2017 Sea Doo Wake Pro 230 Review

2017 SEA DOO WAKE PRO 230 Review

The Sea Doo Wake Pro 230 is hands down one of the best jet ski’s for wake boarding or any other water sport. Sea Doo wake models are the only personal watercraft designed specifically for water sports. Each year their line up of wake models has continued to get better.

This Sea Doo Wake Pro 230 2017 review is going to walk though all of the important features and mention some of the drawbacks as well.

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The Sea Doo Wake Pro 230 is the big brother of the Wake 155. They’re both categorized as Tow Sports watercraft and share many of the same features. The main differences between the two is the additional features, bigger engine, and different hull on the Wake Pro 230.

While other recreation jet ski’s can be bought with different add ons to better suit water sports, the Wake Pro 230 was built with them in mind. All of the standard water sport accessories come standard with no add ons needed. Currently the 2017 Wake Pro 230 has a price tag of $14,499.




Sea Doo Wake Pro 230 Hull reviewSea Doo equipped the Wake Pro 230 with their exclusive S3 hull. The S3 has a longer platform and a deep V hull shape suitable to handling rougher water. This deep V shape helps make rides more smooth and predictable. Although rides are much smoother, the hull design makes the watercraft slightly less agile. This is a tradeoff made for the stability it provides even in choppy water. Overall the S3 hull makes towing very easy even for beginner riders and is one of the better designs for tow sports.

In particular, it is a great jet ski for water skiing


Sea Doo Wake Pro 230 Seat

Sea Doo created their “ergolock” seat to be narrow between the legs and slightly higher in the rear. The seats saddle like design does a great job at keeping riders in place while maneuvering the jet ski. Added lumbar support from the raised rear of the seat makes extended rides no problem. Usually jet ski’s either have a recreation seat or a touring seat. Sea Doo found a perfect medium with the Wake Pro 230.

Variable Trim System

Sea Doo Wake Pro 230 VTS

A Variable Trim System (or VTS) allows the angle of the jet ski in the water to be raised or lowered. Adjusting the jet ski’s angle makes a huge difference in its performance. A VTS is a great feature to have on a jet ski designed for tow sports. Not only can the VTS accommodate riding styles but it can compensate for different water conditions.

Intelligent Brake and Reverse

Sea Doo IBR System

Sea Doo’s exclusive intelligent brake and reverse (or IBR) system helps riders to stop close to 160ft sooner. Picking someone up after they’ve been tossed is much easier when you can stop quicker. Having the option to go in reverse not only helps with braking but it makes docking much easier as well. IBR is definitely not needed but it really is convenient.


230-hp Sea Doo Rotax 1500 HO ACE engine

The Wake Pro 230 gets it’s name from its new and improved engine. It’s one of several models to get the Sea Doo 230-hp Rotax 1500 HO ACE engine in 2017. This new engine has an increase of 15 horsepower from previous models. The Sea Doo Wake Pro does 0-30 in 5 seconds and the top speed is approximately 55mph.


3 Position Ski Pylon

Sea Doo added a really cool retractable ski pylon than can be stowed away when it isn’t in use. When it is fully extended it has a high tow point making rides easier for whoever is getting towed. As an added bonus there are some nice spotter grips to ensure no one gets tossed off too easily.

The ski pylon is great for pulling towable tubes, wake boards, and every other water sport you can imagine.

Reboarding ladder

Not a whole lot can be said about the reboarding ladder. It’s a pretty simple feature, but it can be a convenient jet ski accessory for people with kids. There’s typically a lot of getting on and off with tow sports, so it’s a nice touch to have.

Removable Wakeboard Rack

It makes sense that there is a removable wakeboard rack comes standard on the 2017 Sea Doo Wake Pro 230. Having a spot to put your wakeboard in between destinations really comes in handy. It’s also easily removable if you decide not to use it. Either way it’s a cool add on.

Additional Specs

Sea Doo Wake Pro 230 Side View

There are tons of excellent features on the new Sea Doo Wake Pro 230. It’s hard to name them all, but here are a few of the more important ones as well as some dimensions.

– Length: 139.2″ / 353.5 cm

-Width: 48.2″ / 122.4 cm

-Dry Weight: 894 lb / 406 kg

-Fuel Capacity 15.9 US gal / 60 l  

-Storage Capacity: 42.8 US gal / 162 l

-Supercharged intake system with intercooler

-1,494cc displacement

-Closed Loop cooling system

-Comfortable seating for 3

-D-Sea-Bel System to make rides quieter

-Touring, Sport, and Eco mode

-Adjustable Steering angles to accommodate different riding styles

An Honest Opinion

The 2017 Sea Doo Wake Pro 230 is the top of the line tow sport jet ski right now. No other companies are making a jet ski specifically designed for tow sports.

The price tag is kind of high which is definitely a drawback, but this model has everything needed for watersports. There is a perfect balance of sport and luxury features. Sea Doo really thought of everything with this jet ski, and it is one of the best family jet ski’s on the market.

For information this Wake Pro 230 review may not have mentioned, check out Sea Doo’s official website here.


  1. Our kids grew up wake boarding but typically we’ve only gone out on boats. It’s cool to see that Sea Doo actually made a jet ski specifically for wake boarding.

  2. Thanks for the review. I’ll be going to the dealership later this week to try and schedule a test ride. I just wanted to do a little research beforehand.

  3. Right now we’re trying to choose between the Wake Pro and the Spark. Its hard to decide if the higher price is worth it.

  4. Finally some love for the wakeboarders!

  5. It takes about 5 hours for the engine to “break in”. The ECM is designed this way as to allow the engine to go thru a break in period to assure longer life and better long term performance. So, you can expect to max out at 55 mph for the first 2-3 hours of use and it will gradually increase. When you get to around 5-7 hours you’re past the break in period and you can expect to go approximately 68 mph. I weigh 215 lbs and that’s the top speed I’ve hit on a calm lake day. I’ve got about 30 hours on my 2017 Wake Pro 230 now and I can say that I 100% recommend it. It tows great which is the reason I selected it in the first place. The sport mode feature of doing 0-60 mph in 5 seconds is LEGIT! What a rush. Great SKI !!!

  6. i own SEADOO GTI 90 hp very happy cant wait to start having fun still cold here at canada lololo
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