats deteriorate and paint fades if left exposed to the elements. The simplest way to keep a jet ski looking showroom new is by investing in a good cover.

Although there may be better covers that cost hundreds of dollars, the Stellex Deluxe offers ample protection for a fair price.

After a lot of searching, I found that there are very few negative reviews, and overall this is the best jet ski cover for the money.

It’s durable, reliable, and offers great value for money (remember that 4-year warranty?). What more do you need in a winter cover for your precious PWC?

best jet ski cover

If you have any suggestions for SeaDoo covers for example, please be sure to let us know!

Do you have any experience with this cover? We’d love to hear about your opinion in the comments section down below.

  1. I just ordered mine.. It seems good but only time will tell. I’ll update my comment in a few months with how its holding up

  2. I just uncovered my 2 Kawis after a couple months of cold weather only to find out the tarp had been leaking the whole time. Its safe to say I need a new cover.

    • Hey Aaron,

      It’s unfortunate that happened, but lot of people face the same problem. Maybe try storing them in a garage or shed. Even a d.i.y canopy can work well. The jet ski cover in this review is fairly durable but I’d still recommend storing them under some sort of structure.

      I hope you have better luck next year!