Cheapest Jet Ski Rentals in Cape Coral

So you’ve made it to Cape Coral! There’s no better way to embrace this cape’s “you only live once” mantra than by exploring the beautiful ocean and beaches by jet ski. There are a lot of different companies within Cape Coral that offer a variety of experiences and prices. How do you choose whats best for you? This article will review the best cheapest jet ski rentals in Cape Coral.

Best cheapest jet ski rentals in Cape Coral

The cheapest jet ski rentals in Cape Coral are Sunshine Jet Ski Rentals, Naugtihooker, and Holiday Water Sports. Their prices range from $110 to $165 per hour.

Sunshine Jet Ski Rentals

Sunshine Jet Ski rentals offers the cheapest Jet ski rentals on the list. For as little as $110 you can be on a jet with up to 3 people for an hour. Their pricing by hour increases and for just $425 you can call a jet ski yours for a full 8 hours. These prices do not include the fuel consumption that will occur during your rental, but most companies in the area charge for fuel in addition to the rental cost. 

The price isn’t the only reason why this company is ranked at the top of the list. The owner is known to provide great orientations to jet ski’s and gives tips on the best places to go to explore throughout the channels and the oceans. He’s even been known to snap Instagram worthy pictures of his customers on their jetskis- allowing for the memory to live on and the likes to flow! 

This company has Yamaha waverunners, which can’t exceed more than 450lb, but no fret these waverunners can still get up there in speed. Per the state law, anyone born on or after January 1st, 1988 is required to have a ($10) boating license permit to operate a personal watercraft in the state of Florida. This company does allow teens ages 14-17 to operate the jetskis with parent or guardian supervision, but they must also obtain their boating license. 

To find out more visit their website here, or to check availability you can call: +1 239 265 0965, +1 786 805 9514 or email

The Nautihooker Water Sports 

Coming up as a s close second, with a quite unforgettable name is the Nautihooker Water Sports. Only slightly more expensive than sunshine jet skis, they still offer exemplary services. $120 will get you 1 hour on the water, with rentals that can last up to 8 hours for $500 you can have a full day of fun. 

You will be able to explore cape coral, Fort Myers beach, and the islands that surround the area. And you’ll want to go far with the Jets they offer, which are 2022 SEADOO jet skis, which are faster and less prone to flipping over than the other models that are for rent by their competitors. You are able to have up to 3 people per jet, as long as the total weight does not exclude 450 LB. 

What sets this company apart is their offering of guided jet ski tours. If you are interested in jetting around, but don’t feel familiar enough with the area to explore all of its offerings on your own, you can go on an adventure tour! Don’t worry, you wont be compromising your speed on these tours as they are dubbed as being fast paced and fun. Tours start at $200 for an hour and a half, and go up to 3 hours for $325. At least 3 jets need to be rented in order for a tour to occur. 

To book now, or find out more information, click here

Holiday water sports

If you are only interested in shore jet skiing, this appears to be the best bet in the area for just that. Holiday water sports offers the largest open water riding area on the Ft. Myers beach. They also offer 3 different locations to choose from along the beach that you can jet out of. Their prices are steeper than their competitors, $95 will get you a half an hour on the jets, and $160 will get you a full hour on the boats. This option is good if you prefer only riding along the beach and wouldn’t enjoy the time that you would spend riding through the river if you were to rent from the cheaper listed options above. To get more information, click here.

Florida boating license 

But before you start operating your jet ski, you will need to have a state of Florida boating license, you can get a temporary one here, for just $10. In order to pass you must score a 76% on the exam, and once you pass the license will be valid for 90 days!

Free roam vs free riding areas

Another thing to keep in mind when looking into jet ski rentals in the area are the companies that offer a free roam option vs the companies who only have free ride area. Free ride means you have a smaller radius to jet around in. The companies that are free roam allow more flexibility in where you can go and operate out of the four mile point in the Caloosahatchee river. The free riding companies operate right off the beaches. The first two companies ranked above are free roam companies.
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