The Best Jet Ski Hats

An important, but often overlooked jet ski accessory is a jet ski hat. A hat can help protect you from the sun, keep your head/hair dry, and give you some style points. In today’s article, I will cover the best jet ski hats. 

Can you wear a hat on a jet ski?

Yes, you can absolutely wear a hat on a jet ski. However, your hat will most likely fall off if it does not have a chin strap.

I personally don’t recommend generic bucket hats with a string, as these can still easily fall off, and can even become a choking hazard. 

Best hat for jet skiing

The best jet ski hats are the Dakine Trucker Baseball Cap, Surf Cap for Outdoor Activities, and the USHAKE Surf Hat

Dakine Trucker Baseball Cap

The Dakine is my all time favorite jet ski hat. It provides great style, while also adding protection and flexibility. This hat is water resistant, so it should keep you face and head relatively dry. 

The material is SPF 50, so you don’t have to worry about sunburn on your face or head. The hat has a mesh covering over the ears, which helps protect from the sun, but also doesn’t restrict your ears from hearing. 

The hat has an adjustable strap which helps keep the hat stable while you are riding at high speeds. The brim of the hat is also adjustable, so you can pop it up if you prefer. 

This hat is made from 100% nylon and it is safe to put it in the washing machine. This means you won’t have to carry around your sweat stains everywhere you go. 

Surf Cap for Outdoor Activities

Another great hat for jet skiing is the Surf Cap for Outdoor Activities. This polyester hat is very lightweight and dries quickly. This is truly a one size fits all, as you can adjust both the chin strap and head strap to your size. The chin strap has little cut outs for your ears, which adds comfort and doesn’t obstruct your hearing.

Another feature that I really like about this hat is that it comes with a removable connector string that you can connect to a life jacket to ensure the hat doesn’t fly off in high winds. If you plan on going over 50 mph on your jet ski, you should consider a jet ski helmet.

You can put this hat in the washing machine, but I recommend you only do this on the light/delicate setting. You should air dry the hat instead of putting it in a drying machine. 


The USHAKE Surf Hat is another great hat for jet skiing. It is relatively cheap, and you can get it for less than $30 on amazon. This nylon hat is water resistant, and will dry very fast if it does get wet. 

This hat also features an adjustable, Velcro strap around the head that you can use to adjust the size. The brim of the hat is very firm, so you don’t have to worry about it flopping over in high winds or when it gets wet. The hat is SPF 50, so you head and face are safe from the sun. 

My favorite feature of this hat is the removable neck flap. It does an excellent job of protecting the back of your neck from the sun. You can also remove the flap if you don’t like the style. 

The only downside of this hat is that you can’t put it in the washing machine, so it must be hand washed. 

Jet Ski Hat

If you want a hat with an actual jet ski on it, you should get this jet ski hat snapback

This hat doesn’t have a strap, so you shouldn’t wear it if you plan to go faster than 5mph on the jet ski. However, it is a great hat to wear if you just want to lounge out on the lake. This snap back has an adjustable strap, and features a mesh back.


Jet ski hats are an important jet ski accessory. I hope this article helped you choose the perfect jet ski hat for you.