What is the Best Jet Ski Helmet?

best jet ski helmet alternatives

When doing anything that can be considered dangerous, a helmet should always be worn. Unfortunately for pwc enthusiasts, there are very few companies that specifically make a jet ski helmet.

People often times buy BMX and MX helmets as an alternative, but it can be hard to judge their quality and functionality. To help save others some time, this list provides some of the best jet ski helmet substitutes.

Keep in mind none of these helmets are designed specifically to be worn while riding a jet ski. 

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What to look for in a jet ski helmet

There are a few things that every good jet ski helmet (or alternative) has.

  • A PWC helmet needs to be extremely durable. Jet skis can reach dangerous speeds so it’s important that a helmet can provide adequate protection.
  • The best jet ski helmet models should be somewhat lightweight. Heavy helmets can make riding more difficult, and sometimes even dangerous. Try to find the line between lightweight and durable.
  • Any helmet that’s going to be used in the water needs to be breathable. If for some reason the helmet get submerged, it needs to be able to air out properly.
  • Long days on the water can fade helmets if they aren’t UV resistant. This is really only a problem for cheaper helmets.
  • A jet ski helmet shouldn’t cost more than a couple hundred dollars. That being said, it’s not good to cut corners when buying a helmet either.
  • Unless you plan on wearing jet ski goggles, look for a helmet with a face shield. It can be hard to keep your eyes open even at moderate speeds without some sort of face shield. This is more of a preference than a necessity. If you can ride fine without goggles or a face shield, then this is something you can skip over.

People who choose to wear a helmet while riding a jet ski should also consider wearing a neck collar as well. The added weight of a helmet can sometimes cause problems either when riding or when getting tossed off. However, a neck collar can mitigate or eliminate those problems altogether.

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Fuel Full Face Helmet 

Jet Ski Helmet AlternativeThis matte black helmet by Fuel Helmets provides a stylish look and sturdy feel, without compromising comfort.

An advanced lightweight durable shell makes up the majority of outside of the helmet. A clear anti-fog face shield on the front can be flipped up or down. Goggles cannot be worn with this helmet unless the face shield is removed, but there is plenty of room for someone to wear glasses. Unlike some other helmets, the face shield is surprisingly east to remove, so this isn’t a huge drawback.

Venting ports on the sides, back, and top help make this helmet very breathable. A durable 3 piece liner is on the inside and can be easily removed to wash.

This is a great jet ski helmet alternative because it’s DOT FMVSS N.218 approved and relatively inexpensive.


-Fair Price

-Little to none wind noise

-Enough Room under face shield for glasses

-Face Shield can be easily adjusted


-Goggles cannot be worn without removing face shield

Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet

Bell Sanction Jet ski Helmet alternativeUnlike the previous jet ski helmet alternative, this option comes from a BMX background.

Because this helmet is designed for BMX riding, it is much more lightweight than other options weighing in at just over 2 pounds. The fully vented shell is made from hand laminated fiberglass and the visor on top can be adjusted. There’s no face shield so glasses or goggles can be worn. The front is very open and provides a wide field of view. A large front opening can be good or bad depending on what you’re looking for. This helmet has a moto-inspired design which gives it a cool look but it may not be fitting for everyone.


-Extremely lightweight

-Glasses or goggles can be worn with it

-Very Breathable


-More flimsy design than other jet ski helmet alternatives

-Sizing can be a little small

-Not DOT Certified

VCAN Cruiser Half Helmet

VCan half helmet The VCan Cruiser half helmet is a great jet ski helmet alternative for anyone who enjoys a more open feel. Although half helmets don’t provide as much protection as regular helmets, they still cover the main part of your head. Half helmets can be much easier to get on and off than traditional helmets because of their open design. This specific helmet is secured by an adjustable nylon chin strap with double D rings to provide a perfect fit. Sizing is meant to fit hat size – 6 7/8 to 7 or head size – 21.65 to 22.05 inches.

An ABS thermoplastic resin shell that meets and exceeds DOT standards houses the helmets soft mesh padding. It has cheek pads on the sides are removable as well as washable.


-Meets and Exceeds DOT Standards

-Removable/Washable Cheek Pads

-Stylish Half Helmet Design


-Not as much protection as a traditional helmet

Duke Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Duke Full Face Jet Ski Helmet AlternativeAnother sleek looking jet ski helmet alternative is the Duke Full Face Motorcycle Helmet. The matte black design would make someone riding a push scooter look cool.

An advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy makes up the aerodynamic shell of this helmet. Luckily for anyone who wants to use this as a jet ski helmet, it meets DOT fmvss-218 motorcycle helmet safety standards.

This helmet comes with both a clear and a tinted adjustable face shield. They can easily be switched out which is very convenient. Its 7 points of ventilation on the chin, rear and forehead make it a very breathable. The removable inside liner and cheek pads are made with a hypo-allergenic and nylon material. 


-Made in the US

-Very Durable

-Comes with 2 face shields

-Meets DOT Standards


-Slightly More Expensive than other options

Final Tips

Although none of these options are actual jet ski helmets, they have been known to be used by people on the water. Use your own discretion when choosing safety equipment.

When making a decision on which jet ski helmet alternative to go with, aim for one with open mesh liner. Mesh liner allows you to take a swim and not be completely waterlogged. Also, try choosing a helmet with good ventilation so it will dry faster if it ever gets wet. I’m sure most of you never fall in the water, but if you ever do, you’ll notice the difference.

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  1. Someone needs to make a helmet for jet ski’s. I’ve always used mx/atv helmets but a certified jet ski helmet would be nice. I cant believe someone hasnt done it yet

    • Hello Harold,

      We feel the same way. There are a few jet ski helmet companies out there but they’re definitely limited. Maybe one of these helmet companies will step up soon and make a helmet specifically for jet ski’s.

  2. Nice post. Will be checking out some of these soon.

  3. When I was younger I used to hate the thought of a helmet because they weren’t “cool”, but as I’ve gotten older they’re much more appealing. It only takes one or two slams on the water to realize that jet ski accidents are no joke. That water doesn’t feel so soft when you’re going 60+ mph.

  4. Tipperary horseback riding helmet works well. Lightweight, durable, breathable, reasonably priced at $79.99

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