Yamaha RDS250 Sea Scooter Review

On the fence about the Yamaha RDS250? Read on to find out everything that’s worth knowing.

Yamaha RDS250 Sea Scooter review

A sea scooter is the perfect water-propelled vehicle for drivers who want to zip through the water whilst conserving their energy. Rather than having to spend your time kicking your legs to get down to the area that you want to explore, you can use a sea scooter to get you their faster.

There is nothing better than spending lots of time out in the water, and Yamaha has made it even more fun with its sea scooter.

The Yamaha RDS250 underwater sea scooter is a brilliant choice when you have back to back diving days planned.

Yamaha RDS250

We know that you want to get the best model on the market and yet will have specific, personal requirements for your sea scooter.

We have made it easier for you by analyzing all the key features and sharing our findings below.


This model can hit up to 2.5mph or 4km/h when in use and will propel to your destination. It’s not only faster than if you were diving without it but will keep your energy levels up so you can explore the sea for longer and cover more area than you would have been able to otherwise.

If you are looking for a solid underwater scooter that goes up to 4.35 miles per hour, then you should consider looking into the Sea Doo RS1.

Battery Life

This model is powered by a SLAB battery and will last for up to two hours of continual use when you are underwater.

However, as most of us will turn our scooter off when we want to stop and look at something, then you can expect it to last much longer per dive. With this in mind, it is important to note that this model can only run for 45 minutes before you must switch it off for a break,

It’s easily removed for charging and simple to reinstall. The battery pack is ready to use again straight after it is unhooked from the charger.

Usable Depth

We all love to go down as deep as we dare, and with the Yamaha RDS250, you can reach depths of up to 100ft or 30m.

This means that it could take you further than most of us are comfortable with diving and so it will be no problem to use it for every day dives to check out the marine life underwater.


It’s a lightweight machine and weighs in at just 18 lbs. or 8.2 kg. This makes it easy to lift and transport between the water and your storage, and it can be lifted by one person, so there is never any need to find a buddy to give you a hand.

The battery weight is also included in the overall weight, so you can be assured that there will be no nasty surprises by adding a huge battery.

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Camera Mount

The sea scooter comes with a camera mount for your device so that you can film or photograph as you go.

You just slot it into the mount and then screw it in ready for use. You must remember to unhook it after every dive as it risks getting damaged if it is left on it out of the water.

Safety Features

The sea scooter has a removable buoyancy chamber that will help to manage your dive in saltwater more effectively. You are sure to have fantastic dives when you choose this make and model.

The sea scooter will only work if you apply constant pressure to the handle and cuts out when you let it go. It must be operated under the water, or it risks burning out the engine.

Who It Is Suitable For

The sea scooter is suitable for anyone that understands how to dive safely and can be used by people aged 16 or over.

It’s not a good idea to let inexperienced divers use it as they first need to learn the basics of diving before being able to take a sea scooter out to explore.

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Where Can It Be Used

The Yamaha RDS250 is built for use in saltwater and will not have the buoyancy that it needs to handle freshwater.

In short, this means that if you decide to use it in freshwater, you may find that it sinks and becomes difficult to use.

Special Features

The construction of the sea scooter is such that it is waterproof and will stop any accidental flooding from occurring. This offers real peace of mind that you won’t find that it cuts out halfway back to the surface.

The Yamaha RDS250 comes with a user manual, charger, pump, silicone gel, O-rings, and buoyancy chamber ready for you to connect and go.

The user manual carefully details how to maintain the device and shared some of the most frequently asked questions so that you can troubleshoot with ease.

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Pros and Cons

This is a great model that has many pros and few cons. We’ve listed them below to make it easier for you to decide if you want to purchase it.


  • Comes with a host of safety features
  • Can go to 30m depths
  • Has a two-hour battery life
  • Is very easy to use from the very first time
  • It’s lightweight


  • Can only be used for 45-minute blocks
  • Not suitable for use in freshwater as it will sink


This is a great sea scooter with a whole host of features ready for you to use. You can hook it up and get out into the water and, in no time at all, find yourself looking at the most amazing marine life the world has to offer.

It’s easy to handle, lightweight, and has a simple camera installation process so that you can take all the snaps of what you find without having to dig about to find your camera when you are underwater.

It will last up to two hours between charges and makes the best companion for diving weekends away as you can use it again and again as long as you have access to a power source for charging.

This sea scooter by Yamaha is a great purchase, and we highly recommend it to any diver looking for something to make their dive trips that little bit more interesting.
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