How to Buy the Best Jet Ski Gas Can

Aside from the new line of electric jet skis that rolled out in 2020, every jet ski runs on gas. While it is often overlooked, it is important to have a proper jet ski gas can that allows you to refuel and extend your ride for another hour or two. In today’s article, I will cover my favorite jet ski gas cans, as well as things to look for when buying one. 

Best Jet Ski Gas Can

The three best jet ski gas cans are the RotopaX RX-2G Gasoline Pack, the Sea-Doo OEM 3.8 Gallon Can, and the Wztepeng 2 Gallon Fuel Can.

RotopaX RX-2G Gasoline Pack

The RotopaX is my favorite jet ski gas can for many reasons. Most importantly, it is made from a durable, 3-layer plastic that passes EPA standards for being leak proof and having an extremely low permeability. This is very important for a jet ski gas can, as it will be frequently splashed with water.

This can also features a sealed gasket nozzle which prevents any gas from leaking out. It is tightly sealed, so you don’t need to worry about it becoming loose while you ride your jet ski. 

My favorite feature of this can is it’s shape. It can easily be set on the back of your jet ski, and it has a lot of handles you can use to run rope through in order to secure the can on your jet ski. This can is able to be placed horizontally without spilling, which is very convenient for a jet ski. 

This can can hold up to 2 gallons of fuel. It also has a hole in the middle that you can use to stack multiple cans on each other. You can buy this can on amazon for around $90.

Sea-Doo OEM 3.8 Gallon Can

The Sea-Doo OEM is another great option. Honestly, it is the highest quality can on the market, but I didn’t rank it number one due to its high price tag. At the time of this article, the can costs $200. However, if money isn’t a burden for you, then I strongly suggest this gas can for your PWC. 

It’s flat base and handle on the top makes it very easy to secure to your jet ski. The best feature about this gas can is that it is marinized. This means it can easily withstand saltwater, which is great if you ride in the ocean. Additionally, a rubberized boot caps the filler spout to prevent any leakage

As the name suggests, it can hold nearly 4 gallons of fuel. If you are interested in this can, I suggest you watch the review below.

Wztepeng 2 Gallon Fuel Can

Last but not least, the Wztepeng fuel can is another good option for you jet ski. The best value prop about his can is that it only costs $57, which makes it the cheapest on our list. 

Similar to the RotopaX, this can has multiple handles which makes it easy to tide down. It also has the hole in the middle which allows you to stack multiple cans on top of each other. 

This tank is made from a high density polyethylene plastic material, which makes the can very durable jet ski friendly. The hose fits inside the can which helps save room. This can also features a tightly fastened cap which prevents leakage. 

The only downside of this gas can is that the gas hose is not very flexible. This means it might be tough to refuel if you are on choppy waters. However, you can also buy you own hose which solves the problem. 

What type of gas can can should I get for my jet ski?

When you are choosing a gas can, you should take the following into consideration:

Shape: You will want a gas can that has a large base so that it doesn’t tip over easily. You should also measure out the amount of room your jet ski has in the back so you know how much size you can accommodate.

Handles: You should look for a gas can that has a lot of handles. This will give you more places to strap it down. 

Material: Since the can will frequently get wet, you will want to choose a can that is made of a strong material that can withstand water. 

Hose: If you plan on filling up your jet ski on choppy water, you will want a long hose. This will make it easier to pour the gas into the tank without spilling. 

Gas can accessories

Aside from the gas can itself, there are also a couple accessories you should consider. For example, you might want to put a fishing rack on your jet ski in order to hold the gas can. 

You will also need some ropes or bungee cords to hold the gas can in places. Lastly, you might want to check out some hose extensions, which can make it a lot easier to pour gas into your tank. 


Whether you’re planning on going on a long ride or jet ski camping, having a gas can on board can give you peace of mind that you won’t run out of fuel. I hope this article help explained