3 Best Cheapest Jet Ski Rentals in St. Augustine, Florida

While it doesn’t have as many tourists as Miami or Fort Lauderdale, St. Augustine has one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. Lined with pearly white sand and fishing piers, it is no surprise that thousands of tourists flock there every year. One of the main excursions the beach has to offer is jet ski rentals. This article will review the 3 best jet ski rentals in St. Augustine, Florida. 

Best Jet Ski Rentals in St. Augustine

The best jet ski rental in St. Augustine is Raging Water Sports. Two other good options are Beaches Jet Ski Rental and Hurricane Water Sports.

Raging Water Sports

Raging Water Sports offers a thrilling jet ski experience at an affordable price. They have the cheapest rates for jet ski rental in St. Augustine. They charge $130 for a one hour rental, and you are allowed up to two adults and one child on each jet ski. 

You can reserve a jet ski here.

Their jet skis are also very new. Their fleet consists of the Yamaha VX110 WaveRunner, which are extremely stable and can reach top speeds of up to 55 mph. 

Raging Water sports offers two different jet ski experiences. You can either rent a jet ski and explore on your own, or you can do one of their guided tours. While the riding area is in the Intercoastal waterways, there are plenty of cool sites to see including the downtown waterfront. You can also check out the infamous Castillo de San Marcos, which is a military fortress built over 300 years ago.

The guided tours are more expensive than the jet ski rentals. At the time of this writing, the guided tour costs $325 per jet ski, but it is 2 hours long. There is also a cheaper option, which is a one hour sunset guided tour, which costs $195 per jet ski.

Beaches Jet Ski Rental

If you are set on doing a guided tour, Beaches Jet Ski Rental is your best option. They offer a 1 hour guided tour for only $130 per jet ski. They allow up to two people per jet ski.

You can reserve a jet ski here.

This tour is perfect if you are a nature person, as their tours are focused on ecology. Their general tour takes you to places that are frequented by wildlife, including dolphins and manatees. They also take you to ride by Castillo de San Marcos.

These tours can also be customized, so you can have them take you to any location nearby that is on the intercoastal waterway. 

The only downside is that they only do tours, and you can’t rent a jet ski and ride on your own.

Hurricane Watersports

Hurricanes watersports is also another good cheap jet ski rental option in St. Augustine. Their tours cost $130 for one hour, and $200 for two hours. You can have two people per jet ski, and you can also pay an additional $20 per hour for a third person.

You can reserve a jet ski here.

What I really like about Hurricane Watersports is their jet ski fleet. They have the new Sea Doo Spark Trixx model which was released in 2021. This powerful model is easy to operate, and also has an awesome build in blue tooth speaker. 

The only downside about this jet ski rental is that it is located in the south part of St. Augustine, which could be a little bit of a trek for someone staying in the center or north side. 

Best place to jet ski in St. Augustine

The best place to jet ski in St. Augustine is definitely by the infamous Castillo de San Marcos castle. Your view from the water will give you a one of a kind look at this historical castle. You should also check out the downtown area from the water.

Unfortunately, there are no jet ski rentals in St. Augustine that let you ride in the open water. If you want to ride on the ocean, you should check out my article on cheap jet ski rentals in Fort Lauderdale.

Do you need a boating license to jet ski in St. Augustine 

Yes, everyone born after 1989 will need to pass an online course to lawfully operate a jet ski in Fort Lauderdale. Luckily, most jet ski rental places have this test on site. It can usually be completed in under 20 minutes, so just make sure you show up early so you have enough time to complete the course.
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