Best Jet Ski Rentals in St Thomas Virgin Islands

When people think about the Virgin Islands, they probably imagine the crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. While sailing and snorkeling are still the most popular pastime activities, jet skiing has become increasingly popular. This article will break down the best jet ski rentals in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

The Best Jet Ski Rentals in St Thomas Virgin Islands

The best jet ski rentals in St. Thomas are Coastal Water Sports and Alliance Point Charters. There are also jet ski rentals available from St. Thomas Excursions. 


1. Coastal Water Sports

Coastal Water Sports is the best place to rent a jet ski in St. Thomas. The last two times I have visited St. Thomas, I rented from them. 

They are by far the most established jet ski rental company on the island, as they have been in business for over 20 years. They are located at Sapphire Beach Resort Marina, 29 North Smith Bay Road, St. Thomas, St Thomas 00802, U.S. Virgin Islands.


The cost to rent a jet ski from coastal water sports is dependent on the length of rental. The cost for a 30 minute rental is $75, and the price for an hour rental is $150. It is important to note that they only accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards, and you cannot pay in cash. 

In order to rent a jet ski, you must have a valid driver’s license and a credit card. 

Person Limit:

You are allowed to have up to 2 people on each jet ski. The cost is the same whether you have 1 or 2 people on the jet ski. 


There are a couple great destinations near the rental location that you can explore on your jet ski. My favorite place to ride is in Red Bay. Some other options include Redhook Point, Smith Bay, and Water Bay.

How to reserve?

The best way to reserve a jet ski from Coastal Water Sports is to fill out this reservation form. While they do accept walk-ups, I definitely recommend that you make a reservation a couple days before to secure your spot. 

You can also contact them at or by phone at 340 643 8257.

You can also check out their instagram and facebook account.


2. Alliance Point Charters

Alliance Point Charters is another place where you can rent jet skis in St. Thomas. They have been in business since 2018. While they are primarily known for their private boat charters, they do offer jet ski rentals through their Playtime Jetski Rentals.

Even though I have never rented a jet ski from them, they do have decent reviews online. They are located at 100 Red Hook, St. Thomas, VI 00801. This is near Benner Bay, which is located in the South East corner of the island.


Unfortunately Alliance Point Charters does not list their prices online. Since Coastal Watersports charges $150 for an hour, I would not pay more than that for Alliance. They do mention online that their tours start at one hour, and can be customized based on your wishes. There are also guided tours available.

Person Limit:

You can ride the jet ski by yourself or with one other person. 


On their website, they list a lot of potential destinations for their tours. These include Lovango Cay, Great Saint James, and even “Epstein Island.”

How to reserve?

There are a couple ways you can make a reservation. The easiest way is to fill out the online contact form and enter the details of your reservation.

You can also make a reservation by calling 1.340.513.2292 or 1.340.201.1868. Lastly, you can send an email to to make a reservation.


3) St. Thomas Excursions

St. Thomas Excursions offers a bunch of different activities for tourists and those passing through on cruise ships. They offer both jet ski rentals and jet ski guided tours. I was not able to find many reviews online, but they do have decent prices. 


According to the website, the cost to rent a jet ski by yourself for 1.5 hours is only $135. If you go on a two person jet ski, the cost is $77.50 per person. Apparently each group must rent at least 2 jet skis at a time. 

Person Limit:

The limit is 450 lbs per jet ski according to the website. The jet skis available for rent are reliable yamaha jet skis


The guided tour takes you around Coki Beach. Coral World, and Christmas Cove. You can also rent snorkeling equipment to bring with you.  

How to reserve:

You can make a reservation by filling out the reservation request form which is located at the bottom of this page.


I hope this article helped you get one step closer to renting a jet ski in St. Thomas. If you are still planning your jet ski trip, you should check out my article on the best jet ski accessories to bring on a trip.

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