Enclosed Jet Ski: Jet Ski That Goes Underwater

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, a new invention comes out of nowhere and blows your mind. The enclosed jet ski is a state of the art, custom designed watercraft that can even go underwater. In today’s article, I will explain everything you need to know about the enclosed jet ski.

What is the enclosed jet ski?

underwater jet ski shark

The enclosed jet ski, also known as the underwater jet ski shark, is a makeshift jet ski/submarine watercraft that was first invented by Robert Innes in California. The model is now called the Seabreacher, and allows a driver and a passenger to cruise above and below the water.

The Seabreacher comes in a wide range of animals, including sharks, whales, dolphins, and marlins. This innovative watercraft combines the thrill of flying, driving, and swimming all into one. 

The nose and the wings of the watercraft operate similar to an airplane, and the engine powers it through the water like a jet ski.

How fast is the enclosed jet ski?

The underwater jet ski can reach speeds of 60 mph above the water. Once the enclosed jet ski is underwater, it can reach a speed of 25 mph

It can operate in both freshwater and saltwater.

What is it made of?

The body of the jet ski is made of strong fiberglass which is able to withstand the impact of diving into the water and landing on top of it. The windows are 1/2 an inch thick and made of aircraft grade acrylic. 

Most models have a 260 horsepower super charged rotax engine. This is one of the more powerful jet ski engines, which allows the watercraft to charge through the water.

The steering controls are made from stainless steel marine hardware. Each enclosed jet has a long snorkel that sticks above the watercraft. The snorkel allows air intake for the engine and the cockpit.

How do you drive an enclosed jet ski?

underwater jet ski

The underwater jet ski is controlled by two hand throttles and two foot pedals. It is operated similar to a helicopter. The throttle on the right is used for acceleration, while the one on the left is used to steer the wings right and left. 

Pushing down on the left pedal with your foot steers the watercraft to the left, and pushing down on the right pedal steers it right. 

To go underwater and point the nose down, you have to point both of your feet down. To lift up the nose, you point both of your toes up at the same time. 

How deep can the underwater jet ski go?

The enclose jet ski can reach depths of around 5-7 feet underwater. Once you lift the nose up, it can reach heights of up to 10 feet above water. 

What tricks can you do?

Along with gliding above and below the water, you can also make the watercraft do barrel rolls. You can also pull back the cockpit window like a sun roof and ride above water. 


How much does an enclosed jet ski cost?

All enclosed jet skis are custom made, so the cost will depend on your model. You can get some for as little as $80,000, while more customized models can cost over $100,000.

You can customize the decal design, and also put in a sound system. They usually take around 2 to 3 months to build.

If you want a more affordable gadget, you can check out handheld seascooters.

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