Best and Cheapest Jet Ski Rentals in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular watersport destinations in the world. In fact, over 15 million people visit every year. While Lake Tahoe offers a plethora of fun activities, it can get pretty expensive. In today’s article, I will review the cheapest jet ski rentals in Lake Tahoe.

Best cheapest jet ski rentals in Lake Tahoe

The cheapest jet ski rentals in Lake Tahoe are Marina Sunny Side rentals, Obexer’s water sports, and Tahoe Aquatic Center. Their prices range from $150/hour to $180/hour.

Marina Sunny Side Rentals

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We found that Marina Sunny Side offers the cheapest jet ski rentals in Lake Tahoe. They charge $150 for one hour, $295 for two hours, $510 for four hours, and $990 for eight hours. A great perk about this place is that fuel is included.

They have a great line up of Sea-Doo GTI 130s, which are some of the best jet skis around. Each rental can accommodate two people, and you have to be at least 18 years old to drive the jet ski. If you are a passenger, you must be at least 5 years old.

A cool feature of this rental is that you are allowed to switch people on the jet ski. So for example, you can do a 1 hour rental, and have two people ride for 30 minutes, and then have another two people ride for the last 30 minutes.

If you want to make a reservation for a rental, you can do so at this link and click on “book now”. You have to get the jet ski from their marina located at 1835 West Lake Blvd, Tahoe City.

While you can ride the jet ski where you want, you are not allowed to dock the jet ski on a beach or another dock. You can rent jet skis between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

You must make a 50% deposit when you make a booking. If you cancel your booking within 3 days of the rental, you will lose your deposit. Lastly, if you do make a reservation, you should check out my guide on what to wear on a jet ski.

Obexer’s jet ski rental

best jet ski rental in lake tahoe

Obexer’s water sports is another cheap option for jet ski rental at Lake Tahoe. They only charge $150/hour, but you also have to pay tax. Their rentals include fuel as well as life jackets. If the weather is a little chilly, they also provide wetsuits free of charge.

Their fleet includes Sea-Doo GTS 130, which is a very modern jet ski model. They are large and can usually hold up to three people at a time.

You must be 18 years old in order to drive the jet ski.

If you are interested in making a reservation, you can book it here. You can also make a reservation by calling (530) 525-7962. They are open for business from June 1st through Labor day weekend. They are located on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe at 5300-A W. Lake Blvd.

Along with jet ski rental, they also offer a bunch of other water sports including water skiing, wake boarding, wake surfing, and tubing. They also rent out boats if you have a large group.

Tahoe Aquatic Center

Another cheap jet ski rental at Lake Tahoe is Tahoe Aquatic Center rentals. They charge $110 for a half hour, and $180 for an hour. They have the 2019 Sea Doo GTI SE 130 which can fit up to two people. The cost of gas is included in your rental, which is nice.

Another cool aspect of their rentals is that they allow up to five different people to share a jet ski rental. This can help break up the price if you have a bunch of people willing to share the rental.

Another perk about this place is that it is the only place I could find that lets you drive a jet ski if you are 16 years old. However, you will need someone 18 years or older to book the rental. The person that books the rental will need to be present for the duration of the rental period.

If you are interested in renting a jet ski, you can visit their website or call (530) 546-2419. They are located at the north part of Lake Tahoe.

Things to keep in mind when renting a jet ski in Lake Tahoe

It’s important to keep in mind a couple things when deciding where to rent a jet ski in Lake Tahoe.

Choose a rental close to you

Lake Tahoe is 72 miles long and takes over two hours to drive around the loop. Therefore, you should look for a rental spot that is close to where you are staying. Also, if you are driving, you should do some research on where to park. It can get pretty expensive during the summer, so try to find a jet ski rental that has cheap parking. Some of them offer free parking for people renting jet skis.

Fuel costs

It’s important to inquire about fuel costs when you rent a jet ski at Lake Tahoe. While some places will it include it in the cost of the rental, others will add it as an additional charge. I have seen some places that charge an additional $20/hour for fuel.

Riding limitations

Some jet ski rentals at Lake Tahoe limit the areas in which you can ride the jet ski. For example, some places make you stay within the vicinity of the rental. If you want to take the jet ski out wherever you want, make sure you ask the rental beforehand if they have any area restrictions.

Resort/Marina exclusivity

There are some jet ski rentals that are only available to the guests of a resort or the members of a marina. Make sure you ask in advance if the jet ski rental is open to the general public. Some rental places will charge you an additional marina usage fee if you are not a member of the marina.
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