12 Essential Sea Doo Spark Accessories


sea doo spark accessories

There are tons of different Sea Doo Spark accessories out there, but some are more useful than others. Some add-ons are purely cosmetic, while others provide additional functionality. We took the liberty of bypassing all the useless gadgets and making our own list of 12 essential Sea Doo Spark accessories.

Best Sea Doo Spark Accessories

There are many great Sea Doo Spark Accessories, including storage bins, decal, boarding steps, covers, fenders, wedges, and shade canopies. 

#1 Sea Doo Spark Storage BinSea Doo Spark Upgrade Front Storage Bin Kit A lot of people buy their new Sea Doo Spark without the additional storage because they don’t think it’s necessary. After a few days on the water, or maybe even a whole season, they realize they need more space on their jet ski.

Luckily for owners everywhere, one of the most popular Sea Doo Spark upgrades is this front storage bin kit. Unfortunately this additional storage bin isn’t completely waterproof, but it does a decent job at keeping moisture out. I wouldn’t go storing and cell phones in it, but anchors and ropes will be just fine.

#2 Sea Doo Spark Shark Mouth Decal

Sea Doo Spark Shark Decal

One of the coolest cosmetic Sea Doo Spark accessories is their shark mouth decal. It’s a pretty cheap upgrade, but it’s surprisingly durable. This vinyl decal is thicker than most others and will last for multiple seasons.

This is only one of many stickers/decals available for the Spark, but it’s definitely one of the coolest.

#3 Sea Doo Spark Boarding Step

Getting on and off a jet ski multiple times in a day can become tiring. One of the most convenient Sea Doo Spark upgrades is their optional boarding step.Sea Doo Spark Upgrade Boarding Ladder

Most people would consider a boarding step something that should come factory installed, but to keep the price of the Spark down it’s something Sea Doo bypassed. Regardless, getting on a jet ski is a lot easier with a boarding step. This is definitely a necessary Sea Doo Spark accessory.

A Sea Doo boarding ladder is also available for those who prefer a ladder over a step. It costs more than the boarding step, but some people find the price is worth it.

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#4 Sea Doo Spark Cover

Sea Doo Spark CoverKeeping a jet ski covered is something every good owner should do. This cover will protect your jet ski from the elements and help it maintain its resale value for years. After all, no one wants to buy a dinged up faded jet ski.

This Sea Doo Spark cover is great because it was specifically designed for the Spark. Unlike off brand jet ski covers, it will fit like a glove. The draw back of the name brand Sea Doo Spark cover is it’s a little pricey.

universal jet ski cover can be purchased for about half as much, but it’s not custom tailored to the Sea Doo Spark.

#5 Sea Doo Spark Oil Change Kit

Sea Doo Spark Oil Change Kit

Changing the oil on a jet ski is something that has to be done, and there’s no getting around it. The problem is going to a dealership to change the oil on a Sea Doo Spark can cost hundreds of dollars a year. It’s worth it to do it yourself because it really doesn’t take long, and it saves you a ton of money.

You can change the oil on a Sea Doo Spark with tons of different kits, but this oil changing kit was designed specifically for it. It comes with an oil pump, 2 quarts of Sea Doo oil, spark plugs, an oil filter, and an O ring. This kit can be used to change the oil on any Sea Doo Spark, regardless of the year.

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#6 OEM BRP Sea Doo Spark Snap-In Fenders

Sea Doo Spark Snap in fendersMost jet ski enthusiasts know the importance of good fenders. Bumping up against docks can cause serious damage over time, so a couple of snap on fenders are worth the investment.

The Sea Doo Spark snap-in fenders work great when docked, but they can’t be kept on while riding. This is somewhat of a drawback because taking them on and off can be a hassle. The name brand fenders are definitely useful Sea Doo Spark accessories, but they’re a little high on the price.

To learn more about fenders, check out my article on the best jet ski fenders

#7 Sea Doo Spark Registration Sticker KitSea Doo Spark Registration Sticker KitA lot of people don’t know that Sparks require a special sticker kit because of their plastic body. Traditional sticker kits won’t hold because of the molding process used on all the Sparks plastic.

These sticker kits are useful Sea Doo Spark accessories because it’s extremely difficult to find another kind of sticker that won’t fall off.

The kit itself comes with 4 of every letter and number included. The stickers are UV resistant, and the letters have a black, gray, and white outline.

#8 OEM Sea Doo Safety Lanyard 

Sea Doo Spark Safety Floating Lanyard

Safety lanyards turn off a jet ski in the event the rider is tossed off. Most jet ski’s decelerate fairly quickly so this ensures it stops relatively close to where the rider went in the water.

The OEM safety lanyard is one of the coolest Sea Doo Spark accessories because it can be used on almost any other Sea Doo as well! There are a few old models from the 90’s that aren’t compatible with it, but most new models are. That’s just one of the perks that come with buying new.

It needs to be taken to an authorized dealer to be programmed, but after that it’s good to go.

#9 Sea Doo Spark Step WedgesSea Doo Spark Upgrades Step Wedges

Thanks to the Spark Trixx, step wedges are now one of the Sea Doo Spark upgrades available. Step wedges provide a platform for riders to stand on when performing tricks or jumps.

These are much needed Sea Doo Spark accessories for anyone who enjoys doing tricks in the water.

#10 Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter

Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter

By far the top Sea Doo accessories are their sea scooters. Although they aren’t exclusively Sea Doo Spark accessories, they do hold the Sea Doo name. There are a few different models, but the Sea Dolphin provides the most value for the money.

Sea scooters can be used for snorkeling, scuba diving, or just floating around in a pool. The Sea Doo Dolphin specifically can propel users at 2 mph, which is faster than you’d think in the water. It only weighs 12 pounds so most people have no problem carrying it.

There are a couple other good Sea Doo sea scooters, but the Dolphin is the most popular.

#11 Sea Doo Safety Equipment Kit

Sea Doo Spark Accessories Kit

This safety equipment kit is one of our favorite Sea Doo Spark accessories because it’s something every jet ski owner should have. Something as simple as a safety equipment kit can made a huge difference in an emergency situation.

Although this particular safety kit isn’t the best, the container it comes in is a perfect fit for the storage compartment on Sea Doo Sparks. Buying it for the container is worth it alone, but as a bonus it comes with some semi-useful gear.

#12 Sea Doo Spark Chill Shade

Sea Doo Spark Shade

Finding shade is hard to do when you’re out on open water. Most jet ski’s don’t have anything to combat this problem, but if you own a Spark then you’re in luck.

The Sea Doo Spark Chill Shade is a removable canopy that can handle speeds up to 35 mph. If you decide you need to go faster, the shade can easily be taken down. Once removed, the shade can double as a beach tent as well. How’s that for functionality?

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The truth about Sea Doo Spark accessories

Sea Doo is always coming up with innovative ideas to improve the customers experience. Sometimes the price tag on their parts are higher than other options, but more often than not they’re worth it. It’s hard to say which Sea Doo Spark accessories are the best, but this was our attempt at it. If you have any ideas on items that should be added to this list, let us know in the comments section!

All of these items are specifically Sea Doo Spark upgrades, add ons, and accessories. Check out our separate list of jet ski accessories for even more good customization ideas.

  1. You’re so right about the decals not sticking. I tried to put on some cool looking stickers and they wouldn’t stay. I love the material they make the Spark with, I just wish I didn’t have to special order decals.

    • I guess that’s the price you pay, right? The sticker kit mentioned above will definitely work, but I’m sure there are other decals out there that will stick too. Hopefully you have better luck in the future Mikeal.

      Let us know if you find any other good sticker/decals that work well with the Spark. I’m sure you’re not the only one that doesn’t enjoy having a limited selection.

  2. The added storage really comes in handy. I’m glad I got the upgraded storage when I bought mine.

  3. I’ve always wanted to try out one of those sea scooters! I had no idea Sea Doo made them though.I’m know my kids would love them, so it might be hard for me to get a turn. Hahaha

  4. I wonder how good those sea scooters work

  5. Nice list. I love my Spark and im a bit of a gear head so i want to customize it a little.

    • Thanks for the comment Carlos.

      A lot of people feel the same way you do. Maybe try adding some aftermarket parts or getting some vinyls. It’s your jet ski, so you might as well personalize it!

  6. What type of buoy is needed to moor these machines?? Thanks!

  7. Wow most of these aren’t that expensive. I figured a few of these would cost more, especially things like the ladder and storage bin.

  8. Customizing your jet ski is half the fun of owning one if you ask me

  9. The shark decal looks pretty cool. It reminds me of a WW2 fighter plane. My Spark is red and black so I think that’d look great on it.

  10. Thanks for the post. Do you think the boarding step is better than the ladder? I’m trying to decide which one would be easier to use. The price doesn’t matter too much as long as it works.

    • We’re glad you liked the post!

      Both options are good, but the ladder is a little easier to use. It’s a little wider so it gives you more of a platform. If the price doesn’t matter to you then I’d say go for it.


  11. That tent is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks

  12. Can’t agree with you more about the jet ski lock. So many people think their jet ski is safe sitting in their drive way but its not! Really worth it to buy one, and maybe even a second to have as a back up. But hey, maybe I’m just paranoid.
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