Sea Doo Spark Trixx Review – Is it worth buying?

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The Sea Doo Spark Trixx has quickly become one of the leading models in Sea Doo’s line up since its introduction to the pwc world. It took everything people loved about the Sea Doo Spark, and made it even better.

From the loud color options, to the performance upgrades, the Trixx has no problem catching people’s attention. A lot of potential buyers are considering the Trixx, even current pwc owners are wondering if they should make the switch.

In this Sea Doo Spark Trixx review, we’re going to go over all of the essentials to help you make a better decision on whether or not it’s right for you.

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Sea Doo Spark Trixx Review


The Sea Doo Spark Trixx was first introduced to the pwc community in 2016. It gained massive attention for its maneuverability, as well as the tricks it could perform on the water. That, along with a wild paint job, made many people instantly curious. Sea Doo has never lacked marketing wise, but they really took things a step further with the Trixx.

Simply put, the Trixx is just an upgrade package to the classic Sea Doo Spark. Both of them share the same inner workings, but the Spark has a few added benefits. Using the Spark as a strong foundation, the Trixx completely pushed the limits of pwc performance.

The added features of the Trixx allows it to perform tricks (hence the name) that no other pwc can do. Aside from that, it maneuvers like none other, including the traditional Spark models.

Currently the base model Sea Doo Spark Trixx costs $7,399. Prices can sometimes end up being much higher depending on add ons and accessories.


Sea Doo Spark Trixx EngineInside of the Sea Doo Spark Trixx is the same 90 hp Rotax marine engine found in many other 3up Sea Doo models.

The Sea Doo Spark Trixx has a top speed of ~50 mph / 80 kph, but some people claim to have reached 55 mph or more. Sea Doo top speeds vary depending on a lot of factors, so don’t be alarmed if the top speed isn’t consistent.

Sea Doo’s 900 Rotax HO ACE engine has a displacement of 899 cc, just shy of 900. Despite having an impressive displacement, it’s surprisingly fuel efficient.

The 900 Rotax HO ACE engine is naturally aspirated, and uses a closed loop cooling system that prevents debris from entering the engine and causing corrosion or damage.

Storage and Fuel Capacity

Because it’s categorized as a Rec-Lite jet ski, there isn’t the most impressive storage and fuel capacity on the Trixx. However, it does provide enough of both for most people needs.

Storage wise, don’t expect much. Only 0.42 gallons of storage space can be found on board, but there’s an option to upgrade to 7.42 gallons. Even with the upgrade there isn’t a ton of space, but it’s somewhat manageable. Generally people can get by with the upgraded storage, but it varies from person to person.

When it comes to fuel capacity, the Trixx fairs a little better. It can hold 7.9 gallons which may not sound like much, but keep in mind the Trixx is very fuel efficient. Depending on how aggressive you ride, 7.9 gallons of gas could very well last a full day.


The Sea Doo Spark Trixx is available as both a 2up and 3up model. Originally it was only available as a 3up, but has since been adapted to 2up as well.

Although it’s advertised as being able to seat 3 people, things may get a little cramped on long distance rides. Shorter rides are no problem, but it’s the long stretches that make the lack of wiggle room more apparent. Depending on each persons size, the Trixx is usually most comfortable with just 2 riders.

The seat itself is surprisingly comfortable. Both the rider and the passenger portions of the seat are well padded with natural shaped contours. Around the back edge of the seat is a grip handle for riders and spotters to use as support.


Adjustable handlebars are a standard on the Trixx. They’re much skinnier than normal jet ski handle bars, making them easier to turn and maneuver. The adjustable handlebars allow for multiple riding positions, and provides more leverage for better steering in all situations.

Intelligent Brake & Reverse (iBR)

Sea Doo Spark Trixx HandlebarsSea Doo’s well known iBR system comes built into the Spark Trixx. Up until recent years, personal watercraft could only slow down and stop by stopping acceleration and letting physics do its job. Well with iBR, that completely changes.

The iBR system allows riders to brake smoothly and evenly to slow down and stop sooner without throwing the rider over the handlebars. It also allows the option to go in reverse, and even helps with docking.

Instead of having just a throttle lever located on the right side of the handle bars, there is a complementary brake lever on the left side as well. To slow down or go in reverse, riders simply pull the brake lever. This has major benefits over other pwc braking and reverse systems that require riders to take their hand off the handlebars to manually shift.

Hull & Deck

When it comes down to it, the hull and deck of the Trixx package is where things start to get exciting. This is where the Sea Doo Spark Trixx really sets itself apart.

The Trixx has an extremely lightweight hull and deck made from an impact resistant polytec material. However, this was borrowed from the classic Spark, so it’s not exactly new to most people. Where the Trixx branches off from the standard Spark is the footwells. Unlike the standard Spark, the Trixx has step wedges in the footwells that not only accommodate different riding positions, but are essential to perform some of its tricks.

Below the back deck of the Trixx is an extended range variable trim system. This allows riders to raise or lower the nose, and perform tricks that no other jet ski can do. Paired with the step wedges mentioned above, this is the perfect combination.

Another place where the Trixx stands out is its color options. Sea Doo has always been known for loud colors, but the Trixx really raised the bar. Since the Trixx was released, Sea Doo has made colors on other models even bolder than before.

If the bright color options for the Trixx aren’t unique enough for you, there are also aftermarket stickers and body kits available.

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Is it worth buying a Sea Doo Spark Trixx?

The million dollar question, (or technically the $7,000 question) is whether or not it’s worth it to buy the Sea Doo Spark Trixx. Ultimately the answer depends on what someone expects to get out of it.

Again, the Trixx is just an upgrade package for the traditional Sea Doo Spark. By itself, the Spark is already an amazing watercraft. What it comes down to is the users intentions. The Trixx is capable of performing tricks no other jet ski can do, including the Spark. If that’s one of the major reasons someone wants the Trixx, then it may very well be worth it for them.

Deciding between the Trixx and another jet ski is simple. It comes down to whether or not the features, functions, and price out weigh the competition. On the other hand, choosing between the classic Spark and the Trixx is an entirely different story. For those who are interested, we have a whole review dedicated to the difference between the Spark and Spark Trixx.
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