7 Things to Know Before Buying a New Jet Ski

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During the summer months, it can be quite easy to get an itch to go out and buy a new jet ski. Although that might be a terrific idea, there are a few things that should be considered first. These are 7 things to know before buying a new jet ski.

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1. Be intentional when buying a new jet ski

Rather than letting impulse get the best of you, be very intentional when going to buy a new jet ski.

This means having a set price in mind, knowing at least a general outline of preferences, and choosing a specific time of year to shop. It’s okay if a few things aren’t set in stone, but at least having a mental rough draft can make a major difference when buying.

Dealerships are like any other business, and they have to make money somehow. Without a set price in mind, it’s easy to go over budget. Don’t settle for something simply because it’s cheaper, but don’t let a salesmen pressure you into buying more than you need.

The same goes for having preferences. Without a general outline, people can get caught up in bells and whistles they didn’t originally want. There are a lot of jet ski accessories that can be purchased elsewhere for much less than what the dealers charge.

2. Know the best time to buy a jet ski

Lastly, knowing when to buy is crucial. The best time to buy a jet ski is usually in the fall or spring when dealerships are trying to clear inventory. Good deals can still be around during the summer months, but it really varies. Always check around local markets to see what promotions are currently going on.

3. How to ride a jet ski

Before getting all hyped up and running down to the dealership, it’s important to stop and analyze your personal skill level. Of course there’s no need to be an expert before buying a new jet ski, but it’s good to know the basics.

One of the biggest benefits of learning how to ride a jet ski before buying is it allows people to form preferences. There are tons of different makes, models, and styles out there. Learning how to ride exposes people to some of these differences so when it comes time to buy they’re better educated on what they want.

4. Consider buying used

It may seem a bit backwards, but when buying a new jet ski, consider buying a used one instead.

Just like with driving a car, often times it’s much better to start off with a beat up used model. This allows riders to get more comfortable on a pwc, and acquire basic riding skills.

Most of the accidental dents and dings will happen to the starter jet ski. That’s not to say they’re impossible to happen after upgrading, but it’s far less likely. Starting off with a used jet ski simply allows riders (and family members) to get those accidental mishaps out of the way while learning.

When it comes time to upgrade, everyone in the family will have already gained some basic experience, preventing accidents from happening on a much more expensive watercraft.

5. Know the current new jet ski prices

Being informed is perhaps the best way to get a good deal on a new jet ski. Part of being informed means knowing how much a new jet ski really costs, and not agreeing to an unfair price.

Current prices for a new jet ski have a wide range. As of now, most new jet skis cost $5,000-$18,000. This is a pretty large gap in price, so being educated on specific model prices is important.

The price of a new jet ski changes with every season, so be sure to check manufacturers websites for current offers. Don’t simply settle for whatever the salesmen down at the dealership says.

6. Factor in insurance costs

Buying a new jet ski means adding a new toy to your insurance. Some companies may offer better plans than others, so it may be worth it to shop around.

Typically owners can expect to pay between $100-$500 a year to insure a new jet ski. Of course this can vary greatly, depending on a few different factors. The main criteria that goes into jet ski insurance is:

  • The jet ski’s make, model, and year
  • Current value of the jet ski
  • Horsepower and engine type (example: supercharged vs. not supercharged)
  • Any modifications made to the jet ski
  • All boaters safety courses taken
  • Previous insurance history

These are the main details that insurance companies tend to look at, but they may have other standards as well. Usually all it takes is a quick phone call to get a decent quote on how much it will cost to insure a new jet ski.

7. Look into jet ski trailers

One of the most important things that people overlook when considering buying a new jet ski is the trailer they’re going to put it on.

A jet ski trailer is without a doubt one of the most important pwc accessories out there. Before buying a new jet ski, owners should at the very least have some trailer options in mind. Be aware of the jet ski trailer weight limits, the weight of the jet ski, and know whether your vehicle can even tow it.

8. Get some jet ski accessories

Most jet ski accessories aren’t too important, but there are a few things that can be useful to have right away when buying a new jet ski. Items like jet ski covers, life jackets, or marine gps units can all come in handy immediately. A lot of great items can be picked up at dealerships, but be aware that they may be marked up significantly.

Final Tips

If you’ve ever stopped and asked yourself “Should I buy a new jet ski?” or “Is it worth it to buy a jet ski?”, then really take these tips into consideration.

A new jet ski can be a great toy to have, but be sure to educate yourself on all of the pros and cons beforehand. Hidden costs like insurance, storage, and maintenance can all add up. This is why it’s important to have a set price in mind when going to purchase a new watercraft.

Be very careful when going to buy a new jet ski, and always stay within budget. Remember that if you can’t afford to buy something twice, then you can’t afford it.
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