5 Best Jet Ski Stands

Looking for a new stand for your pride and joy? In today’s guide, we recommend some of the top PWC dollies for every budget.

jet ski carts and dollies
At one point or another, every PWC owner should invest in a dolly or jet ski cart. Without some type of PWC cart, moving and storing a watercraft can be very difficult. Not only is it challenging to move a PWC by yourself, but it’s dangerous as well.
A sturdy PWC dolly is really something every PWC owner needs in their garage. There are dozens of different carts, platforms, and cradles on the market, but not all of them share the same quality. 
Finding the best jet ski stand shouldn’t be that hard, so we’ve made a list of the best options available.

4 Best Jet Ski Stands

The best jet ski stands are the Aquacart, SBT cart, CE Smith Dolly, and the Best Choice Stand. All are very sturdy and affordable. 

Let’s start with our favorite.

Aquacart AQ-19bOur Top Choice

This Aquacart model is a very popular jet ski dolly, and arguably the best. Its design is slightly different from most options, which is why people prefer it. It has an awesome reputation but that means it costs a bit more than most on this list.

It’s a great height for working on and has really thick, sturdy wheels which means it rolls easily even when near weight capacity. There are dependable locks on the casters, which makes maneuvering the Aquacart straightforward too.


The Aquacart has a weight capacity of 1,300 pounds, which is one of the highest on the market. It’ll easily deal with the heaviest PWC on the market. To put that into perspective, current heavyweights include the Kawasaki Ultra 310 LX which weighs 1,074 lbs. 

The bunkers on this jet ski stand can be adjusted to 2 different positions, but some people drill holes in it to provide a better fit.

The only drawback of the Aquacart is it’s a few pounds heavy than other options. Other than that, it’s a really solid and dependable choice that has a great reputation within the community.

  • 25″ W x 48″ L x 19″ H
  • 1,300 lb weight limit
  • Soft carpet covered rails
  • US made
  • Perfect height for most trailers

SBT PWC Cart The Best Value for Money

SBT PWC cart

Currently, SBT makes the most affordable PWC stand on the market worth considering. Anything much cheaper is more than likely sacrificing quality.

The SBT PWC cart is one of the lowest sitting models on the market at just 11 inches. Its low center of gravity allows it to support up to 1,200 pounds, but some people have loaded it with more. The best feature of this jet ski dolly is definitely its large wheels. Having larger wheels on it makes transporting a heavy PWC smoother and just plain easier.


  • 34″W x 48″L x 19″H
  • 1,000 lb weight limit
  • Rugged 4″ casters
CE Smith Jet Ski Dolly
The CE Smith PWC Dolly is a pretty standard jet ski cart. It’s made primarily of square galvanized steel tubing, other than its carpeted bunks. The cradle is 4 feet long, and it has a 1,000-pound weight capacity. All in all this model from CE Smith is a well-rounded option, and most people are happy with its quality.
  • 34″ W x 48″ L x 19″ H
  • 1,000 lb weight limit
  • Dual wheel brakes
Best Choice Products jet ski standWhen the seller’s name is “Best Choice Products”, you’d better hope they deliver on their product! Thankfully, this is a really solid jet ski cart. Now, it’s not the best on this list but it certainly won’t let you down.
Unlike other options, this jet ski stand has convenient dual wheel brakes. It also has adjustable bunks and can hold up to 1,000 pounds. It’s tough to say whether or not this is the “best choice”, but it definitely doesn’t disappoint.
  • 34″ W x 48″ L x 19″ H
  • 1,000 lb weight limit
  • 4′ long carpeted bunks

What are the differences between jet ski carts?

A PWC dolly is one of the most useful PWC accessories an owner can have. Essentially it’s just a dolly with a cradle on top designed to hold a personal watercraft.

Typically they’re used to transport a jet ski to and from a trailer, but they can be used for storage as well. Most stands are pretty similar, but there are a couple of different styles.

The main difference between models is whether the bunks (or the rails) have an adjustable angle or not. Adjustable bunks aren’t completely necessary, but they can be nice. Usually, adjustable bunks have more of a custom fit for whatever jet ski is on it at the time.

Often times a good jet ski lift is needed to move a PWC from trailer to a stand. Some stands sit low enough to slide from one platform to another, but that’s not always the case. Depending on the size of your jet ski, a lift may be required.

Essentially, the main features you want to be looking at are:

  1. The weight capacity – make sure there’s plenty of headroom for your PWC.
  2. The height it sits at – what work will you be doing and who will be working on it? Is this a suitable height for your trailer?
  3. The type of jet ski that will sit on it – best make sure it fits right?

The difference between a jet ski cart, dolly, and stand

Sometimes there’s a little confusion caused by all the different terminology. The truth is, they’re all the same thing. Some models have a different design, but all of the terms are used interchangeably.

As long as it’s a platform that has wheels on it, it can be considered either of the three.

Buying vs building

A lot of people looking to buy one of these devices may also consider building one. Most people can craft a dolly out of some PVC pipe in an afternoon, but that doesn’t mean you should.

A homemade dolly can work well, but they’re time-consuming and can be somewhat dangerous. Knowing your stand is made out of metal rather than PVC provides peace of mind, and assurance that it will last.

Despite how tempting it may be to try saving some money, skip the D.I.Y jet ski dolly. Often times they end up costing around the same, and it can take a lot of effort to build one. If you’ve got the skills and know your way around a DIY project then, by all means, go for it, but for average guys like myself, I’d take the easier and less painful route!

Quality carts actually aren’t that expensive and they should last a lifetime.

Which model should you go with?

Most of these options are very similar, so it may be a little difficult to choose. The best way to pick is to decide how big of a cart you want, and what style you want. In the end, there is no wrong decision.

All the choices listed have their benefits. Most of them are within the same price range, but all of them will get the job done. Any jet ski dolly is better than no dolly, so any choice is a good one.


Do you have experience with any of these models? Good or bad we’d love to hear about it down in the comments section.

Likewise, if you have any recommendations of your own, I’m sure the community would love to know.

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  2. This fall I’m going to store my jet ski inside my garage but I don’t want to leave the entire trailer in there because it takes up too much space. I’m hoping to use some sort of stand like these so I can keep my ski off to the side somewhere to free up some space.
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