10 Best Jet Ski Games (PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch, Phone)

Looking for the ultimate jet ski game? See which we think is the top of the list in this rundown of our favorite PWC computer game moments.

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There is nothing better than heading out onto the water on a jet ski, but if you find yourself stuck at home, then why don’t you try out a jet ski game instead?

It makes perfect sense; you love jet-skiing but can’t go, so the next best thing is to relax with your favorite games console and one of our recommended games.

We’ve collated the top ten best jet ski games and summarized them below so that you can get on with enjoying them straight away.

There are jet ski video games from all providers as well as old games and some newer ones for you to consider. Why not make a day of it and invite all your buddies over to join in!

10. Rat on A Jet Ski

Donut Games created the ‘Rat on a’ series, and this one is well worth a punt if you enjoy gaming on your mobile device and like racing games. You can get it on both the Android and App Store and will enjoy this simple gameplay.

The narrative explains that Ratty, the cute protagonist, has arrived in the hot climes of the tropics and wants to enjoy speeding about on his fully customized jet ski. The obvious choice for him reaching his goal is to use the jet ski to get to the end. All you need to do is hop on and get going straight away.

The gameplay leads you through lots of watery levels where you will drive your jet ski, avoiding obstacles on your way by sliding and gliding your way through. You will need to collect items as you go and can expect to see crocs and other dangers that are waiting to throw you off.

There are three gameplay modes that include:

  • Course Mix that is easy and takes you to random courses as you build up your knowledge.
  • Splash Rider which is set to hard and will take you through a huge range of levels
  • Rocket Ducks which is also hard and will take you through endless levels

In addition to the three gameplay modes, you can opt to take part in challenges and also master stunts as you go for extra points. It’s a really popular game, and you won’t go wrong if you opt to download it today. Check out a video of the gameplay here to see what we mean.

9. Riptide GP2

If you are an Xbox fan, then Riptide GP2 may be the jet ski race game you have been dreaming of your whole life! The backstory behind this game is that you are an avid jet skier and want to take your skills to the max level possible by competing in every race possible.

You will be able to enjoy racing your jet ski on the open water and earn credits so that you can upgrade both your jet ski and your skills. You can even customize your rider so that you can make an Xbox version of how you’d love to look when you are on your jet ski.

This version is not the only one in the series, but it offers futuristic-looking hydro jets that you can ride seamlessly level after level whilst enjoying the different looks each level offers.

There are so many great things about this Xbox jet ski game, but the best has to be the fact that Vector has put jet skiing into a console game that looks and plays brilliantly. Check out the gameplay here.

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8. Riptide: Renegade

Another one in the Riptide series, Renegade, is the Android and Apple version of the much-loved game. This is one of the best jet ski racing games, and you can expect it to take you through many exciting levels as you hone your skills and compete for first place.

One of the best aspects of this gameplay is that you can challenge your friends and play remotely against them to find out who is the best gaming jet, skier. You can play in Career mode, and that means that you can build your very own jet ski crew ready to face off against any challengers that want to try.

There are some amazing stunts on this game, and you are expected to complete them whilst being chased by the police and avoiding waves that will take you down. You will be given the change to unlock a range of features such as new vehicles and characters, as well as unlocking new custom features for your hydro jet as you improve.

This game is certainly well-loved in the gaming community, and we would happily recommend it to you to give it a go if you enjoy racing games that you can challenge your mates on. Take a look here to see the game in full swing.

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7. Jet Ski Rush

This is one of the best free jet ski games around and is played directly on your PC! You logon to the Agame website and do a search for Jet Ski Rush, then follow the simple keyboard controls to get straight into the game.

The gameplay involves you going over ramps and performing tricks so that you can collect the high scores at the end and get some leaderboard fame.

It is such an easy game to pick up because it only requires you to use the up and down arrow, the left and right arrows, and the space button. If you remember playing games during your IT lesson, then you’ve probably already played Jet Ski Rush at some point in your life.

In reality, free jet skiing games are usually low budget games with simplistic graphics, and Jet Ski Rush is no different. However, it’s such an easy game to play that you are sure to enjoy it regardless of how simple it may be. Remember, you will need Flash Player to make this game work each time.

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6. Flippy Race

Flippy Race is another great jet ski game for mobile devices and can be downloaded on both Android and Apple. It is packed full of different missions meaning that you will never get bored with the gameplay.

When you start a level, you will need to use your controls to move left and right, avoiding all the obstacles that are put in your way. Each time you successfully avoid an obstacle, you will get time in the air where you can flip your jet ski until its time to hit the water once more.

You will also come across ramps in each level, and these are there to offer extra boosts when you need them by pushing you up in the air for flipping fun. You cannot forget that you are taking part in a race and must work hard to get to end in a top position in order to get the most points.

One of the great things about this game is that you are able to work to unlock new jet skis as you go, and there is even an option to get a boat that you can use if you earn enough rewards. If you are interested in this game, then take a look at it here before you download it.

5. Jet X20

Jet X20 may not have the graphical quality of the other games on this list, but it is a fantastic game that is well worth a look before writing it off. This is a racing game that expects you to ride a stand-up jet ski and work your way through courses that have many obstacles in your way.

There are eight courses that you can choose to play, and you will get to enjoy a huge range of routes as you whiz by the stunning scenery of this great game. It’s the perfect game for any jet ski fan that wants to work on their tricks and skills.

We love this for the many secret pathways on offer, as well as the way it lets you customize everything with the rewards you earn as you go.

It’s important to note that this game was made for the PS2, and as such, you will find it is limited in terms of the graphics. If you can look beyond this, you will find a game that will take you through plenty of days stuck at home when you are dreaming of being out on the water.

If you want to take a look at the Jet X20 gameplay, then you can just click on here. One of the things you will immediately notice is how great the courses are, giving you lots of scope to speed around until you hit the finish mark.

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4. Jet Ski Ship

If you have downloaded Jet Ski Ship on your Apple device or from the Android store, you are certainly in for a real treat! This game is a jet ski race game set in a tropical island, just waiting for you to arrive and develop your skiing skills.

You firstly choose which super-fast jet ski you want to drive and then take it out on a racetrack that is filled with tricks and turns that aim to knock you off your game. You can even take part in the Extreme Parking challenges where you race to complete your track and only finish when you have successfully parked in a tricky spot right at the end.

The game comes with a ton of features ready for you to enjoy, such as the range of jet skis you can choose to ride, twelve full racetracks for you to enjoy, and an idyllic setting. The creators have left no stone unturned when it comes to making a game that people will enjoy time and time again.

What sets this game apart from the others is that it uses 3D graphics to run and a range of camera angles when you click to playback the race you have just taken part in. All the reviews point at it being a great game to play, but there are currently no gameplay videos available to share with you, so you will need to take the plunge and download it today.

3. Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild

Splashdown was released back in 2003 and was made famous for its wacky characters who increased the interest level in the game along with their crazy personalities. Each character comes with a specific skill set that will help you through each level.

The levels are interesting to play, and the creators certainly achieved their aim of providing levels that are interesting and quirky. One example is the World Races, where you will get to zoom through areas such as a spooky house and even the Bermuda Triangle.

There are other modes you can play that include stunt mode and time-trial mode. Each of these modes has specific requirements, but they all have one thing in common, they are a lot of fun to play.
When you are enjoying a level, you need to try and get the boosters that will help to pass the finish line before anyone else.

We are really impressed with the huge imagination used to create such an interesting take on a very simple racing game format. You are bound to love the soundtrack and can take a peek at the gameplay right here to see what you are missing out on. We’re certain you will want in on the action when you have stopped to see what it is all about.

2. Aqua Moto Racing Utopia

Aqua Moto Racing was initially released back in 2009 but is now available on the Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox so that whatever console you have, then you will be able to enjoy it to the max.

The newest version of the game – Aqua Moto Racing Utopia – is a great game for everyone to get involved in if they enjoy racing. It takes some of its ideas from the game in first place (Wave Ride 64) as the jet ski needs to glide through different levels, past different colored buoys.

Whilst the graphics aren’t the best you’ve ever seen, and you will be impressed with how easy it is to play and how addictive it gets when you have challenged a friend to a go. If you are a fan of going it alone, then the one-player option is great. The computer makes it really hard for you to constantly win, and this means that each level you play against the CPU will be varied and interesting.

When you are in full flow, riding by the buoys, you will realize that the computer has a few tricks up its sleeve. You can expect to be slammed with huge waves that you can ride to achieve boosts to get you towards the top of the leaderboard.

Watching a gameplay video like this one will allow you to check out the game in full before you decide to purchase it so that you don’t end up spending money on a game you don’t like. Having said that, this game was given the number 2 position for a reason, and it’s fantastic!

1. Wave Race 64

No jet ski list would be complete without reference to the amazing Wave Race 64 by Nintendo. This jet ski video game has it all and was first released back in 1996 as a sequel to the Wave Race game that took the Gameboy world by storm four years earlier.

The gameplay needs you to race about on your jet ski across a course but avoiding all the buoys that pop up in your way. A successful race is one where the least number of buoys get hit on the way to the finish line.

To make it more interesting, it can be played as a two-player game, and this involves you racing through the course in a bid to beat the other player. You can head onto any course of your choice, and you and your friends will enjoy the different levels as you go.

This game will stand the test of time as when you get better at it, you can try a harder level, but these harder levels are not accessible until you have completed the easier ones first. To pass a level, you have to avoid the buoys but also ride past them on the side that is depicted for the color they are. Yellow ones need to be ridden by on the left, whereas red ones need you to go on the right. Sounds easy? Not so much when you are driving at high speeds across the course.

It’s a great game that has won lots of acclaim from gamers all over. If you are interested in seeing more, then take a look at this video. Whilst Wave Race 64 is the rightful winner, we would happily recommend any of these ten jet ski video games and wish you happy gaming when you get hold of one.

Which is your favorite jet skiing game? It’s definitely Wave Race 64 for us but we’d love to hear what you think!

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