Best Flyboard Brands

Flyboards are on of the most prolific and innovative products in the watersports market. These boards give the rider the ability to propel themselves 15-20 feet into the air. While these devices are still relatively new, more and more brands are starting to manufacture them. This article will cover the best flyboard brands.

Best Flyboard Brands

The best flyboard brand is Zapata, which was the first company to manufacture flyboards. Other good flyboard brands are Wataboard and Flydive.

Zapata Flyboard

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Franky Zapata was the inventor of the infamous flyboard, which he first showcased in the fall of 2012. As the first manufacturer, his brand has had the advantage of time, as they have been able to iterate and make new flyboard models for the last 10 years.

Right now, they have two flyboard models on the market. There is the 2014 Flyboard V3 legend, and then the newer Flyboard Pro Series.

The V3 Legend was the first flyboard model released on the market. It has a max altitude of 45 feet, and it the board and the hose retails for around $5,000. While it was a good first prototype, it did lack in terms of safety and control. Many people claimed it was tough for first time riders. Thus, Zapata came out with a brand new Flyboard Pro Series that is without a doubt the best flyboard on the market.

The Flyboard Pro Series has a new component called a secure twist system, which allows the rider to rotate the board at a 10-to-20-degree angle. This helps immensely with balance and control of where the flyboard goes. The board also has a return spring which naturally sets the board back to a neutral position. It is also more powerful than the V3 model, as it can propel you up to 60 feet in the air.

It is important to know that the exact height you will reach will depend on the model of your jet ski. Typically, jet skis with stronger acceleration will send the flyboard higher. To learn more, you should check out my article on the best jet ski for a flyboard.

Where to buy Zapata flyboard?

The best place to buy a Zapata flyboard is on They sell the entire kit for $6,800, and it includes a u-swivel system that helps prevent kinks in the hose. While there are other resellers that sell Zapata flyboards, they aren’t as reliable.


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Wataboard is another watersport manufacturer that has a good line of flyboards. Their newest flyboard is the EX2. One of the features that I really like about it is that it has a safety pin below the boots. When you pull the pin, it will shut off the water inflow immediately and you will return to the water. This is good when you find your self too high or in another dangerous situation.

It is also easy to assemble, and you can set everything up in less than 10 minutes. The kit comes with just about everything you need, including a universal adapter plate that you can use to hook the hose up to just about any jet ski. The only downside is that the flyboard doesn’t come with boots. Luckily, you can snap on any wakeboard boots.

The EX2 retails for around $6,300, but their frequent sales that bring the price down to $5,000 or even $4,000. You also have the option to buy the EX1 kit for $3,000. However, I would advise against this because they are refurbished models. Additionally, people have complained that the EX1 is hard to ride.


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Flydive has a flyboard called the X-board which is another top board on the market. In particular, it is great for beginners. This is because the foot holders are located closer to the turning axis on the flyboard, which makes it much easier for beginners to maintain balance and stability. It also makes it easier to rotate directions.

Also, the design of the jet nozzle is designed at a curve which helps decrease the turbulence from the water shooting into the board. If you are a beginner, I recommend that you wear a helmet for the first time.

The kit comes with the board, hose, jet ski adapter and bolt kit, and a U-bend pipe which prevents the hose from knotting up. The only downside is that you have to purchase the boots and the binding for the boots separately.

You can buy the kit on for $4,000. This makes it one of the cheapest places to buy a flyboard.

If you’re looking for other cool water gadgets, you should check out the enclosed jet ski that goes underwater.


I hope this article helped explain the best flyboard brands. While this is a relatively new invention, there aren’t a whole lot of brands and models. However, as this watersport increases in popularity, I think more manufacturers will pop up and there will be more competition. This should help drive the prices down and help improve the quality of flyboards as a whole.
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