Best Stand Up Jet Ski For Backflips

If you plan on doing tricks such as a backflip on a jet ski, it is important that you have the right stand up jet ski. While backflips are much easier to pull off behind the wake of a boat or waves, they can be done in flat water.

In today’s article, we are going to cover the 3 best stand up jet skis for backflips. 

Best Stand Up Jet Ski For Backflips 

The best stand up jet skis for backflips are the Yamaha superjet and the Krash footrocket. If you are very skilled, you can also maybe pull off a backflip on the Kawasaki SX-R.

Yamaha Superjet

The yamaha superjet is well known as being one of the best freestyler stand up jet skis on the market. It is used by many professional jet skiers, and has the perfect specs for performing a back flip. 

With a weight of only 375 lbs, the yamaha superjet allows riders to get enough air for a backflip. It also has a powerful 3 cylinder, 4 stroke TR-1 engine which provides robust power and quick acceleration. 

The superjet also features an adjustable handle pole which can adjust to 3 different positions and can extend up to half a meter in length. 


Krash Footrocket

The Krash footrocket is another great standup jetski for doing backflips. It was actually the first manufacturer to produce freestyle jet ski models that didn’t require aftermarket hull upgrades.

The Krash footrocket has a KV 997 Drive Train engine that is extremely powerful and perfect for freestyle tricks. It is a two stroke, 997 cc engine.

The body is made from a resin infused fiberglass composite which gives it a very lightweight frame. The main model only weighs 340 lbs. For comparison, the popular Yamaha wave runner jet skis typically weigh between 600 and 1,000 lbs. 

Due to its powerful engine and lightweight hull, the Krash footrocket is perfectly capable of doing backflips of its own wake. If you don’t land the flip, you should flip the jet ski back as soon as possible. You can learn more in my article on how long can a jet ski stay upside down.

At the time of this writing, the Krash Footrocket costs $12,600.

Below is a video of someone doing backflips and other freestyle tricks on a Krash footrocket. 


Kawasaki SX-R

In comparison to the superjet and the footrocket, the SX-R is definitely ranked third in terms of backflip potential. In fact, it would be extremely hard/impossible to flip a Kawasaki SX-R in its own wake or even from the wake of a boat. 

However, it is still possible to flip an SX-R if you catch a huge wake at the perfect time. 

The main reason the SX-R is so hard to flip is because it weighs 550 lbs. This also makes it a little more dangerous to flip. 

That being said, the SX-R is still a great freestyle jet ski that is capable of many different tricks. The 4 stroke engine is extremely powerful (1,498 cc) which allows for great acceleration and power. 

The frame also features a V-shape hull which allows the jet ski to reach higher speeds. Right now the Kawasaki SX-R costs around $10,300.

What type of jet ski can do backflips?

For starters, the only type of jet ski that can do backflips is a stand up jet ski. 

The two most important specs when it comes to backflipping a jet ski is weight and engine power. Ideally, the jet ski should not weigh more than 400-450 lbs. Anything over that will be extremely difficult to get up in the air. 

The jet ski should also be powerful enough to generate enough acceleration for the backflip. The engine should be at least 800cc if you want to do a backflip with it.
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