Lake Elsinore Jet Ski Rentals

Lake Elsinore is a freshwater lake near the southwestern tip of California. The 3,000-acre lake is great for all types of watersports but there are strict rules you need to follow.

  • Life jackets are required for anyone operating or riding on a PWC
  • Drivers must be at least 16 years old 
  • All vessels must travel counter-clockwise around the lake
  • Sharp turns are prohibited
  • Waterskiing, wakeboarding, and tubing are allowed but there are rules you must follow. For more information, please check out the City Hall website. 

Is it okay to swim in Lake Elsinore?

Yes! Lake Elsinore is welcoming visitors for all types of watersports and water activities, including fishing, jet-skiing, boating, and more. Before going, you should always check the water levels, as that can be a prohibitive factor if there is a bad drought. 

Is Lake Elsinore a bad area?

Compared to the rest of the country, Lake Elsinore is ranked in the 46th percentile when it comes to crime per capita. This means that it is roughly in the middle of all cities in America. The safest part is the Northwest part. While it isn’t as safe as Lake Tahoe, it is still relatively safe. 

Why is Lake Elsinore so polluted?

During the summer months, algae blooms are very common as the temperature heats up. Unfortunately, as the algae dies off, toxins can be produced. However, the lake is still safe to swim in and you should not have any health concerns getting into the water. 

Are jet skis allowed on Lake Elsinore?

Yes! Just make sure you follow the rules that the City has put forth. Most of the rules are standard, with a crucial difference being the fact that you must ride counter-clockwise. 

Best place to rent jet skis on Lake Elsinore

The best place to rent jet skis on Lake Elsinore is All Day Jet Ski, located on the Western tip of the lake. We have found them to offer the best value compared to competitors. If you can’t make a reservation, then Xtreme Boat Rentals is also a great option.

All Day Jet Ski

Price: (gas included) $89 for one hour; $174 for two hours; $344 for four hours

Location: 32700 Riverside Dr

Contact: 951-897-1016


All Day Jet Ski is the best value you can find on Lake Elsinore. The fuel is included as well as the $15/day daily lake pass. They are open 7 days a week so you should have no trouble getting in touch with them during the summer months. Additionally, they have a prime location on the West side of the lake.

Xtreme Boat Rentals

Price: (gas included) $99 for one hour; $199 for two hours; $299 for three hours; $399 for four hours; $599 for six hours; $799 for full day

Location: 32040 Riverside Dr

Contact: 951-221-3686


Xtreme Boat Rentals is slightly more expensive but it can still be a viable option. In addition to jet skis, they have a large fleet of other boats that may suit your interest. Tubes and wakeboards are available for a cost of $50. 

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