Sea Doo GTI Sea Scooter Review

Unsure if the Sea Doo GTI dive scooter is for you? Check out our review as we dish the dirt on the popular dive aid.

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For anyone who loves to get up close with marine life, a sea scooter is a great way to take away the effort of snorkeling or beach diving.

This type of water propelled device doesn’t have to be expensive and can make underwater adventures all the more exciting.

Sea scooters allow the user to glide through the water and experience more of the underwater world than they could if they were simply swimming along.

For anyone in the market for an underwater adventure, take a look through this Sea Doo GTI Sea Scooter review to help you decide if this is the perfect item for you.

GTI Sea Scooter Review

There is nothing worse than getting a new sea scooter only to find that it doesn’t meet your requirements.

We have taken each aspect and broken it down so that you will know whether this is really the sea scooter that you need.


It’s not surprising that the speed on this sea scooter is more than adequate to glide around swiftly in the ocean.

With a speed of up to 2.5mph or 4km/h, the user will have a great time exploring beneath the waves.

This is certainly a maximum speed, with many users finding it to be slower, although still giving an effortless ride.

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Battery Life

The battery life when using the sea scooter during normal conditions should be up to two hours or one hour in open water.

However, it has been shown that the sea scooter doesn’t always live up to what it should be able to deliver.

Under strenuous usage, such as strong currents, the sea scooter has given up in under an hour, and some users found they needed to replace the battery to maintain longer dives.

Replacement batteries are inexpensive, and it’s a good idea to carry spares with you if you want to be in the water for the maximum tie possible on your trip.

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Usable Depth

The Sea Doo Scooter GTI is rated for use at depths up to 100 ft. However, users of the scooter have reported it being capable of being used at depths of 115ft.

This is a seriously capable machine, and it’s not for the fainthearted when you consider that 100ft is deep-diving depths!

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With a weight of 20.5 pounds and measurements of just 23.5-in x 14.5-in x 12.2-in (W x H x D), this sea scooter is easily transportable, so you know you can take it with you whenever you might want to go for a dive.

It can be handled with just one hand making it simple and practical.

Camera Mount

Disappointingly, there isn’t a camera mount on this sea scooter, and so any user would need to find their own way attaching one to the equipment or themselves if they want to record their underwater adventures.

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Safety Features

Of course, potential users will want to make sure of the safety features available for this sea scooter.

It comes with waterproof circuitry, meaning that it is protected against accidental flooding.

It also has adjustable buoyancy, which allows for experienced divers to make alterations and make to use of the sea scooter during their dive more efficient.

Who is it Suitable For?

The Sea Doo Scooter GTI is perfect for casual divers who enjoy using a scooter to give them a bit more power and the ability to see more while they are diving.

Its design isn’t the most robust, and so excessive or rough usage won’t go down too well.

Where Can I Use My Sea Scooter?

There are a lot of sea scooters on the market, and they are all designed for different requirements and different budgets.

The Sea Doo GTI Sea Scooter is certainly not a budget type and isn’t a sea scooter that you’d buy if you want to play around in a pool.

It can be used effectively in seas or lakes as it is powerful enough to combat any deeper or difficult conditions.

It is also very effective in shallower water, and so snorkelers would really benefit from one these to glide further than if they would by just swimming.

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Special Features

Whilst there is no camera mount on the scooter, the nose cone is capable of housing a depth gauge or a compass, which can make it easier for the user to keep track of where they are and where they are heading.

Sea Doo provides a heavy-duty nylon duffle bag with this GTI Sea Scooter, making it easy to store, transport, and keep tidy.

Pros and Cons

This Sea Doo GTI Sea Scooter is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to transport and use.

The battery life is less than advertised but still more than adequate for a causal diver or snorkeler, and the speeds mean that it has enough power to transport the user easily across shallow or deep water and can cope strong currents.

The design is not as robust as many people would like, and whilst it is fine to pull the user, it will not handle more than one person being pulled along.

At higher speeds, the scooter requires two hands on the handles to be able to control it effectively, and more than just casual divers may be a bit disappointed that it has not been rated to go below 110ft.

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This review has highlighted that the Seadoo Sea Scooter GTI is a great piece of equipment for a range of water sports fans.

From shallow water snorkelers to sea divers, the scooter is lightweight to handle and powerful enough to pull the user effortlessly through calm or strong currents.

The battery might need replacing after a season, but with these being fairly cheap, that isn’t really a problem to help maintain the battery life.