3 Best Jet Ski Fishing Racks in 2024

If you plan on taking some fishing poles out on your jet ski, you should definitely consider buying a jet ski fishing rack.

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Jet ski fishing has rapidly gained popularity among jet ski owners. If you plan on fishing from your jet ski, investing in a reliable jet ski fishing rack is essential. In today’s article I’ll review the three best jet ski fishing racks on the market and delve into the features that make these jet ski fishing racks the cream of the crop.

Best jet ski fishing racks in 2024

The 3 best jet ski fishing racks are the Extreme Max 3005.4257 Aluminum Jet Ski Fishing Rod Rack, the Brocraft Jet Ski Rod Holder, and the Kool PWC Stuff Jet Ski Fishing.

Extreme Max 3005.4257

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This Extreme Max fishing rack and cooler combo brings a lot to the table and is on the cheaper side ($243). It can hold up to 6 rods at a time. Some of the other desirable features include:

1) Lightweight Aluminum Construction:

The rack is made out of a durable yet lightweight aluminum metal. This not only ensures strength and stability but also prevents unnecessary weight on your jet ski, allowing for improved handling and maneuverability in the water. It can also help you conserve gas.

2) Versatile RotoPax Fuel Can Mount Compatibility:

One of the standout features of this rack is its compatibility with RotoPax jet ski gas cans. This opens up a world of possibilities for extended fishing trips by providing a secure way to carry additional fuel. The convenience of having a fuel can within reach ensures you can explore more distant fishing spots without the worry of running out of gas. You will need to buy the RotoPax fuel mounts separately.

3) Integrated Cooler Compartment:

The combination of a fishing rod rack and cooler compartment in one sleek design is a game-changer. The integrated cooler compartment allows you to keep refreshments or your catch of the day on ice while having easy access to your fishing rods. This efficient use of space is especially valuable on compact jet skis.

4) Adjustable Design for Personalization:

Recognizing the diversity of jet ski models and user preferences, the Extreme Max rack features an adjustable design. This allows you to personalize the fit to accommodate different jet ski sizes and styles, ensuring a secure and snug attachment.

If you are in the market for a new jet ski, you should check out my guide on the best jet skis for fishing. You should also check out some of the other best accessories for jet ski fishing.

Brocraft Jet Ski Rod Holder

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The Brocraft jet ski rod holder is another great jet ski fishing rack that currently retails for $389. It has many similarities to the Extreme Max 3005.4257. I think it is the best looking jet ski fishing rack on the market. Some other features include:

1) Sturdy Aluminum Construction:

The Brocraft Jet Ski Rod Holder and Cooler Holder Combo feature a sturdy aluminum construction that strikes a balance between durability and weight. The robust build ensures longevity, even in challenging marine conditions, while the lighter weight prevents unnecessary strain on your jet ski.

2) Gas Plates for Enhanced Stability:

To address the challenge of securing the rack to your jet ski, the Brocraft design incorporates gas plates for enhanced stability. These gas plates provide a secure anchor, preventing the rack from wobbling or shifting during high-speed rides or turbulent waters. This stability is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your fishing gear.

3) Convenient Rod and Cooler Storage:

This Brocraft rack excels in providing convenience with dedicated spaces for both fishing rods and a cooler. The fishing rod holders are strategically placed for easy access, while the cooler compartment ensures that you can keep your beverages or catch chilled throughout your jet ski fishing adventure.

4) Universal Compatibility:

Understanding the diverse jet ski market, Brocraft has designed this fishing rack with universal compatibility in mind. It can be easily adapted to fit various jet ski models, making it a versatile choice for jet ski enthusiasts with different watercraft.

Kool PWC Stuff Jet Ski Fishing

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The Kool PWC Stuff jet ski fishing rack is another great option if you plan on fishing from your jet ski.

1) Six Rod Holders for Ample Storage:

For avid anglers who prefer to bring an arsenal of fishing rods, the Kool PWC Stuff Jet Ski Fishing/Cooler Rack doesn’t disappoint. With six rod holders, this rack provides ample storage space for a variety of fishing rods, catering to different fishing styles and preferences.

2) Universal Fit for Wide Compatibility:

The Kool PWC Stuff Jet Ski Fishing/Cooler Rack is designed with a universal fit in mind. This ensures that it can be easily attached to a wide range of jet ski models, making it a versatile choice for jet ski enthusiasts with different watercraft. The universal fit also makes it a great option for those considering upgrading their jet ski in the future.

3) Durable and Weather-Resistant Construction:

Built to withstand the harsh marine environment, this fishing rack features a durable and weather-resistant construction. The materials used are resistant to corrosion, ensuring that the rack maintains its structural integrity even with regular exposure to saltwater and other environmental elements.

4) Cooler Platform for Added Convenience:

Recognizing the importance of refreshments during a fishing trip, the Kool PWC Stuff rack comes equipped with a cooler platform. This allows you to securely strap a cooler to the rack, keeping your drinks and catch cool throughout your jet ski fishing expedition.


Jet ski fishing brings a new dimension to water-based adventures, and having the right equipment is key to maximizing your experience. The Extreme Max 3005.4257, the Brocraft Jet Ski Rod Holder, and the Kool PWC Stuff rack are my top picks for 2024. Whether it’s the lightweight aluminum construction, innovative compatibility features, or the convenience of rod and cooler storage, these racks are designed to enhance your jet ski fishing escapades. They are also pretty affordable and don’t break the bank.

So, gear up, attach one of these top-tier fishing racks to your jet ski, and set sail for a thrilling and productive day on the water.
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