5 Really Fun Inflatable Jet Ski Toys

Looking for some fun inflatable pool toys? We recommend 5 awesome jet ski inflatables down below!

Inflatable jet ski and woman in water

A lot of younger kids want to ride jet ski’s but aren’t big enough, so getting an inflatable jet ski is a great way to keep them occupied in the meantime! Surprisingly there are a couple of really cool inflatable jet ski toys out there. There are even some inflatable jet skis with small motors.

Having fun on a jet ski doesn’t require a lake, river, or beach. With these inflatable jet skis, your child (or maybe even you) can float around right in your backyard! They can be used just as pool toys, or anywhere there is calm water.

Best inflatable jet skis

The best inflatable jet ski are the GTX Wet Ski Inflatable Ride-On, Lasershark Wet-Ski Squirter, Intex Wave Rider, H20GO, and Bonzai Motorized Wave Cruiser.

GTX Wet Ski Inflatable Ride-On

The GTX inflatable jet ski is really cool because it’s modeled after an actual PWC. The graphics on the side even resemble real jet ski graphics. Overall the design is stable so tipping over is a rare problem for most kids. A handle on each side of the jet ski provides extra support when getting on and off. The back of the seat is sturdy so most kids are comfortable floating around on it for long periods of time.

Pro’s: Realistic Design

Cons: No motor

Lasershark Wet-Ski Squirter

The Lasershark is an awesome choice. Putting a squirt gun on top of an inflatable jet ski has to be one of the best innovations when it comes to floating toys. It’s stability could be a little better so children who can’t swim well should be supervised in case it tips over. The recommended age by the manufacturer is 5-9 but weight and height are big factors as well.

Pros: Squirt gun

Cons: Made from thin material

Intex Wave Rider

Almost all reviews of Intex’s wave rider are positive. This inflatable jet ski is intended for children ages 3+ but younger children should still be supervised while riding it in case it tips over. There is only one main handle on the center rather than two on the side. The design is pretty well balanced although some smaller children may fall off if they lean over too far.

It is intended for younger kids so it does not come with a motor.

Pros: Suitable for a wide age range

Cons: Can be unstable for smaller children


Red Inflatable jet ski

One of the more sturdy options on the list is the H20GO inflatable jet ski. It has a really wide stance that even squirming children can balance on.

The inflatable is made from high-grade PVC material. Two heavy-duty handles are on the sides and a removable squirt gun sits in the center. It has an age rating of 3 and up, so older kids could use it as well.

Pro’s: Removable Squirt Gun

Cons: No motor

Inflatable jet ski with motor

Inflatable jet ski with motor

The coolest one on our list is this inflatable jet ski with a motor. It has an impellor that can cruise up to 2 mph. At the time of this writing, it costs $100, and can be bought here. Another good option is the Bonzai.

Bonzai Motorized Wave Cruiser

Bonzai inflatable jet ski with motor

This is a toy most kids would go crazy for. It’s a motorized inflatable jet ski with a squirt gun on it. I think that’s about as cool as water toys get. It can hold up to 100 pounds and goes 2-3 mph. The back is somewhat wide so it’s pretty stable in the water. Overall the reviews are mixed. Bonzai makes one of the only inflatable jet skis with a motor so it’s worth checking out. This is definitely the toy all the kids will fight over during the summer.

Pro’s: Inflatable jet ski with motor and squirt gun

Cons: Some negative reviews

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Things to remember when buying an inflatable jet ski

  • Most pool inflatables are well rounded to suit a large variety of kids, but that isn’t always the case. Smaller kids may have trouble staying on unstable floats, and larger kids will get bored with a float that is too small.
  • The age ratings on inflatable pool toys vary so sometimes it’s better to go based on weight. If you know the child you’re buying one for is bigger/smaller than children their age, take that into consideration.
  • Remember that either you or an air pump is going to need to do the inflating! I know which one I prefer so make sure you’re prepared. Most of these jet ski inflatables don’t come with a pump. There’s no need for an expensive electric pump unless you’re planning on getting an army of inflatables. This hand pump comes thoroughly recommended and has multiple nozzles that should fit your new inflatable perfectly.
  • A heavy-duty vinyl/PVC construction is preferable. This is the most hard-wearing and durable material that you’ll find with these jet ski toys.
  • The best jet ski inflatable pool toys come with repair kits because accidents are inevitable. Though you can easily buy one of these, it’s handy to have one included.


Do you own one of these or have one you want to recommend? We’d love to hear from you down below!

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