Jet Ski Storage – Everything Owners Need To Know

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Jet ski storage is an inherent part of owning a personal watercraft. At the end of every season, there comes a time when every waverunner and jet ski needs to be winterized and tucked away until spring. Just like with oil changes or insurance, jet ski storage is a normality that every owner has to deal with.

There are a lot of questions involving jet ski storage that commonly float around. Tons of people want to know how to store a jet ski, where to store a jet ski, and what the best jet ski storage rack is.

The overall jet ski storage process is relatively simple, but there are a few universal guidelines to follow.

What do you need to store a jet ski?

Aside from location to store your jet ski, you will most likely need a couple items to properly store your jet ski:

Jet Ski Storage Cart ~$150

Jet Ski Cover ~$90

Solar Charger ~$25


How To Store A Jet Ski

Before going into storage, it’s crucial that the watercraft be properly winterized first. Winterization essentially consists of prepping the watercraft for its upcoming hibernation.

The winterization process includes things like checking fluids, prepping the battery, and properly covering it. The overall details may vary slightly from person to person, but generally, they consist of the same steps. Learning how to properly winterize a jet ski is something that all owners should do at some point.

Choosing a Location

After the pwc has been winterized, a location where the watercraft will be kept needs to be decided. Ultimately there are only a few location options when it comes to this.

People typically use rent storage lockers, dry dock marinas, or at the home jet ski garage storage. If possible, avoid keeping a jet ski stored outside. Leaving a pwc outside for prolonged periods makes them more susceptible to the elements or theft.

There are ups and downs to each of the available jet ski storage locations. These are a few things that should be considered before deciding.

Rent Storage Lockers

For the most part, rent storage lockers are one of the most hassle-free places to store a jet ski. They’re usually pretty inexpensive, and they have around the clock security. All the owner has to do is drop off their watercraft, lock the door, and drive away.

The only real negatives to rent storage lockers is the storage fee they charge and the fact that it can be difficult to check on the watercraft. A lot of people would rather save their money, and they want peace of mind that their watercraft is close by. Unless someone lives right next to a storage facility, a simple check-up usually requires a trip across town.

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Storing a jet ski at a marina is a great choice for a lot of people, simply for the location. Keeping a watercraft stored at a marina means it will always be close to the water. This allows owners to save the hassle of trailering their jet ski and driving it to and from the storage location.

Another benefit of marinas is they usually have pretty good jet ski dry dock storage operations. The people there have typically been doing it for a long time, so they’ve got it down to a science.

Unfortunately, the storage fees that marinas charge is usually somewhat expensive. It varies depending on the location, but more often than not it will cost more than other alternatives.

If the fees are within someone’s budget, then storing a jet ski at a marina is a great option. However, for those who want to pinch some pennies, there are some better choices out there.

Jet Ski Garage Storage

For most people, jet ski garage storage is the go-to choice. Usually, this is because the garage they’re using is their own, and it costs them an extra $0 per month to do it.

Jet ski garage storage comes with a ton of upsides. Other than being free, it allows owners to keep a close eye on their precious toys. It also keeps the pwc sheltered from the elements, which is more important than a lot of people think.

Perhaps the one downside to jet ski garage storage is that it takes up a fair amount of space. This may require some proper negotiating with a spouse to pull off, but it can be well worth it.

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Best Jet Ski Storage Cart

Regardless of where a pwc is stored, it needs something to be stored on. Unless it’s sitting on a rack at a marina, usually a jet ski storage cart is needed.

A jet ski storage cart is a pretty useful item to have. Other than using it to store a watercraft for the winter, they can also help move a jet ski around within a small space. This comes in handy when doing any maintenance or transferring the watercraft to a different trailer.

Generally speaking, a jet ski storage cart isn’t too expensive of an investment. They last practically forever, and the hassle they save is well worth it for a lot of people.

Best Choice Products PWC Dolly

jet ski storage cartThere are a lot of jet ski storage cart options on the market, but this is by far one of the most popular models. It can support up to 1,000 pounds, has two adjustable carpeted bunks, and dual wheel brakes.

Even when using a jet ski storage cart, never transport a pwc without the help of someone else. Always keep hands and feet out from under the watercraft, and always be very cautious. A jet ski can weigh over 800 pounds and can cause a lot of damage if it’s dropped. In addition to a jet ski storage cart, other tools may be needed to properly move a pwc.

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Other Jet Ski Storage Items

Aside from a good jet ski storage cart, there are a few other items worth considering for jet ski storage. By no means are all of these items essential, but they can be beneficial to have nonetheless.

Jet Ski Cover

A jet ski cover is without a doubt one of the more important storage accessories to own. Covers are the perfect way to prevent fading paint, scratches, and dry rotting.

Solar Charger

Often times owners neglect the batteries in their pwc, especially when they’re being stored. Keeping a battery properly charged can improve its lifespan and efficiency, eliminating the need to replace it every season.

Jet Ski Trailer Lock

If a jet ski is stored on a trailer rather than a cart, then a trailer lock is a necessity. A simple trailer lock is a great preventive for theft, and every pwc owner should have one. They’re cheap, easy to use, and can save someone thousands of dollars.

  1. We stored at a boat yard last year, and let me tell you from experience there are cheaper ways to do it.
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