Best Water Skis for Adults

If you are an adult and in the market for water skis, it is important to get a pair that suits your size and skill level. In today’s article, I will review the best water skis for adults across a range of categories.

Best water skis for adults

The best overall water skis for adults are the O’Brien Celebrity combo adult water skis. Some other good options include the Vortex Widebody and AIRHEAD S-1300.

O’Brien Celebrity Combo Adult Water Skis – best overall

These O’Brien Celebrity skis are the best overall adult water skis. The skis are 68 inches long and have a bevel curvature which allows for plenty of control while you cut through the water. They also help prevent friction between the skis and the water, which help you stand up faster and stay up longer.

The bindings are able to fit size men shoes from size 4.5-13, and it is easy to adjust the size. They are also a combo set, which means it comes with two skis, but one of the skis has a foot holder in the back that allows you to put both feet on one ski.

The final reason that these skis were listed as the best overall is because they are very affordable. At the time of this article, they only cost around $162.

O’Brien Vortex Widebody Water Skis- best for heavier adults

These Vortex Widebody skis from O’Brien are a great option for heavier adults. The skis are wider than normal, which adds a lot of stability and makes it a lot easier to get up in deep water. It also requires less speed to stand up, which makes them great skis for water skiing with a jet ski.

While these skis are designed mostly for beginner and intermediate skiers, they are still smooth on the water and allow for easy turning and carving.

These skis can accommodate men shoes sizes between 4.5 and 13, and are also a combo set so you can use one ski instead of two if you want.

They are also very affordable, and currently cost around $162 on amazon.

AIRHEAD S-1300 water skis- best for adult beginners

While the Vortex widebody water skis are great for heavier beginners, The AIRHEAD S-1300 water skis are great for beginners that weigh under 200 pounds. They are 67 inches long, and have wide ski tails which help provide stability and support while you’re cutting through the waves.

The fins are also made of nylon which easily cut through the water and make it easy to turn. These skis can fit us men sizes ranging from 5 to 12. Currently these skis cost around $194. If you are water skiing for the first time, you should check out my guide on how to water ski for a beginner.

RAVE Sports Combo Water Skis – Best for advanced adults

If you already have a lot of experience water skiing, I suggest the RAVE Sports Combo skis if you want to take your game to the next level. These skis have a center ridge which helps cut through the water can make turns.

It is also made from a reinforced fiberglass that helps the skis glide through the water. While these skis can certainly be used by a beginner, they do cut through the water very swiftly so make sure that you’re ready to go fast.

They are also combo skis, so you can ride on both or just one ski. They currently cost around $250.

RAVE Sports Carve Slalom Water Ski- Best single water ski

If you want to whip up some trips on a single water ski (also known as slalom), then I suggest the RAVE Sports Slalom water ski. Slalom skis make it much easier to carve across the water, do tricks, and get air off the wake.

This slalom water ski is relatively short (only 60 inches) and lightweight, which helps it glide seamlessly across the eater.

A really cool feature on this ski is the adjustable fin, which you can adjust for altering the speed and control of the ski.

Currently, this ski costs around $360.

What type of water skis should you get for an adult?

There are a couple things you should consider when choosing water skis for an adult. You want longer skis, at least 65 inches, and you want to make sure the bindings accommodate larger shoe size.

You should also look for skis that are wider since they can support more weight and make it easier to get up. If you are a beginner, I suggest getting combo water skis since it will be easier to get up. Once you get the hang of it, you will find it easier to carve around and do tricks on a single ski.

Aside from skis, you should also get the right water ski rope based on your skill level.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, make sure you always wear a certified life jacket when you water ski. 

In terms of price, there are a bunch of quality adult water skis for under $200. I would start by looking at water skis on amazon. Water skis for more advanced skiers will cost around $300-$400.